Monday, November 28, 2016

Rhianna said work work work!

Self timer shot today from the track getting my small lake drained out. Put in a fair amount of time addressing the holes in turn 1 finally and trying to think of what to do with the lack luster pro section at the track. I think I am going to fill in the first jump and make it a long table over the break when we close for 2 weeks. The section is getting overgrown currently and its mainly due to the lack of traffic through there. Its not a hard section when you sprint at it from turn 1 but from a full first straight I only know of 1-2 people that can do it and they damn sure arent doing it lap after lap. I think if I make it easier in a sense it will fix a few issues. Right now its not much faster or faster at all from what Ive seen. Fill in the first jump and I think it can be tap manualed and pedaled right through and would make the "big" jump easier to attack and not be such a send it jump. More guys going that route would be more reason to keep it maintained because at this rate I could care less and let it grow over. Have a couple other things up my sleeve for 2017 at the track but they will have to stay under wraps for now. Paving turn 1 is still at the top of the list and will happen I can guarantee it. Get your money ready kids cuz the gofundme heart strings will be pulled and tugged on as hard as possible so you will come up off that money you worked so hard for LOL. Alright time to house search a little bit before bed. 

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Thanksgiving Vibes

Well with a few days off and the rain really stalling things out as far as riding wise I figure I can give my thoughts on what Im thankful for. Im a really really basic person as far as things go for being thankful and what not. Pretty much just happy and thankful to be alive. Sure it sounds like a cliche way to go about it but honestly here is my take so stay with me. Every morning you wake up you got 24hrs to work with and if you are ambitious and a go getter you can make shit happen. You always have the chance to get what you feel you deserve. Yes Im thankful for opportunities and friends all 3-4 of them lol but all that comes from work and the opportunity of waking up another day and working toward things. Whatever you are thankful for I would suggest dont just be thankful for it but nurture it and put some work into it. Dont get hung up on just being thankful but work it and make it even better and also pay it forward. If you are thankful for something look back and see how you can help the next person who is in your path behind you. Enjoy the holidays people.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

As promised!

As I said I would come back with a good blog here it is! Had skills camp tonight with all my little groms and it was a good time. We worked on high lows in turn 1 and the kids caught the hang of it pretty quickly. After about a half hour I was able to teach them how to properly finish a good high low and take the victim clear to the chalk line haha. I will be soooo stoked if I ever see a non suspecting 9 novice kid wonder how he won a race to turn 1 but then got pushed over into the pro section after a sweet pass. Haha. In all seriousness these clinics have been a good time and are a great way to fundraiser for the track and get the kids some extra ride time worked into their schedules. Off to Vegas tonight to help my good friend Carla move out of her apartment and catch a few dinners and catch up on life. Should be quick and easy trip get back Sunday evening give the knee a rest and will be excited to snap off some first straights next week and see if the rest brings some low times :) That's it for now we outta this spot! flight 222 sjc to las

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Next troll come forth...

Alright well apparently the foolery didnt end last week with our Moohey/Duran fiasco, which for those keeping tabs of course he didnt show up to renew. Cant say I was holding my breath thats for sure but funny he was so consistent about "Tuesday" Alas it has come and gone and instead of renewals I got more attitude from simple minded selfish people yet again. You can justify and express your concern and disdain for things Im all for that and hell I practice it each time I sound off on here. But you really oughta keep an eye on who you are burning and the piss poor examples you set in the process and thats where you start to do more damage than you may realize. Last night our good friend Orlando comes into registration and is annoyed telling me he is catching attitude from a few guys out on the track. Now if you know Orlando he is CHILL. And his level of chill actually annoys me because I think he would be much more effective if he didnt be so relaxed, but anyway Lando as I call him has easily 20yrs of service on the PAL board and has seen many generations through the 2-3yr cycles. Lando is a real riders perspective kinda guy too, he is definitely the most rider oriented mind state kinda guy and will consider the riders first before the business aspect. So todays silly mistake comes courtesy of Jeff Aana three cheers for your silly move when you decided to give him shit when he asked you to kindly quit cutting and stopping on the track you really shot yourself in the foot. Again you didnt know it but the same person you gave grief to and complained that he needed to "provide you a solution" its not his problem nor is it the problem of the other 100 riders that you dont have the stamina nor skill to ride your bike for 1200ft at a time. He doesn't owe you a solution fool. Nobody does. But free of charge Im gonna give some advice and I dont expect you to learn god forbid you're 40+ and still whining about people enforcing 40 old rules to address safety. If you would like to practice a certain segment of the track, come out of the gate and either A) holeshot and win the whole lap like the practice champ you are and address obstacles and skills as they arrive. B) roll out of the gate and use the fresh legs technique which Im very fond of, sandbag it a bit let everyone win the practice and then sprint to glory at the obstacle thats giving you problems. You will have a clear path but the problem with this tactic is if you have goon style it will be exposed. Those stick manuals from vegas? Yeah I know you remember them legs locked out zig zag from chalk line to chalk line before the explosion? I feel for you man but you can remedy the situation the new riders clinics are $25 each or a block of 4 for $80 just let me know in sign ups and we can get you on the roster. All jokes aside you really messed up Lando is definitely the one guy I would say keeps the riders opinions at the top and food for thought his time is limited and you just gave him all the reason to stop hoisting the flag on your behalf. Disrespecting a track volunteer seems to be the new trend and nobody wants to see things get ugly so try to keep in mind that riding the track is an opportunity it is definitely not a right. Be kind kids.

Check back tomorrow ladies and we can hope for a positive post for once? I wont hold my breath but each night provides the opportunity for some goodness. #volunteerlife #byebyepractice #2017newnew #youguysmakingiteasy #bridgeburned #ruininganopportunity

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Current Mood...

If I had to sum up the track right now this image does it perfectly. Haha sometimes I have to remember that not everyone is smart enough or unselfish enough to realize that the track is not to cater to any one persons desires or wishes. We run a program for everyone. Everyone you simple minded moron. Meaning its bigger than what you think needs to be fixed, your issue is not top priority because each unique individual has 10 issues that they think are paramount. Relax and consider resolutions instead of talking shit and creating division when ultimately we all have the same desired end result and that is to have a good local track and thriving program. If I had $1.00 for every "expert" who mumbles and spouts off online about how wrong and bad things are I could pave the turns and buy an endless amount of red carpet to roll out to the pre madonnas that are the BMX race population it seems. Too many times people are quick to shoot off an opinion but have never experienced or done a damn thing on the subject. You gonna tell me how to climb a tree yet you have a fear of heights and have never stepped a foot off the ground? Riiiiiiiight.... Ridiculous. Or better yet, "you're fucking ridiculous" which is what a rider had the nerve to say to a volunteer when he was reminded for the second time that he needed to head to registration and check in for practice... Yeah thats right a grown man 40+ years old is  throwing attitude at a female volunteer because in years upon years of BMX racing he is acting like checking in for practice to cover our asses for insurance purposes is a "fucking ridiculous" request? Are you kidding me? The fact that we even need to send a volunteer to remind you is wasting what precious volunteer resources we have and are thankful for but of course you dont know that because you think the bmx fairy god mother just blows pixie dust and shit gets done right? The new rider packs just come out of thin air, they arent printed up at our real 9-5 jobs on our own time or company time. The paperwork that gets submitted, the sanction fees and motos and balancing all just comes with a quick twirl of the wand right? The clinics that go down to help retain ridership and keep the moto count up so the doors can stay open, thats all just the snap of fingers. Trophies that need to be ordered, inventoried, stocked, distributed, and all reordered again for racing 3 nights a week all that is probably just an Iphone app so it cant be a difficult task. Contacting USABMX to make sure we dont get left in the cold for state races, gold cup qualifiers, etc etc etc. They just probably assume those events for us and do all the work right? Yeah thats right that girl you threw attitude to and every other volunteer are just like you said "fucking ridiculous"... But I think you got it confused because you know what they have a level of volunteerism and commitment that is exactly right "fucking ridiculous" because after what I just showed you which trust me is a mere .0001% of what the hell we do within a track week can only be described as fucking ridiculous. So Rich Lujan quite frankly man, you and your entitled ass can kick rocks as far as Im concerned. You have a piss poor attitude and you seem to have lost what BMX is all about and should really sit back and realize that your selfish too good to check in mentality is the kind of shit that gets a track shut down or a sanction pulled when you get hurt and we have no reason to show why you were even on the track. So raise a glass to you and have a toast to your mentality and hope that it spreads and grows on more of the BMX community... Said no one. Ever.
Stay tuned for tomorrows post which will feature the story of Jon Moohey who thought it was a great sneaky way to obtain a practice sticker under a riders name who everyone in sign ups knows has moved to Florida... Only in BMX I tell you only in BMX.