Thursday, January 27, 2011

Ode to my grips...

Some things in life are just always there. Period. Hell or high water some things are just ALWAYS going to reliable. Well after a good 2 years of faithfulness today I finally cracked down and bid farewell to my Fit Cleveland grips. These things had been with me on some of the greatest days and even the shitty days. Whenever I needed a ride to/from work, a good session, a ride to the store, etc etc etc. The good ol clevelands never let me down. Rob @ Cali bikes gave them to me sometime ago and being white I immediately put them on and the rest is history, I remember the moment I realized they wouldnt last forever after the rain got under them. I could count all the times people asked why the hell my grips had a huge hole and why I didnt get new ones. In my life I've probably given away 100 sets of grips from s&m, fit, solid, and odi but continued to keep rockin the thinnest ones I could find. Time has flown and the only upside to having to say goodbye to the white clevelands is the fact that Ill be rockin the Stay Strong Yellow s&m thin grips. Goodbye to a white and brown setup that matched so well, and welcome to the "why the hell do you have yellow grips?" era.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

More conceited a$$ pics.

HAHA Pics from Pat Nugent below. Hell of a blackjack player and a solid dude.
Me going fast but not fast enough to take down any wins. 2nd and 5th on the pansy bike and a few weak attempts on the real bike. Good times though and shout out Levis and White on White Vans w/ Gum Bottom. Rep it boi!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Blog Work!

Puttin in solid time with the updates LOL. Rodney and I have begun the work on the Stay Strong D3 Hood Edition. Stay tuned for the crest and stay strong wording over a cleared carbon D3. Soon. Better news is- ABA district points were finalized and sure enough.... Colt .45 it is! Way excited to have a kick ass number plate done up and should be a clever mix of an american classic beer, and ironic because I wouldn't touch that shit if I were in iraq and thirsty. Good times ahead.

Reno 2011

All done and in the books. First of all let me take a brief second to salute the man that is Phil Wolcott. We as a BMX community lost Phil on 1/1/11 and it was a huge bummer to hear the news which came very sudden. Phil was a stand up guy to me personally and Im sure was a blessing to many others. We toasted Phil on many occasions this weekend and it will continue for time to come Im sure. Al Roybal is leading NAG points? Crazy guy took down the wins in Reno on a bike that was on its last trip, I was very psyked for him and if he lets me fine tune his next bike I think he has a legit shot at the overall title and to be the man to beat in that class. Rob-O made a few mains, Gavin Lubbe is going too fast, and I got moto'd one day in class! HAHA. Blackjack with John Morgan was a nightly event and I saw some car payments and college tuitions gambled hourly, I drank with my new buddy Pablo/Paco who is in the pictures. He is this rad little puppet who is our flat Stanley from here on out. Good times. Not sure what else could be said you kinda had to be there for anything to make sense. Pat Nugent has been curious for awhile and finally got a taste of the fun life, Im sure we will hang in the future Pat, ESPN aint ready!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


So I scribbled that date all day while working at the warehouse. It was weird the first few times and by the end of the day I was carelessly just making 6 dash marks. It seriously looked like --> |||||| haha hopefully people get all their bandaids tomorrow and dont mind the funny looking date. Im not too kooky about crazy dates and the good or bad thats supposed to be associated with them but it was cool to see a unique date. But then again every date is unique in it's own way I suppose, but that rant is for another post. The rain is still in the bay area? WTF is up! I was psyked to get out at 4pm today from my job left me like exactly an hour to get my ass some concrete session in. I step outside and its like drip drip drip. Who did the state of California piss off to be cursed with this wet season? For the record I FULLY SUPPORT global warming. I can work with record heat, anything to get less rainy days is fine by me. No pictures to post and not much of a story just felt like typing I guess. Reno kicks off in a few days, I cant win @ Bingo STILL. And my bike is lonely.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Livermore Mud Fest

Just got home from day 2 od working on the track in Livermore. The guys wanted to roll it out with a big packin setup and it basically was too much for the damp dirt :( So instead of gettin the track dialed we ended up having to spend 2 days fixing things from the packin attempt. I never mind diggin so it was kinda nice to put in some shovel time since Nor*Cal lacks trails. Bummer though because we could have got some ride time in since everything else was fairly dry. Reno is in a week and everyone has been gettin rained on so should be funny watching people ride sketchy. Im ridin both bikes and lookin for some mains so pretty excited I guess. Normal crew of suspects will be in the house. New teams, moves, and that Reno buzz will be happenin so it should be a good time. Check the useless picture, we covered the new section since rain is scheduled Tuesday. But basically rebuilt the first jump and the roller before it this morning. Fun Fun Fun. 4G wifi from my phone to my mac is the best thing since pb&j, and FREE.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Reno 2011

Happy New Years guys and gals! I tripped up last minute to Reno to head up with my aunt and 2 uncles. Things went well the drive was smooth nothing too much, quickly made some phone calls and the trip went from 5deep to 15 or so. Couple of cousins, aunt uncles and the whole 9 were all headed up. Stayed in the shadiest hotel spot $55 a night on New Years? yeah you knew it was gonna be gritty for sure LOL I killed roulette a few times got smoked once or twice but all in all was up about $150 and was talkin shit about hittin the high roller slots and had a $36.00 slot ticket in my pocket. Headed over to burn it out on a $10 wheel of fortune slot, I had a vision so $240 later and after hitting it for $220 I had basically blown through nearly $500 in about 10minutes. LOL Good times I dont like to mess with penny slots even though they are like more social but if Im gonna waste money, Id like to waste alot and have a shot at winning some life changin kinda cash. Hittin a penny slot jackpot is enough cash to fill ur gas tank up. Im trying to hit a $10 dollar slot for like $450k, thats doin it big. Took a few pics and had fun with some family, I get burned out in Reno and gambling so much so I took off a tad bit early before people started going to jail but that post will not be published LOL. 2010 was fairly solid, 2011 is looking up so far. It is what it is and you can make of it what you may. The sun is gonna come up every morning God willing, so what you choose to do with the day is solely on you and your will to make it happen.