Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Aba NM Road Trip Wrapup.

Yeah boy scored up a main event after another disasterous semi main on Saturday. Bought a spandex getup from the devils playground walmart, and told myself I was riding spandex stealth mode until I figured out how to get out of semis. It worked quite well because I landed a 4th in the main just hours after debuting the new gear LOL. Road trip was funny as all hell, me porter and scott took a 1990 caddy across I-40 to New Mexico and back 20 hours each way, so hood but oh so much fun. Spent alot of time with them and the crew is solid for sure. Class is so stacked right now and will only be worse in the coming months. Focused on Worlds, apparently Im the only guy on planet earth that not on a Romero program, but its chill Im piggy backing American idols workouts and Im 3 days into the sprint program so things should be good. I talked to Cook who won both days of 19-27x and he said the program he got from Greg is crazy intense but he is going crazy fast right now and 17-24 has their hands full with him at Worlds. I kept an eye on a few guys going in my class and Im still looking fine and feel that if I can get a bike length faster Ill be looking to podium that bad boy. Getting my 24" bike back tomorrow going to mix in that thing and my Bday is coming up! Yay. All Im asking for from EVERYONE is a White Evo. Make it happen hahaha. Anyway thts all the current news training mission with Idol tomorrow morning Im going to take notes and see what he does and jock his steez and make it work for me. Yeah buddy!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

New Mexico 20hours...

Thats right kids 20 hour drive if we knock it out in one shot. Leaving tonight sometime after a busy day. 1 o'clock to scope out some dirt for a Livermore Rebuild, then a 3 o'clock with Roybal at Livermore Parks and Rec where I think they are giving me an MVP award? Ha doubt it. and then Livermore 5 o'clock track practice. All tobe concluded with a long drive out to the ABA National in Albequerque (sp?) Should be fun Im going with Alan Porter whos my road dog for sure and a new dude that he knows so should be fun. Red Bull will be flowing and Ipod and cell phone batteries will be getting drained for a solid day of driving and shitty food. The weekend at Fresno was surreal. I was somewhat on point first straight was a tad bit off but I wasnt mid pack for sure. Made semis easily both days behind Lee the eventual winner going 2,2,2 with him in my rack. Semis were a ball up though. Lane 1 on saturday got cutoff and decided to just move to the inside instead of lettin Ashe get around me fully, bad idea had no momentum and just got treated the rest of the lap :( Sunday was chill lane 6 had me outside and got out fine plenty of seperation Lee had 2 bike on me and the guy in third and Phil Castro had a few bikes on the guys behind him top 4 were sittin cool. Dude in 3rd gives me like 5 elbows before we get hooked up and were done for the day. Hello buddy- taking 4 and your in a chill 3rd know where you are and know the situation before you get aggressive and have us both watching the main. 2nd place to 5th was a joke and almost as weak as my track speed. Mike Hughes told me he found the fire a few weeks ago and hes following through with some serious training, Im psyked for him and glad hell be riding more- Worlds is under 60 days away so my training has started again, sprints and lots of track time 6 days a week should hopefully put me in 2 main events and hopefully I can seal the deal :) W1. Thats all for now say a prayer for ya boy as 20 hours on the road is plenty of time for accidents and all shady things alike so keep me in mind send a text to keep boredom away :) Roadtrip.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

"Loyal Followers"

Haha Mike H. told me to get busy with an update because Im losing the loyal few who frequent this place. The computer is swimming in starbucks so sorry guys and gals but I try and squeeze in news when I can. Livermore practice has bee on hit and was nasty quick yesterday with Trevor.Oie.Mc Clintock.Tommy coming out to let me know Im still at the lower end of the food chain. It was kinda rad going in 5 deep into that first turn and having a pro am there would be comical to say the least. Josh has the ponies working right now and was on point bike lengthing me at about our 4th pedals. Tommy is still impressive and I think hes going the fastest Ive ever see right now. Good times for sure. Mike says he's making a surge and going to get nasty quick again, which is cool because I just want to ride his coat tails and work like he does and it should benefit me as well. We always have a good sized crew of riders in the area but for some reason we dont ride together often/enough IMO. If the 5-6 guys I know are legit would just ride more often I think we'd all see results fairly quick and be back in the hunt. Checked flights I was ready to buy today and I had like 1135.00 in my bank and after taxes my flight was 1160.00? HAHA I hate things sometimes but laugh at em LOL Should come up with a few bucks somehow and get that squared away. Anyways not much to report, the gate is dialed in so now just working on the ponies for the next 2 months If I can come up with a 1/2bike quicker down the first straight I think Ill be sittin cool in AUS. Cant really train for that track as nothin here is too close, but run it!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Ya boy is back!

Haha not so much my comps still broken and a trip to the hospital couldnt even save it :( but in better news...

Im registered for the Worlds finally. Thanks to www.avantgardeintl.com for makin things happen and securing that i got it all done on time. Psyked for sure. Shoulder was rough and painful so i skipped ABA bakersfield but still went and supported the guys who rode well, but need to step up the training if they want to be national caliber. Hopefully lit a few fires and helps get guys riding more consistently! Im working alot and doing alot of side work as well to get some bills paid up and knock out this flight to Australia. Lifes good and I cant complain.