Thursday, October 29, 2009


Haha laughed at someones bag for gettin left in the snow at the denver ballup airport and for karma, my bags mikes bags and georges bags didnt show up. Haha shitty so starting the weekend off on a bad note but whatever. Haha got a $50 voucher for the ballup hope its worth it. LOL

Well what needs to be said? Haha NCB

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Get off work tonight and pack up the whips and gear for a 3day venture to orlando for the ABA Disney spectacle! Haha taking the class and cruiser going to ride class fri/sat and 24" on sunday. Should be a good weekend if all goes well :) Still digging at the track for the NCC jumping stuff and thats going well, hopefully have it completed by next Wednesday in time for the Saturday event so we can just groom it all fine at the end of the week. has the races all weekend so if youre bored and want to see me ramp it up hit them for the coverage. Whats new? Nothing. Thinking of switching jobs and moving over to a SR Rec. leader position at Happy Hollow Park/Zoo. 19 bucks an hour and benefits so thats where you can find me in a few months. Lifes good cant complain. NCC just about a week away! Yeeeee

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Dig Time.

Im not dead I swear! Got a speeding ticket in Vegas 87 in a 65 doesnt go over so well. Didnt hang out too much, was riding much better than a 3rd place finish that I pulled down Saturday. Britt is makin a comeback. NCC is just about 2 weeks away and I have been building up the jumps at the track, maybe pictures soon maybe not. Standard 3 jump setup with a long low set a hip left and then a booter. Nothing crazy but should be fun. Digging today for 4 hours then work for 5 then race tonight at PAL to scoop up the bonus points :) top 10 is mine bwa ha haaaaaa. Rio Frio going to come to NCC? Where's Terry T?

Thursday, October 22, 2009


NCC is gettin closer so here goes the image of the plate that will be given to a few lucky guys! Nor Cal Represent Cecil Johns. Legendary. for you penguins that dont know better get your google search on.

Monday, October 19, 2009


Ender clip of this SJ edit is some stuff from me. Bombed that spillway :)

'08-'09 SD Scraps from Chris McMahon | SJBMX on Vimeo.

Monday, October 12, 2009

"For The Birds"

Gucci Shades at 5am- who gonna hate on that? Haha this shit is for the birds! Hahahaha. Where do I get started.... Hmmmm well first off BMX Racing starts way too early in the morning. When I start my sanction things wont begin til 12noon. So Saturday morning I get to the track after sleeping 85% of the drive and Im like tired as all hell after a card game ran til 2am the prior morning. I get there and get all knee braced up and take a few gates. Its pretty apparent im in for a long weekend, Ive been playing tennis alot lately and my legs have been smoked for the last few days but been having so much fun that I didnt care about being flat down the first straight. Anyway all weekend Im just gettin treated to the first turn. The BMX gods smiled upon my a$$ though and gave me a moto in the pro-am that even Al Roybal could win, unless rio frio was in it who ANNIHILATED him all weekend. Anyway I perfected the qualifiers and later took a 4th in the pro-am. The scorers felt it was a 5th but we all know that the NBL has too many scorers anyway and I say it was 4th so 4th it is! They would have their revenge though, I rode strong on Sunday and the gods gave my slow ass lane 1 for the main which was good, followed Castro around the track and watched him blow up going into the 3rd turn. I started thanking my sponsors and moved my goggles around my neck all SX style for the post race interview, when Phillip decided he had enough of my lame ass. Gives me the elbow to end all elbows and more white powder was flying than the ending of a Scarface movie as he rode me to the chalk line until I went off the track. To add insult, the lovely ladies scoring said oh you went off the track? Here's 8th place instead of 5th. Ouch, I got owned. They won the battle but I might have accidentally grabbed a 1st place award meaning at the end of the day Im the newest NBL State Champion #1 Rider in the 19-25X Class! Ha.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Nor*Cal Classic!

Yeah! Shout out the art/graphic dept. located in the Temecula desert for finally getting the flier finished. I may need to replace them because what should have been a basic 15min. project dragged out to 73 versions after mistake and change and lack of knowledge. So frustrating! JK Thanks Beef much respect man and I owe you yet again. Checks in the mail! Started gettin swag in for the Nor Cal Classic round #2 a goodie box full of tees from Tom @ check with them before you sell your soul and shop elsewhere. Tom has always supported me and the events I work on and wanna thank him once again. Check the flier its going to be standard on the sidebar here until further notice :) Played another 3hr. tennis set again today which is 9hrs this week, my legs are smoked but Im going to PAL to ramp tonight and then off to Fresno for the NBL State Finals. Yeee

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Aussie Avant Garde Intl.

Peep it, The man Carlos had a computer crash after we got back from the Australian trip and even though we took an oath to never speak of that failed World Title Mission, He got a lil bit of footy off his comp and has been editing. part 1.

AGI Cycle Team goes to Australia from Carlos Jonathan on Vimeo.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Whats an accomplishment to you?

First off before I rant about my boy marcus @ the skatepark, Nor Cal Classic is slowly gettin worked out. Details in a week or so im trying to lock down the location but the date will be November 7th for sure. Mark it down. K back to my rant. Marcus is my lil protege at the skatepark who Ive been working with for about 2months now. Super rad lil kid respectful as all hell and has a good attitude. Sometimes he is a little gun shy and scared to get hurt but Im really psyked on him right now. Since day 1 I have wondered when we were going to get him to drop into a quarter pipe. Its one of those building block steps that basically opens you up to riding anything you want because you know how to get in and out of bowls and transitions. After 6 lessons he had learned tons of stuff and finally we knocked it out. Took a few tries but he knocked it out and I was seriously PROUD of him and he was ecstatic. Little shit like that is all that really matters in life. Drama and this and that shit just doesnt even get near the level of where Im at when I see accomplishments like that little event in Marcus' life. Real shit stays on top and bullshit falls off. Do work, nasty status hustle, todays a gift and what you do with it is up to you.