Sunday, May 30, 2010

Albuquerque New Mex...

Weak man. 22 riders in class at this race pretty stacked with all the heavy hitters there. I mustered up a whopping 5th in the semi on Saturday and a spectacular 6th in the semi on Sunday. Apparently Im just on the gas lately LOL. Not too bummed though fuck it it happens. Hung with the boys and talked some shit the quote of the weekend was definitely a man who will go nameless but young little Austin Hiatt says "do they have Jr Development classes in Europe" Comedian replies with "yeah but not the kind of ones the USA kids have with orgy's and stuff" Hahahaha the joke went on for a few minutes but I dont care who you are that shit was hilarious and so glad I was there to die laughin about it. Danny C said he reads the blog so welcome to the gutter Danny. Haha good times.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Vegas Again.

Kinda funny I didnt go to Vegas for like 6months or something and then latley Ive been a resident for a month or so haha. Good times at tahiti thanks to Steph who always hooks me up and keeps it crazy cheap. Checking in we got this little coupon book that had this $20 match play and sure enough I used it and turned a profit through some royal flush action while listening to some drunk chick rant and rave about being 100,000% Pure Mexican, getting divorced, and how her friends sucked all the while knocking back Jager bombs like they were ice water. Crazy. Think I didnt get a whole stack of those books? haha shit was dialed I was gettin 2 for 1 how could I stop playin? Anyway had a good time and left on the plus side of the financial deal so that was good. Did way too much walking over the weekend and all in all it was a good time. Even made $15 bucks on one of those really big corny slot machines while walking out of Excalibur I believe? Good times. What else is new 26th Bday coming up woot woot. No plans just chill low key you know how I do, Racing alot with New Mexico this weekend, then Roseville, Then North Carolina. Hoping to get crazy fats overnight haha worlds is under 75days away booking flight this week waiting on some people to pay me back but thats a whole other blog post haha.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Nick –

If you are receiving this email, you have been selected to the 2010 USA Cycling Challenge BMX Team for the upcoming BMX World Championships in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa. Good Luck and see you in South Africa!

Yeah boi- kinda figured I would get the nod to represent the stars and bars but finally got it approved after sweatin it for a few LOL. Been wokring at the track all week and its starting to shape up. Expect 1050-1150 feet of fun. entirely new track only thingwe kept was the start hill and everything else is fresh. Basic layout and jumps TBA... Get out and help out- Nick

Monday, May 17, 2010

Terrorism scare!

Haha my stupid ass gets bag checked coming home from vegas apparently u can't have box cutters in ur carry-on? Go figure.I laughed my ass off LOL

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

South Africa lets dip!

Should be booking my flight as early as today if it all works out as planned. I might even have found a flight for $1450.00 rather than the $2,000 + that most people have booked already so I guess my patience has paid off? Ironically I emailed Mike King at USA Cycling today and he told me that all petition riders will be notified starting next Monday, would have been the perfect time for him to tell me Nick dont sweat it youll be chosen for sure but he didn't... Odd. Im worried? Maybe? Haha Anyway waitin on a new fresh back wheel to show up before worlds and should be dropping off my 24" wheel to get fixed and trued up all nice sometime soon, Havent ridden cruiser since last years worlds but get a race in before heading to SA to try my hand on the big bike again. Hoping to get a new supercross envy 24 built up but havent heard from Bill on availability yet :(... Thats all for now headin to work and grabbin food!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Wisdom Tooth Out!

Had a problematic wisdom tooth pulled today and it was weird. My dentist is an older lady who is a trip by herself let alone when she is inside my mouth. I show up and she is in the middle of pulling 4 for a friend of mine named Sydney and she says dont worry yours will be fast Ill get you done real quick. Haha it sounded good. She hits me with a few shots and numbs my mouth and starts gettin after it. Calls an assistant, who calls a male assistant who calls my dentists husband in and now I have 3 people who are seriously shaking trying to get this tooth out. I feel no pain except my lip which feels like it tore open from 6 fingers in my mouth and they switched spots 2-3 times and finally after about 15 minutes they broke the crown of it but got a handle on the inside enough to get it moving around and popped it out. Check the pic its crazy how big a wisdom tooth is when only a little bitty part even shows at the back of your mouth. Shit was nuts. Got a call from my soon to be Ex boss dannette and she said she needed to inform me that my employment was "under review" haha fuck outta here lady draw up my last check and lets cut the crap :) Ridin tonight if I catch a ride and life is good Im just down yet another tooth haha. Fugg it.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Fired? Help MDA Kids!!!

Haha so I got sent home from work today for telling this co-worker today that if she shows up after 2:15 when Im off at 2:30 that she needs to do her own "muthafuckin" dishes. haha apparently you cant use that tone to people. She cried like a baby and I got sent home but I feel pretty good about the situation. Anyway lets get some good stuff done. Carla my girl in Vegas who has helped me in about 55 ways more than she has ever needed to is raisin money to send 2 of her friends kids to MDA Summer Camp. Im not generally into donatin cash to these types of org's but she assured me this cash will go driectly to those 2 kids and she co-signed it and said it all good. So everyone has a few bucks layin around that they can spare. The goal is $1600.00 and we as a collective group can all donate even a buck and get it done together. Please support her as she supports many a people. Check the link below and get that credit card out :) Gracias and Happy Cinco De Mayo!