Monday, April 27, 2009


Good weekend out at fresno, track was dialed with new turns and I was fairly on point only missing 1 holeshot all weekend. I led way too many laps and couldnt dial in the pro section which cost me a few wins but a few guys felt the same so i would only drop to 2nd. Crashed in the rhythm pretty bad my last lap of the weekend and that sucked but whatever, enjoyed myself and came home to yet some more drama :) My mom spilled some coffee on my laptop and didnt fess up to it which is lame so im out of internet land for the time being :( But the flip side is USA Cycling called today and said my membership would be processed so I could register for Worlds ASAP. Dialed. More stories from the weekend but for now Im in sharks mode. Go sj!

Monday, April 20, 2009


Just got home and still keepin the nonstop grind going until these bills are paid up :) Picked up a shift while standing in the airport in Vegas so hit the ground running literally when I got back to the yay. Shout out Sabrina and a Happy Bday as well kiddo, for givin me a ride to work straight from the airport, thanks kidd you've been a huge help and I appreciate it for reals. Vegas was fire, and every time I go I can see myself living there its just like the bay but they just have different versions of things. Good times with the fam out there Carla and Christian were good to me as usual. Christian the basketball icon of desert breeze rec center was gettin it on at the hoop it up tour and that was cool to watch him. Follow those shots son and next year you can take down the W for sure. Carla turned 21 haha Happy Birthday kidd! Strip clubs! Haha did it way too big and saw way too much money changin hands. I always trip on these dudes that be just fallin in love there and droppin dough like it aint nothing haha. Gotta respect a woman who knows how to play a sucker though, I aint mad at ya hustle:) Didnt really gamble much, like I said gotta stay down and grounded with some financial dead lines rapidly approaching. Things are shaping up though shout out Julian @ for helpin me out with my Worlds entry fees I should be able to get that done up this weekend. BMX camps start at the skatepark gotta thank Pete Dylewski @ Intense for helping me out to secure some complete bikes for the kids that dont have BMX bikes but want to ride. Thanks Pete your doing things and I respect that. What else? Iono get at ya boy- My boy Mark from AZ got out the hospital today I believe so he is ok, but still a sad situation and my thoughts go out to you son.

Saturday, April 18, 2009


Hate to have to post shitty news... My boy Mark I just got word from AZ that he was involved in some kind of car crash and his lady Sandy who was fairly close to me in HS as well and his youngest daughter passed away :( He is in bad shape in a local hospital and Im waiting on hearing more word about the whole incident. Really effin sad and puttin a damper on things. Fuck.

Friday, April 17, 2009


Haha sheesh I cant seem to catch a break lately. Picked up a few shifts at work and that means more money coming in which is good. My mom is still being quite an ass to me for whatever reason and has made it very easy to stay away from home. Its like why cant you just agree to not like something about someone and be an adult and move on? Grow up ya dig? So been staying here and there because I know a huge argument is about to pop off any day now and I dont want any part of it because their is zero respect between us and I know when it does go off its going to be pretty shitty :( Gotta love it though ha. Anyway thats just the easy shit, Carl from psykopath called me this afternoon and let me know he couldnt help me with UCI Worlds so Im like fuck, that makes my total I gotta hustle up even higher and I hate having to deal with multiple sponsors across the board, I dont mind it when its for extra stuff but when its all for necessity it gets to be a hassle. Al dodged a bullet- dude left his man purse at Chevy's my fav. restaurant next to applebees and had some dough inside, you know he treats life like a rap video always has to have hundreds around. Anyway leaves it there they say they dont have it- I swear to never eat there again and today he tells me they called and it was all there money and all. Haha. Been working on a few little things here and there all to be played out in the future, Im off to Vegas in a few hours. Pretty burned out on the edgy home situation and ready to just go relax and give the tables some play, if that redneck won 33 million on a slot machine Im entitled to $3300.00 right? Haha going to go ride PAL tonight and get some gates with the boys...

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Coming Up?

Haha Lloyd and I have talked about doing a little interview for some time over at and we finally knocked it out yesterday over email in about 5 minutes.

Sponsor Plugs- Check. Shit talk- Check.

Also I got a funny thread jack that I took off and it was about road tripping haha roybal is a funny funny man.

My 15 tips for travel ......
1) Bring a DS !!! Mario Kart competition on the road !!!!
2) Dont take Nick Valencia
a) he has been known to run out of gas like he did on the way to the Grands last year!
b) His ipod is full of Lil' Wayne and other rappers that yell and curse all song long!!!
c) You'll end up hanging out at some shady club with alotta chubby girls ( NicksFav!)
d) The chances of getting choked out and thrown outta the club increase 10 fold
e) He's a texting driver, and does both wayyyy to fast and not very good
3) get an iphone ( cause Nick is always lost)
4) Make sure you have hella munchies!
5) Take Nick Valencia
a) he always has (chubby) ladies around him ( which means you do too)
b) comedy galore (random "Valencia's" are shot out regularly)
c) he showers
d) you know there is one guy in the car you can snap !
e) he's always able to go cause he dosnt have a job!
f) if you dont he'll be back at your house with your lady as soon as you pull outta the drive way!

Life is good.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Weekend !

Weekend was fire... Went to a comedy show/fundraiser for Arthur Renowitzky who is Carls son. Carl has supported me for years now in all my BMX episodes so it was a given that id return the favor and support Arthur in his work with his foundation. and check out what Arthur has going on and if you can support it feel good and help out. The party was cool I laughed took alot of pictures and hung with my boys and girls and Tisha Beezy my #1 chick. Good to see ya love!

Happy Easter everyone and much love to everyone who texted me things that day, bit of drama so I didnt chill with the family and went with the BMX family, its sometimes easier to chill with BMX'ers because they seem to respect you unconditionally and it doesnt mater about lil bullshit just riding and having fun with friends. Oscars ramp was the setting for about 10-15 guys n girls, and some riding went down. Im trying to teach someone to flair but fools dont wanna risk it haha. Soon. Thats about it work this week gotta hustle up this cash and make my worlds trips concrete :) Stay up kidds-

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Business. Man.

Yeah the wheels are turning right now, woke up to some cash and went to sleep working on some money so I really cant complain. Rode yesterday out at Livermore and even though my knee is the size of a small house I still had decent power. Al snapped be my a 1/2 bike once and it was comical to say the least. Things are going good out there but the recent rains have destroyed the surface, so Im pushing for a fresh layer of dirt ASAP, Its not rocket science but you have to have a very motivated person to make things happen, Im not sure if I should wait and see who steps up or be the guy to step up. But IMO thats another track operator task and that isnt my role. Or at least it isnt right now who knows what the future holds right? Anyways- UCI Worlds Registration is open for a few short weeks so Ill be looking to secure my $400 entries and get my UCI license renewed so thats the main reason for all the hustle money right now. Just filled out my tax paperwork and will be gettin back a cool $205.00 hahaha most people get a few grand but I guess I need to have a kid or two so I can hit the back hard. Going to a Sharks game tonight? LOL Go figure but Sabrina had an extra ticket and invited me along so why not show some hometown love and root them on.

The main factor in lack of success is the fear of failure.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Oregon ABA...

I was gettin calls and texts for not being quick enough with the update haha. Here goes, loaded up the whip with Al Porter who is my new dude in the rotation solid cat with much respect and a cool dude whos welcome on any trip Im ever going on. Shout out Al who is puttin in work in 41 and over X. Anyway had the crew legit 6 deep rollin to Oregon 9 deep when we got to the hotel room haha. Hood shit for sure but it was a dialed operation the trip was super cheap money wise which was good. Ate applebees 5 times in 3 days haha, then came home and went to dinner with another friend at where else? Applebees again. ha. The weekend results were solid I knocked out a top 3 on saturday behind Kory Cook and Dyekun, then made it into the main again on sunday but crashed out with Shankel coming outta the turn. So took a 3 and a 7 on the weekend, Im still ahead of my plan of being in 19-27x semis and mains so happy about that but the crashes here and there are slowing up my plans of working with weights... Anyway waiting on Roybal to give me the word about our Florida excursion this weekend, he is balling up on the flights so Im not sure if were going or not or if Im flakin and hes going or whats goin on, but either way its all good. Home scene is still as lame as always but what can you do you know? Travel is keeping me in a happy place and I enjoy it so all is well. Shout out all the people who have come out to support Livermore as well, racing will be going down this weekend if the weather holds out so cross your fingers for sure :) Thats it for now and last but not least- Passport Arrived! Your boy is ready to rock, next up is gettin my ticket purchased, then gettin all registered... Its a beautiful thing it really is.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

yeah buddy.

Yeah changed up those songs got that bay fire playing yeaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh. Dipped out from work yesterday and rode out to Livermore with Al and the crew ran gates for the boys, Al was on point and Brad has a good snap but is missing a vital pedal somewhere, once he picks that up he will be lookin to be in the mix. Kicked back and chatted with a few people nothing too major, Myself and Chapman have been gettin there early to fix up the track and its paying off its looking good but still in need of some fresh topsoil but maybe in due time? I ran gates and got to watch Halsey who may have the worst start in BMX even worse then mine, its hard listening to like 5 different people because everyone gates differently lol. Had fun though. Lil bit of left over drama with some people thats kinda irritating, but if you give someone the reaction they are looking for your no better than them. Off to Oregon ABA trying to crack that NAG top ten in 19-27x should be a tough race the west coast ones are never soft so Ill need to be on point. Good luck to my boys down in SM this weekend get it done and show em what the bay is about. Shout out Red Bull and the crew there for the support Im off to load up before the 8hour trip to the snow- yaddddddddddaaaaaaaa feeeeeeel me?