Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Headed home currently in Indiana and slowly moving west. Wish us luck were Ridin dirty and hopin for the best. Happy new years everyone

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Pic says it all. Lilly made 2 great passes on a helpless Amanda Geving to take down both wins and is leading NBL Elite Women Points for the first time in who knows how many years. HAHA Hopefully the NBL survives long enough for her to take down the title. Haha yes that was an NBL shot haha been fuckin with Al all weekend and the sanction shit talk has been great. Almost enough to keep my mind off the death trip that we are taking tomorrow morning back towards the Yay Area. Wish me luck and if I owe you money you have about 24hours to come get it or your fucked. HAHA congrats to all the boys who made some mains and Matt Sterling KILLED it. All weekend kid just flat out rips. Lilly is up $750 on the weekend which is not a bad payday for some bike riding.

Monday, December 28, 2009

More conceited ass pics.

Not much to say but found a pic and figured Id post it. Check it below. Took an 8th after getting worked down the first straight, I might have been up for the win but thats BMX sometimes haha who knows. Track sucked so I skipped todays and tomorrows race event and saved $50 in the process. If you know me you know how broke I am lately so that $50 is key to saving haha. Weather is supposed to be somewhat decent and still icy/snowy for our ride home. Real talk send your prayers our way we have lucked out a few times and got snake eyes a few times as well. Safety is the key to everything and we are trying to get home safe and sound.

Friday, December 25, 2009


Told ya we crashed that shit haha.

Mini Update.

Road trip has definitely been a burner so far. When we banked on shitty weather we didnt bank on it to be this shitty. Snow/Ice 90% of the time and I swear out tires never touched a bit of Oklahoma asphalt. Ryan held down the whiteknuckle task of keeping it together until finally a patch of ice got the best of us. Slid that bitch out cool little 180 across 2 lanes and backed the whip up into a snow padded landing. Nothing broken and tons of laughs. Pics soon should get into Louisville at 3am if my calculations are correct. 6.4 miles to the gallon? Budget is blown!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Hopping into the car driving down to LA with Al tonight meeting up with the rest of the 6 chosen rippers for a burner of a drive through rain sleet and snow apparently before absoultely killing the Xmas Classic. Hopefully the NBL is still a sanction by the time we get there but all should be well. Ha. Did some training today pic below. Git Fuct.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Aint scared of no snow!

Haha for the most part the pics will speak for themselves. If you know me you know that when you have a shot at something Id encourage you to do it. I aint the greatest swimmer by any means but I never knew when I would have the chance to swim in an iced over lake so I suckered Terrance into the shot of a lifetime and he took it hook line and sinker. Enjoy pics of Tahoe and me gettin my swim on :) Yeah buddy.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Epic Failure...

Just got word from Chris @ that the indoor park which is less than a year old up outside of Sacramento is closing its doors as soon as tomorrow? Kinda quick closure, but in this day and age of a zillion free skateparks popping up left and right I cant say Im very surprised. They made what was a definite last ditch effort to include BMX nights after initally going with the NO BMX policy, haha so kinda like karma IMO. Anyway enjoy the pic below of what looked to be a fresh ass bowl setup and lets hope the ramps find a new home closer to the bay and someone that is psyked on BMX. As for me I took advantage of lightrail today and rode Downtown Roosevelt with Chris and Joe and then met up with Marlo at King and Mc Kee. Really psyked on the new park bike, its a shitload lighter than my previous one and the setup felt good alot of manual lines and stuff today and even ate shit once to make sure things were all good. Ive been wanting to tinker with alleyoop flairs so might try those sometime soon but we shall see. Not much more to say but Im going to Tahoe this weekend with a $25 gas card and a hope and a dream so wish me luck. My cousin Jose is gettin married and Im just tagging along because nobody is trustworthy to drive in the snow apparently? haha I guess I have experience with that but haha should be funny. Probably going to gamble lightly as Im broke as fuck, and more than that get my sled session on. Yeah buddy.

Hard Work.

Get your asses over to that blog and pay respect to those who work hard to make shit to ride and always have the best shit in the region for all Im concerned. Jackson Dusty and Mike are the only 3 guys I know off hand that are out on the regular clockin work but Im sure a ton of underground dudes who I just havent had the chance to meet are behind the scenes as well. Much respect and way to make mother nature work in your favor.

Friday, December 11, 2009

New Era Fitteds... $10

head over to and get a few New Era caps while they are clearing out shelves for some new shit. 10$ is an unbeatable price so get over there and dont wear them around me HAHA

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

New whip. Kinda.

Built up the freshy whip in time for rainy season apparently. This aint a bike check by any means but here goes. New 21" Fly Campillo frame in brown cuz it was nasty cheap with the off color haha. Frame is silly light so I figured I might as well lighten up the whole whip here and there. Ti spoked the rear wheel and replaced a few ti spokes in the front. Slapped on the ITS MK2 front tire which is huge but feels good so I like it. 2.25" is big. New seat and post coming soon from Deluxe which a portion of their sales go to Stay Strong/Murray so Ill be buying that for sure. Rain has been hit and miss the track should be open tonight but either way Im going to ride concrete park sometime today before I find out if the tracks riding or not. Going to drive to Xmas classic for some strange reason haha. Should be a good crew we shall see who folds in the final minute and makes the smarter decision and stays home and skips the 38? hour drive? I have a free flight so I was going to use that but Id rather trip it with the guys and gals and talk shit and stuff. Im sure Ill spend way more money than I should but whatever, run that shit you only live once. Still havent figured out the living situation I definitely need to relocate ASAP cuz the longer I stay at home the closer I am to killin someone haha. Knee is doing good and Im still on the tennis comeback of all things :) Check the pic of the new whip and get at ya boy. yeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


I dont know why, but lately all I can say and my excuse and punchline for everything is "its rough in the streets" haha Im seriosuly just giggling typing it because for some odd reason that I cant even put a finger on thats just hilarious to me. Anyway I built up my newest park bike and I swear I have pics being posted soon. New lighter frame and I swapped out my rear spokes for some ti spokes so the whole wheel set is more weight concerned then mary kate at a photo shoot. What else.... Work is on hold for 14days so if anyone has a money making scheme both legal and illegal Im with it lets get some ski masks and do work :) haha. Still looking for a road bike for transportation to and from work and every little shit fixed gear kid better watch out cuz Im lurkin with a pair of bolt cutters somewhere... Thats it ladies. Stay Strong.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Home again.

Home sweet home again. Busy week ahead for sure. Building up a new park bike tonight should be fun and Im excited for it:) Pics soon and all that good stuff. Grands was brutal to me but with the first straight back in line I feel kinda good for the start of a new season and seeing what sponsorship changes Ill be facing haha. Privateer as all hell LOL

Saturday, November 28, 2009

So far so good.

I should probably knock on wood but whatever haha. Things are going good Im riding well and the first straight is helping me to get out front of a few laps and stay away from carnage and getting ousted early. Got out of cruiser with an early morning lap win in the first round and backed that up with a 2nd and a 1st getting me out of class rounds as well. We have 60 riders in class so the toughest lap of the weekend will be the quarters where 8 man gates will only qualify 3 to the 8 man semi mains. Semis arent so bad when you just have to hang midpack/top 4 but an 8 man quarter is always unpredicatble and plenty of guys think the first turn is the only chance they have to get into the top 3. So should be interesting. Anyway Olive Garden for the 4th time this trip :) Yeah buddy...

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Grands Practice...

Went well :) Got through the section fairly easily but I have a feeling it's going to be tough inside of a full lap so we shall see. Moto's look tough for tomorrow but I should get by with clean basic laps hopefully. 14guys in Cruiser and 34 guys in 20" Class so I have a good way until the mains for the real deal bike. Thanksgiving texts were hittin my phone all day and I didnt reply to most because they were just mass texts lol, but I guess Im going to do the same. All my good friends and riders and all that be thankful for something. Family? Stability? Prosperity? Whatever it is just take a second to think about what your fortunate to have and even better take a second to help someone who might be less fortunate... Real talk mayn! Update the lack luster results tomorrow has the live stream- hit it bro.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Fuck a speed limit.

Haha 85mph in a 70mph zone got me done up early this morning. The great state of Texas will be $180.00 richer on my account if I paid out of state tickets that is. Haha get fucked your Texas asses better suspend my California license if you want a penny out of me. I now dont operate vehicles in New Mexico, Nevada, Texas, and Illinois? Haha of course as usual everyone was snoozing and I was texting to stay awake and noticed the Texas Ranger himself come across 4 lanes and a grass median(sp?) to get to me and I knew I was rung up haha. Good drive though all was well. Track is kinda weird with a few dogleg turns but appears to be fun and dogleg turns are the best for making moves so we shall see. Ummm what else not much yet a day of relaxation ahead....

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Oldies/Goodies Road Trip Clear For Takeoff

Countdown for the Grands Roadtrip. Porter will get the results, Myself and Al will take down the chubby women, and Im not sure what Mike Hughes is bringing to the table but he better come correct. Here are some assorted pics from Jamie that were left over from who knows when. Myself and Rick Moliterno who is probably one of about 10 people I will name drop and not feel like a douche. Respect a living legend. Vans ponchos coming this winter modeled by my volunteer crew who packed goodie bags for NCC. Thanks guys, Vans poncho's I got em for cheap. Khalen Young half passed out and about 12hours before he didn't love me anymore :( Just jokes mayn get at ya boy! And me and Bailey the best muhhfuggin Bulldog ever.

Check the Pablo Escobar tee shirt I got for $2.50 in Florida. They respect legendary figures too.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009



As always the cycling crew in Fresno has their $hit together and I just got the flier for a sprint trails race they are having on the 28th of this month. Whats so great about that? Well the holiday season is just knocking on the door and local food banks everywhere are getting thin and with a fair amount of people out of work right now with the recession you can bet that your donation is probably more important now than ever. I wont climb up on the soap box and ask you to go take all of the canned food items out of your pantry but thats not such a bad idea, but I will say go out ride your bike and show some support to Ryan and all the good things he does with Fresno and also feel good knowing that you hopefully helped someone get through a tough time.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Ridin Dirty!

Just got home from ridin stonegate and cali with Rob. Good lil session and glad to just blow off some steam for sure. Home situation has totally gotten live in the past few days and is bad for business but working through it and trying to stay busy and away like usual haha. First weekend home in a long time, was kinda good to have some park sessions and relax and save money up, but was bumming on missing the lil so cal road trip that was on deck. We shall see. Anyway stay up kids!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Too many posts?

Haha sorry if this is getting to be too many. came across this pic and realized its just a few days over 2 years since I tore up my knee. Weird. Lookin at this pic that was an every day fufanu for me but it was time to pay the cost I guess... Anyway 2 years later Im still the same pretty much, love riding and traveling and I have a knee brace that I wear and I second guess some stunts now LOL

Monday, November 9, 2009

Pics Leaking In...

Here come the early pics and pretty much sum up the days events. Chad B stretches out every bit of a lookback, and Gabriel Verduzco hits the banger of the day with a no footer to seat ride on the grom side of the dirt course. Pure BMX. Chad took down the win in Pro Dirt and Gabriel got on the podium for Grom Class.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

haha so close

Cam at the line if you freeze frame it at 2:32 you can see he was a knobby ahead. Good shit.

Friday, November 6, 2009


Wednesday, November 4, 2009

NCC Dirt

In no order LOL those are the 3 hits for the NCC dirt stuff. Straight jump with a hip left and then another straight jump. Digging is hard but so rewrding.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Silly Aussie. Nick Wins

Dont fall asleep next to me rockstar AA #1 Pro. Anyone can be a victim!

Sunday, November 1, 2009


So George my boy got 2nd overall for the Disney Cup and I was like fuck that shit lets make this fool a disney cup. Took a walk down to Jo Annes craft shop and got to painting. Here's to not givin a fuck we made our own shit!

Laugh Fools

First of all those are american gators and its a FEDERAL OFFENSE ALLAN PORTER to hit them in the face with hot dogs and such hahahaha. 2Bucks for a hot dog to feed those things was a ripoff but the story was well worth it! I aint snitchin Porter but if the croc feds show up we better have a damn good story to explain why you were beating them senseless LOL Those crocs ARRRRGreat!

Jamie wised up and took off the Lance Armstrong gear and had an epic thought to gear something that is normal and proceeded to go 2-2-5 in the main. Just missed the podium and was a spot or two away from her first win on the comeback tour. Welcome Back. Get it? The song? yeah corny.

Been wanting to jot down a tally of the trips and did it finally. Here's to having a flexible job and a good crew of travel buddies and alot of friends in alot of states. In no particular order of course this was my 2009. Round trip figures.

Pittsburgh Pa- 78 Hours
Nashville Tn- 67 Hours
Louisville Ky- 70 Hours
Vegas- 16 Hours
Perris Ca- 10 Hours
Phoenix Az- 24 Hours
De Soto Tx- 51 Hours
Bakersfield Ca- 8 Hours
Roseville Ca- 4 Hours
Tucson Az- 24 Hours
Chula Vista Ca- 12 Hours
Lancaster Ca- 10 Hours
Albuquerque Nm- 31 Hours
Reno Nv- 8 Hours
Redmond Or- 18 Hours
Goodyear Az- 24 Hours
Fresno Ca- 6 Hours
Prunedale Ca- 3 hours

464 Hours! Unless I suck at math. so 464X75mph would be approx. 34,800 Miles. Nearly 20 whole days in a car. Hahahahaha. All that and I think I have won about 6 laps total

Thursday, October 29, 2009


Haha laughed at someones bag for gettin left in the snow at the denver ballup airport and for karma, my bags mikes bags and georges bags didnt show up. Haha shitty so starting the weekend off on a bad note but whatever. Haha got a $50 voucher for the ballup hope its worth it. LOL

Well what needs to be said? Haha NCB

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Get off work tonight and pack up the whips and gear for a 3day venture to orlando for the ABA Disney spectacle! Haha taking the class and cruiser going to ride class fri/sat and 24" on sunday. Should be a good weekend if all goes well :) Still digging at the track for the NCC jumping stuff and thats going well, hopefully have it completed by next Wednesday in time for the Saturday event so we can just groom it all fine at the end of the week. has the races all weekend so if youre bored and want to see me ramp it up hit them for the coverage. Whats new? Nothing. Thinking of switching jobs and moving over to a SR Rec. leader position at Happy Hollow Park/Zoo. 19 bucks an hour and benefits so thats where you can find me in a few months. Lifes good cant complain. NCC just about a week away! Yeeeee

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Dig Time.

Im not dead I swear! Got a speeding ticket in Vegas 87 in a 65 doesnt go over so well. Didnt hang out too much, was riding much better than a 3rd place finish that I pulled down Saturday. Britt is makin a comeback. NCC is just about 2 weeks away and I have been building up the jumps at the track, maybe pictures soon maybe not. Standard 3 jump setup with a long low set a hip left and then a booter. Nothing crazy but should be fun. Digging today for 4 hours then work for 5 then race tonight at PAL to scoop up the bonus points :) top 10 is mine bwa ha haaaaaa. Rio Frio going to come to NCC? Where's Terry T?

Thursday, October 22, 2009


NCC is gettin closer so here goes the image of the plate that will be given to a few lucky guys! Nor Cal Represent Cecil Johns. Legendary. for you penguins that dont know better get your google search on.

Monday, October 19, 2009


Ender clip of this SJ edit is some stuff from me. Bombed that spillway :)

'08-'09 SD Scraps from Chris McMahon | SJBMX on Vimeo.

Monday, October 12, 2009

"For The Birds"

Gucci Shades at 5am- who gonna hate on that? Haha this shit is for the birds! Hahahaha. Where do I get started.... Hmmmm well first off BMX Racing starts way too early in the morning. When I start my sanction things wont begin til 12noon. So Saturday morning I get to the track after sleeping 85% of the drive and Im like tired as all hell after a card game ran til 2am the prior morning. I get there and get all knee braced up and take a few gates. Its pretty apparent im in for a long weekend, Ive been playing tennis alot lately and my legs have been smoked for the last few days but been having so much fun that I didnt care about being flat down the first straight. Anyway all weekend Im just gettin treated to the first turn. The BMX gods smiled upon my a$$ though and gave me a moto in the pro-am that even Al Roybal could win, unless rio frio was in it who ANNIHILATED him all weekend. Anyway I perfected the qualifiers and later took a 4th in the pro-am. The scorers felt it was a 5th but we all know that the NBL has too many scorers anyway and I say it was 4th so 4th it is! They would have their revenge though, I rode strong on Sunday and the gods gave my slow ass lane 1 for the main which was good, followed Castro around the track and watched him blow up going into the 3rd turn. I started thanking my sponsors and moved my goggles around my neck all SX style for the post race interview, when Phillip decided he had enough of my lame ass. Gives me the elbow to end all elbows and more white powder was flying than the ending of a Scarface movie as he rode me to the chalk line until I went off the track. To add insult, the lovely ladies scoring said oh you went off the track? Here's 8th place instead of 5th. Ouch, I got owned. They won the battle but I might have accidentally grabbed a 1st place award meaning at the end of the day Im the newest NBL State Champion #1 Rider in the 19-25X Class! Ha.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Nor*Cal Classic!

Yeah! Shout out the art/graphic dept. located in the Temecula desert for finally getting the flier finished. I may need to replace them because what should have been a basic 15min. project dragged out to 73 versions after mistake and change and lack of knowledge. So frustrating! JK Thanks Beef much respect man and I owe you yet again. Checks in the mail! Started gettin swag in for the Nor Cal Classic round #2 a goodie box full of tees from Tom @ check with them before you sell your soul and shop elsewhere. Tom has always supported me and the events I work on and wanna thank him once again. Check the flier its going to be standard on the sidebar here until further notice :) Played another 3hr. tennis set again today which is 9hrs this week, my legs are smoked but Im going to PAL to ramp tonight and then off to Fresno for the NBL State Finals. Yeee

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Aussie Avant Garde Intl.

Peep it, The man Carlos had a computer crash after we got back from the Australian trip and even though we took an oath to never speak of that failed World Title Mission, He got a lil bit of footy off his comp and has been editing. part 1.

AGI Cycle Team goes to Australia from Carlos Jonathan on Vimeo.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Whats an accomplishment to you?

First off before I rant about my boy marcus @ the skatepark, Nor Cal Classic is slowly gettin worked out. Details in a week or so im trying to lock down the location but the date will be November 7th for sure. Mark it down. K back to my rant. Marcus is my lil protege at the skatepark who Ive been working with for about 2months now. Super rad lil kid respectful as all hell and has a good attitude. Sometimes he is a little gun shy and scared to get hurt but Im really psyked on him right now. Since day 1 I have wondered when we were going to get him to drop into a quarter pipe. Its one of those building block steps that basically opens you up to riding anything you want because you know how to get in and out of bowls and transitions. After 6 lessons he had learned tons of stuff and finally we knocked it out. Took a few tries but he knocked it out and I was seriously PROUD of him and he was ecstatic. Little shit like that is all that really matters in life. Drama and this and that shit just doesnt even get near the level of where Im at when I see accomplishments like that little event in Marcus' life. Real shit stays on top and bullshit falls off. Do work, nasty status hustle, todays a gift and what you do with it is up to you.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Vent Time Children.

Haha pretty psyked to be back home in the Yay, but kinda mixed feelings at the same time too. Happy to be back in my own element sleep in my own bed go to work and make money and all that stuff, but bummed at the lack of riding I get done while Im home. Its like I get more practice and better sessions when Im a guest in someone elses town which is odd. Have BMX lessons that im doing all week so that gives me 2hours of park time on tuesday and thursday for the next 2 weeks but as far as race stuff, pfffft nobody ever wants to ride. Been doing the sprints and shit but that shit is boring as fuck and I dont mind doing them but they are pretty played. Met our new boss at work and she was pretty weak so not sure how thats going to pan out, BMX gets played out pretty bad at my job and is always 3rd class it seems. Boss wants more BMX participation but still doesnt exactly let me make the changes needed to make people come out and ride- weak. Mom has been pissing me off as usual, so thats a definite downer to being back home. Alot of BS and she is just a fuckin douche to me which is annoying as fuck. Like serious we dont get along so just you do you and I'll do me and thats it, why you wanna fuck with me. Im fairly tired of her shit and Im sure its all gonna explode sometime soon, which will be both good and bad. I have tried to just leave the situation as it is but this bitch is on some other shit and needs to be checked into place ASAP. :( fuck em though :) What else is new? Ummm working on a few things for the near future as far as riding, trying to keep things moving forward. Privateer shit for the time being- Busy schedule too

Atwater ca RLC this weekend, Fresno State Finals the next weekend, Lancaster ABA after that, then Vegas NBL, Then Disney Orlando. Haha so 5 weeks of straight stuff.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

So Cal Brooooo

Got into Whittier just in time to get Tuttle out for some hot laps at the Whittier track. Yvan Lapraz was there along with Tyler Brown Lilly Tuttle and a few other cats so it was a good session. Track is kinda beat but shoutout the guys for keeping the program going as that place is always flip flopping sanctions and operators :( Chillin for a cool minute before I fly home to the Yay Area :) get at me boy!

15 South To Whittier!

Woke up after the last night at Tahiti and trotted down to Denny's to knock out this last post before burning down to Whittier to cutoff Nick Tuttle at his local track. Skipped the last day of Interbike I was kinda burned out after a long night at Nora and an early morning the next day, so chilled out by the pool and read the Kurtis Elwell interview in Ride. Good stuff for sure Kurtis is a ripper and has some comments that i fully agree with- "the dudes making 5million are constantly trying to make 10million, I gotta stay hungry" I fully agree Kurtis keep rippin it buddy! Track tonight again which makes it like every other day this week ive ridden a different track and ramped some new turf. Good stuff. Lastly, Cecil is in the hall of fame and you better know and respect your Nor*Cal roots. Nov. 7th 2009 Nor Cal Classic coming soon details being worked out.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Interbike Mentionables

Well Im sittin in Denny's after 2/3 of Interbizzle and its been a good time. First time I didnt have anything much to do just chill back talk shit with the Nor*Cal elite in attendance and check out all the same stuff product wise from last year with new graphics. Apparently White is soooo 09' and your gonna be seeing alot of neon's and stuff and more graphics with so much going on your not sure what to think. Layers and layers of logos, haha. As for the Neon colors wht can I say history repeats itself so enjoy it for 2010. Nora Cup was last night- pretty cool party as usual. Hung with my boys and formally met Melissa Buhl who used to race BMX back when it was BIG and has since moved into MTB stuff. She was a pretty cool chick and enjoyed her presence. Kevin Kiraly aka The Pride Of Livermore absolutely destroyed the s&m rail jam. I had called him for the win earlier in the day and was psyked to see him get it done. He knocked out some bangers and some filler stuff while most guys just worked on 1-2 tricks. He beasted up- whip over the rail, bar to ice, hangover tooth, truck down the set, etc. DIALED. Kevins my guy and I live through him so enjoy Hawaii fucker ! What else? Ummmm Lilly is MIA Im not too cocnerned yet but if she doesnt appear you may see her on the side of a milk carton soon :( Hopefully that doesnt happen... Back to SD after another night or so here in sin city. Ima gnna knock out this grandslam and get at ya later. Yeeeeeeeeeee

"Every one of you fuckers that rides owns a small part of BMX. Look after it." GrotBags.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Lack of sleep!

Where do I start. The ABA did a stand up job of delivering one of the best races Ive been to in a long time. Dialed facility, SX races, Hall of Fame, the works pretty much. Good Job ABA I dont agree with alot of the stuff you guys do but deliviering a textbook national weekend is always a strong point with that crew. Track was on hit with some good straights a bigger hill than normal and smooth as glass thanks to 85,000 gallons of Soil Tec sealant. Stuff makes tracks like pavement and had the track perfect for 170 motos which was by all means a low count, but still a legit race as I had 8man semis both days. So I get moto'd first day with a good first few pedals but bonked the first jump and in 19-27x thats all it takes to get shuffled back a few positions. Was kinda trippin off gettin motod but didnt care too much. I dont get too wrapped up in results I just try and get better with each race and learn more. My skills are about 25% what they should be on a race bike, so I just like to put in solid laps and let the chips fall where they may. Partied it up at Mike Days afterparty which was odd at first but turned out to be chill. We walked into red circle which is a spot in downtown SD and it was like a pimps hoes kinda party with some tranny action mixed in... Yeah weird- Anyway mike knows the owner so they had like a back room with its own bar for all the 365 party goers, and the tranny section closed at some point in time. Anyway party was good it was a mix of jock doucher racer guys mixed with the occasonal cool guy, a few sluts or whatnot, and some chill people. All in all a good time, shout out Mike for lettin me ride coat tails into the party. Apparently Im "that guy" in his opinion LOL Stayed a bit too late probably because we had an hour drive back to Temecula so myself Alan, Jamie, and her sis Kristin? Dipped home at like 130 or so? Got home at 230 super tired with a wake up time of 630am. Pffffft. Got to the track and made it out second round before making the main with a 2nd in the semi, was pretty psyked to get motod one day then come back and get in the final the next day. Lane 2 was sounding good until I had Dennison Smith and Shankel in 1 and 3. Super sling to my right had me cutoff promptly and Dennison ponied out so I was stuck at the bottom of the turn while the whole pack railed out. Weird lap I tried a few things but when Shankel aint even passing people, I cant be mad that i didnt get around anyone. Chalk me up for an 8th in the main :( Haha not bad though its all about makin the show which I did. Pics below of randomness from the Olympic Training center which BTW if you have the opportunity that place can make you dialed. Smooth track for normal riding, and a top notch SX Facility and USAC stuff here and there to get ur train on. Good things in SD. Party pics too?

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Whats 10 years to you?

So Im about to take off today and Alicia drops it on me that September is the month 10 years ago that we first met and started hangin out! It kinda tripped me out and like I know Ive known her since her freshman year of highschool and all that but you never really realize that shit man thats 10 YEARS! Not much has changed for me in those years when I met her I was just a snot nosed 15yr. old kid who was working to get by and riding my bike as much as possible. She was just a schoolgirl playin volleyball and for some reason got suckered into hangin out with me haha. Fast forward present day she's a nurse which strangely is going to come in handy for me someday I know it LOL, and im still just workin to get by and ridin my bike as much as possible. Kinda crazy when I look back at it, Ive known alot of people for different spans of time and about 10 ppl I still keep in touch with that are about that same time frame. Legit for sure. Thanks Li for being a solid person in my life for a whole 10years now, heres to plenty more!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Kali Shipment

Yeah buddy.... Kali Protectives and I have inked a good lil flow deal through the rest of 2009 and Im fairly psyked about it. Ill be outiftted in some of the best protective gear on the market which comes in White so obviously Ill feel good haha. Shout out Alex and Brad for the faith in me, and liking what theyve seen in the past from me and whats coming in the future. Check the pic below for the first shipment of goodies thats waiting for me at my training facility in southern california. Gate session at Black Mountain or Goodyear tonight. Hustle means hardwork.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Did sprints with Alan today in the good ol AZ heat. Wasnt too bad and luckily we found a spot not too far from the house :) Knocked out a set of 10 before grabbing some lunch. Then it was time for a nap Im not sure why I was tired but he followed suit before I woke him up at 6pm for our Chandler BMX session. Good turnout Backus, Bebout, Troglia, Alan, Stephen Cooper, Blake Foxx, etc etc etc so the gates were good. I was kinda off the back but it was good to get alot of hard first straights. Alan was movin out as well as Brandion Pannucio, who is reclassing to 19-27x next year so should be good for him. Estrella BMX in Goodyear tomorrow who got a recent rebuild and Im psyked to see the new setup. Over and out player!

Monday, September 14, 2009


Peep me out.

Mineta International :)

Yeah! Sittin in the terminal st SJC about to head out for a quick lil 15day trip to include Phx,So Cal, and Sin City. Headed to PHX to kick back with Alan and ramp up Chandler BMX and hang wit Alicia for a few days before I dip out Thursday to get into So Cal for the ABA Chula Vista OTC ramping, should be god track looks dope, and then from there its a week long burner in Sin City. Im riding Lilly's coat tails on this one but should have a good time and visit all my Vegas kids as well as get the yearly interbike thrills of all new taiwan half ass product with new graphics hahahahaha. Nora Cup should be dope, Im fairly excited for that and just some down time with no race should be good. Pic below or above of Ian and a tuck no hander from a random skatepark in Wyoming. Good work. Ive been filming random stuff with Chris lately and its going well. Joeys benefit BBQ went well and the Nyquist show was free with your purchase of lunch. Bombing the "double" at greer and overall madness, Shea was killing it as well and Joey was keeping up which was dope. Shout out Red Bull, Knight, SJBMX.COM, 2-Hip/ Ron W., etc. What else? Ummmmm i dont know ask me in person lol- Pics soon from the trip even though my cam is out of order :( Yeeeeeee travel time suckas! Get out and go somewhere because the bay is the greatest place on earth, but visiting other places aint half bad either :)