Monday, January 21, 2013

Ball SO Hard!

Haha had to switch to a Jay Z track to signify how juiced I am about stacking OT pay at both jobs today. MLK was a great person in american history and his impact surely effects me today if not everyday!

"Say what you want, man ya boy too nice I done did it again I got rich twice....Keep a thumper on tuck, we aint rich we papered up!"

Thursday, January 10, 2013

D List Celeb!

Haha peep game on my D List Evo Celeb shoot. Haha checked out the homies @ Andy's Auto and helped them out with the murdered evo backdrop. Had a chill time peeping out the setup there and was super impressed with what they got going on. Dialed operation and trying to work with them cats in the future for sure. Reno this weekend for the start of the ABA season, and Im not gambling at all, well maybe just a tad bit but not losing a zillion bucks thats for sure. See some snow and freeze my ass of sounds like the plan of the weekend and then back to work come monday. Havent blogged but its mainly due to the fact that Ive been boring LOL, Played some Bingo and that shits like crack, and bowled alot lately which is also like crack haha. Ride my stationary bike a whole bunch and slowly moving to my real road bike so all is well with the knee but this left foot/ankle has a surgery in the pipeline too im sure, shit just dont feel right :( More news to come as it develops.