Friday, December 30, 2011


This is a fake retweet from a fictitious facebook account posted on my real blog. haha go figure.

Alex Fowler- im not sure why you invite all those fools...nick and phil are the only two actually shredding...every one else in that list is spectating...

Alex clowning a long list of guys invited to the trails today. I chuckled as it was a well played zinger and Alex is usually good for a funny here and there.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Family Feud Xmas Edition

Where do I start. Xmas has gotten smaller and smaller every year and I only really noticed this year because with no NBL Xmas Classic race I had no other options but to hang around and do the fam bam version of gifts and what not. We were missing quite a few people and I wont call em out, but uhhh who the fuck misses Xmas? Really? If you have a valid reason and your out of state or something hey who am I to call you out. But if you juss didnt show thats pretty weak. Anyway I was counting on people to round out my teams for Family Feud. Luckily I had some alternate who were down. Bri and Lei would fill some spots and Lei was excited, Bri was kinda bein weird but we have old issues so I kinda expect it from her for whatever reason. But she was down when it came down to it and Lei wanted to play the whole game so it worked out. Mary who was a for sure lock for the final somehow went out first round? Didnt see that one coming at all, and the plan to give her $500 was thrown off quickly LOL. BJ Crystal Nana My Mom n Dad killed it the whole way through, sweeping a few boards and stealing a board or 2 when they needed em. I surely thought I was going to be out $500 cuz they were on it. When it came to fast money time Bj and my Dad went for the cash. If it were my call I would have subbed in a girl, nana woulda been my pick she is the oldest and likely can give you the balance needed to get that last 200 points. My dad started it off and laid down a whoppin 21 points..... I felt pretty secure about my money at that point but BJ could still sweep with all #1 answers and make it to 200points so I wasnt outta the woods. He laid down a respectable 93 points I think? None the less they fell short and my cash came back home with me. I had a good time and everyone said it was alot of fun so good times were had and it only cost me a bunch of time to setup the boards and all that stuff. I think Ima do that everyear for my gift to the family. Im thinking for new years doing bonkos which we usually play anyway and just dropping extra cash on top cuz that games pretty fun and everyone makes money, or like a lets make a deal old school version and let people trade up prizes for mystery prizes. Who knows but something fun. Good times. Alicia foolishly left tamales at home so Im about to knock off 4 of them and sit around bored since the world shuts down xmas day apparently :( work tomorrow and back on the city tip. Jyeah.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Dane Searls. Beast Mentality.

Next time you let doubt enter your mind wipe that $hit out of your mental state. Dane Searls jumps some massive sets which are an accomplishment all alone, then when you see the cherry 60ft backflip its even more respected. Then you add in his nuts which are clearly of epic stature and the whole thing is mind blowing. Respect.

Camp started today 8 kids which I knew 6 from previous camps so that made me feel good that repeat campers still like the nonsense Im putting out there to teach them. Skater kid took about 20 stitches before camp even started which was crazy and a lovely way to start bakc with my city employment. RIP Dane.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Tried to tell ya!

As previously mentioned Im back in the graces of city employment after a few month hiatus. Got booted and brought back lol. Pretty jazzed and doing my best to help things roll along @ LCRSP. Good things on the horizon for sure. Winter camp is next week for my first order of business back and should be a fun week for all the kids. If your interested you can get registered early or just show up Monday morning and surprise me. Skate kids are like 10 deep already so the BMX camp will likely be smaller but just as much fun Im sure. Second order of business and you may hate or love it, all sessions at LCRSP will be open to everyone from here on out. The effective date is Monday the 19th. So whats that mean... You can ride BMX anytime the park is open, you'll have to be courteous and keep an eye out as you'll be sharing the park with more users and different user groups but you just gained more access to the park for sure. Im pretty psyked and will be good to see what sessions start to grow with no more attention being given to times and days, just show up and ride. Evo is still @ FFTEC and I picked up some RC 1200cc injectors and a walbro 255 fuel pump this week which is getting dropped off and installed prior to the full tune for 91 and map base for e85. e85 is now down to just $3.19 a gallon so Im psyked on that :) fill ups will be cheaper for the evo and that I can appreciate. Also saw an e85 station on Montague and 880 in SJ which makes 2 very close stations for me :) yay. Check the flier above for LCRSP camp info and see ya there!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

36 what?

Apparently when you hear funny stuff in the engine bay of the evo you oughta pay it some attention. Got a call from Mike @ FFTEC today and he explained to me that the tranny had some issues and as I expected was gonna be some loot to fix. Good thing I have been selling medical supplies out the trunk of the evo because $3600+ is quite a bit of loot for some stuff I wil never even see. Haha that noise from the tranny was annoying, but it wasnt $3k annoying LOL. So if you were hoping this was the year Nick was gonna buy you a Christmas gift, your best bet is to ask to drive my car. All donations are being gladly accepted and are great ways to get around the tax man! Sheeeeesh

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Who does this type of stuff?

You aint gotta believe it but its all facts. I decide to drop my escape off at FFTEC and leave it overnight in the parking lot so that when I bring my Evo the next day I can drive the escape back home, slightly shady being that the escape is missin a window but whatever. Im circling this block for what seems like ever and find an addy thats close to FFTEC but I see no signage no kick ass cars anywhere juss blacked out windows.. so Im like wtf did I have a wrong addy? Mind you were 2 cars deep Alicia in hers and me in the escape planning to leave it. I am on my phone trying to GPS when another random car rolls up, its midnight btw and Im like wtf what other sketchy person is here LOL. Dude stares at us for a hot minute and Im like cool maybe he can tell me the addy. He opens his door finally and I say excuse me do you know where xxxx heyman st. is? He replies "for what?" and Im like wtf this guys a dick. Im like uhhh I need to drop a car off there? He replies what kind of car? At this point Im like wtf man this guys a cunt and either can help me or fuck himself. I say its an evo, and he says ok your here... Im like ummmmm what? Turns out its Sean the owner of FFTEC and all knowing guru. They got broken into last night and he was driving by to check on the building LOL. Its more than likely he was 2 seconds away from shooting me at midnight in front of his shop, but after a quick convo and tour of the shop he sent me to get my evo right then.... Yeah at 130am hahahahahaha. Who drops off a car at nearly 2am? I head home and bring back my doll of a car who is dwarfed by the 9sec FFTEC drag evo, and roughly a million bucks worth of sick ass evo's, porsches and BMW's they had inside. We talk the benefits of E85 and devise a plan before I sucker him into driving my car and hearing the grossness noises she has been making. He mentions its a loose motor mount, and I hope he is spot on, but tranny comes out tomorrow and your boy is snagging some 1200cc injectors and a monster fuel pump and this evo will be sippin the corn syrup from here on out if all goes well. Sean suggested tuning her to 91 first, but was open to going straight to e85 so thats where Im leaning. 9 sec evo pic up top in case you think im BSing. Nuts.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Hell of a Thursday mayn...

Woke up feeling like a million bucks and figured Id knock out a few errands since my wednesday went so well. I finally got the Evo all smog legal so that is squared away for 2 years. She has a date with FFTEC for a tune session and a diet of E85 if the price is right... E85 is $3.33 a gallon compared to 91 octane at $3.75/85 depending on where Im at. So technically in 1.4 million miles I will have saved alot of pollution with alternative fuel and I will get to work even faster. Someone asked me the other day what the best thing about E85 was and I said its Red Bull for your gas tank basically haha. Anyway so I go to pick up the escape and she hasnt been started in 2 months so I banked on a dead battery, no big deal just jump start it and keep it going. She started like a champ first try and I figured Adi in a tough spot had drained the gas for rent fees of her garage, cuz that puppy was on E. Yeah the same kinda emptu she normally drives on during roadtrips hahaha. So I roll to the gas station filler up and turn the key to roll out. Boy was I in for a long day. Turns over, cranks and just doesnt start. Im like uhhhhhh. Try again and again and again. Shit wtf. I aint mechanical by any means but I figure the tank is soo empty that some air is in the lines maybe and the new gas is making its way to get me rolling. Leave the key turned and wait a few minutes and again nothing. Phone up pops and ask him via cell phone to tell me wtf is wrong with the escape, lord knows at just 240k miles she cant be done running yet. He shows up and diagnoses so quick that he had me convinced he was a mechanic at some point in his life. He says fuel pumps done. Im relieved because I just got done looking at top of the line fuel pumps for my evo and top notch shit is like $100 so Im stoked. I figure an oem pump for an 03 escape has gotta be $22.95 installed with a 239,999 mile warranty. I head up to auto zone struttin in like Im the man and demand the best fuel pump money can buy! The guy says calm down cowboy what size engine? Im thrown off to the point where surely only a punchline can cover my lack of knowledge. I say engine size ummmm its about 2feet wide and a fender distance deep so lets go with uhhh 2'x4' hows that sound? He doesnt think my stand up routine is too funny and lets me know immediately im in luck because the only opne they carry fits all engine sizes that year. Pfffft I showed his a$$ cuz I knew it was all the same fuel pump anyway! I slap my card down before even asking the price and he tries to rope me in with a mag light 2 for the price of 1 deal, and Im like ohhhhhh no buddy just the fuel pump! Here's a $20 bill keep the change! That'll be $232.54 sir cash or debit. WTF? I dont need 6 of the fuel pump you silly goose one will do just fine. It was at this point where I realized I was out of my realm, I was just a boy in a very manly auto parts store... I own zero tools what so ever, and this guy saw right through me! He knew that deep down inside I really did want a mag light and 2 for 1 pricing I would have bought 4! Now before you hear it anywhere else I took it like a man! I pretended my shoelaces were untied when I grabbed my ankles and took it like a champ. I left with a bit smaller of a wallet and a lot less manhood today, but all in all it was worth it. The escape rides again and if it ever decides to break down I hope it does so in the dead of night. I got these 4 mag lights Im just itchin to use! hahaha