Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Well in typical fashion I finally check off something in my life's mission and quickly replace it with something I feel is better. I got a new phone the other day which to some is no big deal, but Ive been rockin a phone with a useless keyboard that didnt even make calls 95% of its lifespan and I finally upgraded to a new WHITE EVO :) Shit is 4G so it's kinda important or something. I swear I only got it since it was called the evo and was available in white, but moving on checked that off the to do list. What did I add you are wondering? Well Im a stalker of www.defrgip.net its kinda artsy photog BMX based, whatever its a rad site. So they ran a feature below about a spot that was just goooood for a picture. The trick is nothing crazy just a clicked lookback, but the scenery is what sets it apart and makes it super good. Well I liked it so much I decided I wanted somethin similar. On my several coast to coast trips a year back and forth between races Im sure I have somehow passed alot of chances for one off riding shots that could kick a$$ like the on in this post. Well I shall not drive oblivious any longer. One time Al didnt let me stop when I saw a 1200pound bison or something ion Montana and to this day I regret not trying to go touch it. Ill be back for your ass Mr. Bison and this time Ill be ready. Where was I? Oh yeah. Im gettin a cool picture. Not sure where when how and all that stuff but I do know Why. Cuz I said so. Be on the lookout.

Tony Hoffman- Flip cam is ready, Im bringin you a bike check your site isnt ready for.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Congrats Jason&Kristie Silva

These two kids tied the knot and I made sure to get my a$$ out there and celebrate their wedding. It was a great time the food was on point, the dancing was good, and all in all I really enjoyed myself. He had a grooms cake which was a BMX track and Kristie was lookin HOT! Check the pics below and congrats to them. Here is to a future together. Tink!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Life Is Short

My cell phone banner reads "Life Is Short" and it's kinda a reason why I live or try to live in a manner that reflects the urgency to do what you want or strive for when you have the chance. Tomorrow isn't promised you know? Anyway saw these rad mushrooms growing next to a palm tree @ LCRSP last night. Thought they were super cool and snapped a pic of them. Then this morning just 8 hours later I got back to work and this is what they looked like. They just rolled up and done deal :( If you got something you been wondering about or waitin on, fire it off today is my advice.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Put the kids to bed...

Warm up the milk and put the kiddies to bed. This one is not for reading if you dont like to hear me rant and rave your better off closin the window now :)

Now that we done got that out the way... Fuck Fuck Fuck you! This bitch ass sister of mine just showed up at my house, been owing me $400.00 and when I hit her up about it she like "I aint got it dick" hahaha is that how you feel? Was it "dick" when I loaned you the 4hunnid cuz ur fuckin stupid ass needed it to go outta state on some other BS? Was it "dick" last month when I loaned you a few hunnid, was it "dick" every other time I helped ur fuckin ass out and helped you to keep your shit together? Yeah it wasnt "dick" when you needed some cash was it? You fuckin piece of shit- fuck you. pay me and get fucked. Nick your unreasonable thats your sister, thats your family blah blah blah. Fuck you too. haha family or not I dont give a fuck if your the mother of my only child, once you fuck me over your just yet another fuckin person on the planet who is a cunt. Pay me bitch. Gonna win a football pool for $375, 2 weeks after you were supposed to pay me and I still havent been paid? But you had time to hit some black friday sales? Bitch I dont care if its neon muthafuckin green friday, when someone comes outta pocket for you, you pay them back accordingly when you have the first chance. When I heard this bitch was spendin money and not payin me back I let it slide, I've kindly hit her up like- yo time to square up man... excuse after excuse, I got bills blah blah blah. Get a clue bitch so does everyone. Next thursday was about 5 thursdays ago and now you wanna shit talk me? Fuck you.

I did get a flu shot today and worked both my jobs though so the day wasnt all negative was it? Bwa Ha Ha.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

New Whip. Kinda.

So at Grands I got just worked on my cruiser. Like worked nasty. So I decided to buy a new frame slightly bigger than what I was riding. Built it up and it looks pretty good. Thanks goes out to my 2011 sponsor Rob Rio Frio for the forks, but I was too gucci to use them. Sinz aluminum fork 5ounces heavier than my SX cro-mo fork? Weird. Stuck with the SX. So there it is my 2011 24" whip if I dont do well on it within the first few races, it will be for sale. If you think Im jokin then you dont know me. School show tomorrow assuming the rain clears up should be fun. I missed a day at the warehouse for it so Im definitely losing money by going, but its good karma and educate the kids and all that so we doin it major:) Ive hijacked Roybals escape so Ive been fairly spoiled being able to go places in the past week LOL. What else... Thats about all for now. enjoy a blurry picture of the new whip- Nick

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Grands. Busyness.

5 people asked me today why I havent blogged in a bit so I figured I better quit slackin. Went to Grands and had a good time but definitely didnt ride too well LOL. I got ousted in my 1/8th main for class and semi'd in cruiser. 73 riders showed up in 19-27X making that arguably the biggest grands class of all time. Ive been doing the BMX stuff for about 15 years and never seen a class that big. Crazy tough 7 man 1/8ths taking 3... Trip was good all in all though. Maris got broke off on day 1 alogn with Joey Bradford so the titles were all pretty weakly mathematically decided so the possibility of a crazy lap to lap battle was quickly over before it started. Tough break for Joey, he goes way fast but cant seem to have a small crash. He will be back though and his training partner Mr Lubbe made the elite main which is quite impressive, but even cherry on top is he passed 88 Kyle Bennett for the last spot in the main. Kids ridin strong for sure. Little bit more of a first straight and I can see Gavin gettin on the podium very soon. I get nervous because him and Sifiso Nhlapo need to kick ass so they can both make the Olympic bid together. Seeing either guy not get in would be a bummer. Gotta pull for Nor Cal though so git it boy!

NBL State series meeting went donw recently as well. Some things needed to change and some did change. Not sure how I feel about it all but whatever. Change is in the air and younger faces are slowly working their way into the mix and I think thats the future. Made some good changes and hopefully the state series can start to grow again, its slowly been dwindling for a few years now :(

Livermore Rebuild! It was a very unorthodox way of going about it but it worked out. Basically Eric our NBL builder had a small window to come and rebuild our track. The timing was very rushed and things were quickly thrown together and luckily between myself, Jason Silva, and Eric and alot of patience and understanding we ended up with a cool track that everyone hopefully is psyked on. Ive done as much as I can do and hopefully it starts paying off in the first few months of the year. Looking forwrad to trying to scam Gavin outta their old gate at prunetucky so that would be nice if we could get that dialed in. Soil Tac calls have been made and just waiting to hear back and get a green light and that will be done next. If everyone participates as much as they can Im telling you people we will have the best program in all of BMX hands down. Rider operated is the way to go so come out and show your support.

Nor*Cal Classic! Ive not forgotten! Possibly going down this weekend at Livermore if the weather holds. Its cloudy the next few days so Im gonna check out the dirt tomorrow and see what shape it's in. If its too soft we will nail a new date down but if it looks like it will dry out in time then Saturday we could definitely get it done. Dirt jumps might not happen though but we could have a box jump jam that night at LCRSP to make up for it... Thats all for now. Crazy busy but had to blog it out.

Jump2Jump show on Thursday with some lame new guy on the team- Ryan Nyquil? Guess he is decent on a bike? Whatever. Al better not put him on the payroll until we see what kind of rider he is...

Monday, November 22, 2010

Merry Christmas!

So if you know me you already know Im not much of a holiday person, I like the whole idea of it but I generally dont buy too many people things because Im cheap haha. Anyway my gift to everyone is a 30% off code to my favorite Levi's hookup site www.sheplers.com Go there from NOVEMBER 29TH- DECEMBER 5TH and when you checkout use the promo code RX29. It'll save you an additional 30% on whatever your order is. Pretty simple. If your curious as to my size 32x32 fits me perfectly and I rock the rigid denim. HAHA enjoy it save some cash and buy some denim.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


6 months ago I did a school show and by the grace of God himself today i was finally paid. Book your school a show today @ www.jump2jump.com and see what all the hype is about. Book in the next 30 minutes and you'll get a free upgraded package to include Dirt Jump X Games Gold royalty in Ryan Nyquist and Joey Garcia himself at your show. But wait theres more! We'll double your order and throw in free of charge fresh from the bottom of the totem pole.. drumrollllllllllll Nick Valencia! The pride of Alviso! hahahahahahahaha

Monday, November 15, 2010


So NCC had to relocate due to a difference in opinion concerning sponsorship. I abide by the rule that if your supportive of a canned food drive Im rockin with ya and some didnt see it that way. Luckily all is well and we are simply relocating to Livermore BMX which is definitely more of a drive but shouldnt be too big of a hassle. All the same festivities are scheduled so dont miss a step and come out and donate some canned goodies. Thats all the good news. The bad news is so far the forecast says 50% shot at rain on Saturday... Roybal is the only indian I know and he got kicked off the reservation like 25years ago so Im not sure that his sun dance is going to hold the showers off long enough. I jokingly have said it every year that I need to run the event earlier in the season but it's alot of work and not easy, but next year its going off earlier LOL.

Livermore BMX 5800 Patterson Pass Road Livermore, CA 94550

Friday, November 12, 2010

Pic Sucka

Drop off ten cans of food and you'll get a rad session, a feel good heart, and a tee shirt, along with the good ol sackpack. Courtesy of Carla who took the lead and made it happen-!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

NCC Sackpack Preview!!!

Nor Cal Classic is starting to get closer and the jumps will be built next week if all goes well :) The logo below will be on the official sackpack which is basically a useless gym bag kind of thing. I've gone rounds with the sackpack faithful fans and haters about if it is a good option to make them or not... Luckily when Im the BOSS it's my call and cant nobody tell me different. HAHA. So bring your ten cans and your going to get a shirt and a sackpack off top. No if and or but's, its off top its your we keepin it 1hunnid and supplyin you so you can keep whatever else loot you wanna keep in there after it's all said and done. If it rains that day you can even keep your muddy shoes in it! Dual Purpose. Haters gonna hate and ballers gonna ball. Stay busy makin moves and let the people mumble bwa ha ha Peep out Bay the bulldog gettin her spook on fairy status. LOL

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Used Cars?

Im sellin used cars these days and I just got my first shady guy suit, complete with a fake tie. HAHA

Thursday, November 4, 2010

NCC November 20th you clowns!

Been slackin way hard on the bloggage lately but chalk it up to dealing with a ton of work hours and trying to balance in riding/racing/events and just overall doin it major. ABA Grands is on the horizon so just 2-3 weeks away myself and Roybal along with some other randoms will set off across Interstate 40 headed East to try and get some glory on the biggest stage in the country as far as BMX goes. Roybal informed me that Ricky Castro was coming with us, to which I thought was crazy... If we do happen to find the one decent looking female in the whole state of Oklahoma how the hell are we going to scheme on her if we bring the luscious curls of hollister along for the ride? We are gonna get out gamed by a freakin 9 yr old and have to wait up for him to get home each night at the hotel. I know it! And to top it off we always give the first shower, bed choice, first dibs on the girl at the bar with all her own teeth, etc etc etc to the best finisher at the races. Well good job Roybal, this silly goose chooses a kid that is a shoe in for a podium on both bikes. So not only are we going to be beat at the track, but the fringe benefits are rapidly fading away too. Issues man I got serious issues here LOL. And not the kinda issues that a prescription cream will fix either... Lifes good. Nor Cal Classic is November 20th. Its already been a funny event and the day is still 2 weeks out. I have yet to dig a single shovel full of dirt for the jumps but I think im going to raffle off the dirt responsibility to someone the mornign of the event haha. Im still sure its going to rain out since all the nice weather we have been having. Just in case I got the bag of stunts going well though, did my yearly tailwhip this week across a baby hip at LCRSP this past week. :)

New Slogan- I work hard for my money so others don't have to. Haha

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Just cuz it aint your shit, doesn't mean it can't be good shit!

As you should already know I'm a diehard Oakland A's fan through and through. Lets get that straight right now. Something about the stadium being surrounded by the hood, and the cheap ticket prices and all around scrappy baseball that reflects the A's is something I prefer to the high class baller status Giants just across the water. But. I respect talent regardless of who has it and I tip my Oakland hat and root for the Giants as they have put together just enough in the last month of baseball to fight their way into the World Series. Shout out them for doing the bay proud and giving the city of SF something to be hyped about, and more importantly showing that even a broken clock is right sometimes :) haha. Seriosuly though Im on the wagon but Im a Oakland dude til the end of time. Not too much going on lately the rain is upon us and thats both good and bad so we shall see what transpires... Show this week with Al at a local school should be fun and inventory at the warehouse. Good times.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

San Jose Minetta- Las Vegas @ 9:25AM

09:25 AM T RR
Group B
Position 23

Thats right Sin City! Haha so I originally was going to head to Boulder City outside of LV for the West Coast Redline Cup Finals, but after realizing that my 20" membership was expired and I missed the qualifier race to have a shot at the title the racing aspect was going to cost a little over $200 and I couldn't win the #1 plate regardless of my finishes. So.... With that being said I can be found at the hard rock cheering on Nyquist as he does work on behalf of Nor*Cal at the Alli Sports Dew Tour Finals which is going to be pretty rad I would assume. Racing sometimes is just too damn expensive and you have to jump through hoops it seems, so the race bike is taking a weekend off and Im gonna go watch some ramp action for sure.

Hmmm what else is new...
Riding- Been ridin park at a little more higher level as of late, going fast ramping high and dialing in new and old tricks is always fun and Ive been blessed to be healthy and not hurt for a bit so thats good.

Livermore- Where do I even start? Haha the track has been crazy trying to deal with the people involved but its slowly working its way into a dialed program and Im just trying to endure the BS while I make moves and shuffle things around. The NBL sent me a $50 refund check this week so I definitely feel they are the best sanction on earth lol! Been soakin up info and have alot of great ideas and just trying to birth them but gettin no help from the city or the old guard so its frustrating but 2011 will be promising :)

Work- Been doin it! both jobs pretty often and saving alot of cash up and trying to get a car dialed in. My down payment is slowly getting to where it needs to be and Im trying to get it ASAP. Rough working so much but its all gravy.

Nor Cal Classic!- Is now in the works look for a November event with a canned food drive twist to raise some food for the local food banks if you know of a food bank that is good people feel free to get me in touch with them :)

Thats all for now folks!

Monday, October 11, 2010

NBL State

Actual text I woke up to at 6:50am...

Wake up, step outside and take a big deep breath. Thats the smell of the day you lose... Courtesy of Nate my boy whom I race and battle with on several different continents.

I reply with... Wow I really should get an Iphone because they have that cool dictionary app that could explain that word you used that Im just not too familiar with- "lose". What is that?

He scores the text war win with... Nick allow me to help you I have that app.
   /luz/ Show Spelled
[looz] Show IPA
verb, lost, los·ing.
–verb (used with object)

for example and used in a sentence- Nick Valencia will definitely be losing today. He has no chance because Nathan has more ponies than a wells fargo express atm machine.

Keeping in mind this jackass wakes me up at 6:50am with this nonsense. The day went well for me I went 2,1,1 in motos and then checked out in the main taking the win. It was shortlived though as NBL values motos a little too much and I didnt have the overall points for the state doowop title but it was a good weekend none the less. Dipped out to Orange Y BMX in southern cal with Roybal for some more BMX action and after paying $7.00 for practice which was a 45 minute practice I was a little farther from an evo but good session anyway. Gavin Lubbe cherrypicked the pro am win and took down $175 for a few hot laps. Good job buddy. Steve Grote was untouchable in 17-24 when the main rolled around, Niko had some legs for him on Saturday but taking too many laps definitely took a toll on him a stand up second though which aint bad at all. Pretty small turnout and some guys were MIA but all in all it was a good weekend and now time to hope nobody goes to OHIO and the presidents cups take is large :) Pics soon? Who knows. Dale Paris thanks for lettin me crash the 5th wheel over the weekend.

Friday, October 8, 2010


So I woke up this morning and had the feeling that i wanted to go and climb Mt. Everest. Yeah I know a little far fetched because I dont really climb much more than climbing out of bed for the most part. But Im all about doing new stuff that shouldn't be considered. Well that was until I ran across an info page... Apparently the permit to even attempt the climb is like $25k and to go with a group climb and a guide its about $65k total.

HAHA you guys enjoy your time climbing and Ill be in envy of you from sea level.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

SA Reppin!

Shout out all my boys in SA! I saw a post on mania that had a link to the SA grands galleries and wanted to show off a few pics I saw of my guys racing their Grands out their but the douche guy is trying to sell the pics for 30rand which is like $4 USD haha so I couldnt paste them to here and give my boys some fame, but never the less they looked good and glad to see everyone riding and havin a good time. Works been busy for me and a full month of racing and freestyle demos this next few weeks so things are on the good up and up for the most part. Trying to get locked into a car before I go to vegas in a few weekends, because leaving with a few grand and no bills to have to pay can definitely be a big problem and lead to some foolish spending while Im in sin city. Im not a huge gambler but Im sure with the right amount of money and dreams anyone can get carried away. Im paying my uncle back some cash that I borrowed a long time ago prolly tomorrow, Ive been paying him slowly a hundred here hundred there but figure I might as well drop $500 on him while I have it to burn anyway. I think I have paid him about $500 or so and maybe even a little more but whatever he is good peoples and always supportive of my shit so its all gravy. I figure if I get my credit score up to 700 with him I can take out a second loan LOL. To my boys in SA- Email me you goons! Live fast/ride faster and always take chances!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Quotes for days!

This quote is not PG-13 so kiddies stop readin but a goodie is a goodie....

"BMX isn't about who wins and who loses, but this feels pretty fuckin' good."

Chris Doyle after his NORA Cup win for dirt rider of the year. Doyle is a badass and you may never see him on the top of the X-Games podium and he doesn't do double whips, double back flips or anything circus stunt at all really but he has been a staple in BMX dirt for ages and I tip my cap to him. Congrats Doyle. Today I will send a turndown in honor of your supremacy!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

More Quotes...

Let me start off by givin props and big up's where they are due. True story you can check my phone for the realness. I texted Phil Castro to see if he was racin the pro-am this weekend and his exact reply was "you better bring a jet pack because im going fast right now" I laughed it off and was excited to hear he would be in town, we always have good races along with Stevey Grote and I love heckling and riding with those guys. Well.... This guy was so far from joking it was not even remotely funny. Phil is in fact going fast right now and killed me down the first straight all weekend long. He pocketed $145 for his efforts and has definitely kicked it into a new gear. It can only be good for the class though because he owns the deed on 19-27X as far as local talent goes right now and if someone thinks otherwise, the bar has been set and I dont know who is on deck but you better get to work. Props to you Phil, keep it up and rep that 559 Bruhh!

"I dont consider myself to be famous really because that's for other people to determine, but I will say that I know some "famous" people are well aware of me and the moves I make"... Such a good quote.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


We dont approach things like "we're good", we just approach things like we're gonna work and we're gonna work hard. And hard work pays off. If you work that hard your gonna get good and good turns to great and hopefully Im the definition of that. Lil Wayne

Monday, September 13, 2010

Squirrel Whisperer!

Dont get it twisted Bailey is my overall favorite pet for sure... I love my lil fat a$$ bulldog, but my newest pet is unique in his own right. His name is Walter and he is the local skatepark squirrel. He has ventured into my office a few times and finally we struck up a conversation and he actually has some of the same likes and dislikes as I do. After a few minutes and swapping contact info he asked me for a BBQ Lays chip and me being the nice guy I am, hooked that fool up. Blog world meet Walter.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Trip it.

Language is bad so kiddies turn off the sound :)

Home sweet home. As much as the drives typically suck their is always reasons to choose to pile in the car and do it again. This trip was a quick one as I flew in and only drove the way home. Hudson was hot off a 3rd in single a at the grands and was really juiced with his riding, but apparently the powers that cut the checks weren't so impressed. 3rd place at the Grands get's you $300 bucks? Sheesh rough crowd huh? I figured they used the rest of the funds to pay out Brit Dizzle for her 3rd in 16&over women's open wheel... Wait that class isnt paid anymore either? Sheesh. They pay 16-29men but the women get shafted? Odd? Whatever it is what it is and I had a good few laps at the 33rd running of the grands with both mains in the bank and then gettin on the box with two 2nd's. On the way home we did some math and come to find out had I skipped work and went to Fresno and Prunedale nationals and went into the grands with some points, my 2nd place finish would have been well enough to crown me as the national champion in 26-34X. I dont support the NBL points system because they count the moto scores which are irrelevant IMO but it would have been funny to see them work in my favor and crown me as the champ LOL. Hotpants and I stopped in Wyoming and met a great group of local riders and volunteers who treated us as family and even arranged an impromptu pro-am which helped us get home with the gas situation. 10miles to the gallon was not a joke at all. We almost ran out several times because a 1/4 tank meant you had roughly 35miles to get fuel or you were on gods grace. Wild. More trip stories to come...

Marquise Montgomery on his best day is only a fraction of my speed. Get worked son.

Monday, September 6, 2010

We out here!

And we drivin the most! 40+ hours and 21 bikes I think we counted? 4 on the rear 10 1/2 on top and 6 in the back of the escape. Loaded up as shit and headed the north way home on 80 because me and Alan Hudson dont have outstnding warrants across the states on that freeway. Very true. Check the pic and make sure to have a laugh at the situation :) F.T.C. Racing did well this weekend with Hudson getting a 3rd in Super X and taking home a whopping few hundred bucks, not even enough to cover his flight LOL. I made both mains and even snuck onto the box with a pair of deuces chalk me up for silver's at the 33rd running of the NBL Grands. Join The Nation! ha.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


"If you are not busy you might not be relevant" Ive been absolutely swamped with BMX stuff lately but I feel like Ive been hittin homeruns with everything. I took a Fresno city tour with my boy Ryan last week because Lake Cunningham is next on the list for revamped city parks and they were kinda stuck with no ideas but are under the gun because they have to get up to par. Seemed like an ideal time to show them the parks in Fresno and all the action sports stuff they have going. The tour went really well and I expect a few things to crossover from Fresno to SJ. Big things coming and it was perfect timing as I start to push the BMX stuff with my city... My summer jam event went perfectly with over 75 entrants and record totals across the board, highest number of entrants for a contest, register totals, and foot traffic :) That was a good thing for sure and showed my higher ups again that the stuff im pushing definitely has a following and is worth the dollars. Couple of staff meetings and 12 hr. days left and right were hectic but got alot accomplished and all is going smooth. Then had a sit down with the Livermore parks and rec squad and got the ball rolling with the program there that I am spearheading with Jason Silva. Expect a big time rebuild and to cap off the track with about 42 layers of soil-tac sealant, building is being proposed and green lit then its all about findin a cheap one to move on into :) I believe that infrastructure is key to a tracks success and I want to get that place out of the stoneage. Thats all coming soon hopefully... Then Tuesday evening I hosted the first stop on the Road Fools tour thanks to Marco @ Props Visual. We had about 25 riders in 2 gucci rigs stop by and wow the kiddies with all sorts of riding. Alot of the kids on the east side lets be real here will never have the chance to meet some of their favorite pro riders for whatever reasons. Im glad I could get them over there and the kids were crazy start struck and Im glad I could get that to happen for them. Riding was crazy as expected and I was excited to see some of the bangers that went down. Then it was home at about 10:30 after getting everything locked up and secured, a few guys were bummed cuz I cut it at 9:45 PM for actual riding, but when you have 100 people to clear out your best bet is to start early and it worked perfectly I hit the alarm at 10:12pm. Hit In-n-Out with the boys and then shook home to pack. Im at SJC where Ive blogged way too much in the past few years LOL Headed to Louisville for the NBL Grands. Run it bruh.

Monday, August 30, 2010



Haha check the pic of me workin the mic...
And they said the curl activator was played out. Pffffft~!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Yeah Buddy! End of Summer Jam Recap...

How many riders showed up? Hella. Event went down it was very good and kids were treated to good prizes just for signing up (grips, tees, DVD's) and then the top 3 or even top 5 in some classes got some extra swag. After all was said and done just about 70 people rode in different classes and the day went very well. I was way excited to see some wild stuff pulled. Mesta rail rode the entire big rail in the street course. wild. Pics soon and results to follow Im sure... So good!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Bob the builder my a$$ :)

I have been promoted from Rec Leader at SJ Parks to Captain Carpenter! Haha built this 8ft. wallride w/ 2 1/2ft. sub for the jam this weekend. Turned out pretty good even though a few of the guys are kinda spooked about it. Myself and Rob Payne worked a solid 8 hours or so gettin it all dialed in from scratch. I love building ramps and stuff because you get to shred them when its all done and I thoroughly like to build new stuff. Nate Wessel is a bit more dialed then me, but it was fun and proud of the finished product for sure. If you dont plan on coming out to the comp this Saturday then I expect you to be moving out of Nor*Cal by Sunday evening because Im sending out a hit squad come Monday morning. ALOT of kids are psyked and ready to shred for anything from Vans shoes to a $200 Zumiez gift card!?! Wild. Cash for pro's... and just all around long fun day. Enjoy a shot of a double pegger on my new pride and joy. Thanks goes out to Mr. Nyquist for lending me his garage to make it all happen.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Eye Burn...

Worked the BMX all nighter last night at LCRSP. Rode my bike from 6pm to about 5:45am with all the kids before I stumbled into the office and dozed off for about 35minutes to wake up to the worst eye burn of all time :( Not fun. Need to get my tail down to Roseville this morning but I dont see it happening so hopefully I can ghost ride somehow and get qualified for ROC... Sketchy. Thats all 12hr shift netted about $150 bucks so stackin that bread boi!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Dawg Inc. Presents...

Yet another one in a long line of shady events that Ive strung together that hopefully is better than the last one but only half as good as the next. I give you my friends- The End of Summer Jam! Haha believe me it took me twice as long to make the event happen than it did to come up with that oh so clever event name. Ha. What to expect? Prizes and some fun riding. Its at LCRSP so bring the soft pads and be ready to ramp some stuff both old and new. I got a good sub wall 8ft with a 3ft sub in front of it, being built sometime soon. That will sit on the deck of the only kinda mini we have at the facility. I kinda wanna see like a real good mini ramp jam go down and thats what Im aiming for. Ive seen some wild shit go down already in that bowl and hopefully this creates even more nutty stuff to go down. Shay Nyquist always has some original tech moves as does that weak brother of his so hopefully we can get one of them out, 30&Over vet class should attract the older and classic riding that we all like to see. If Vince can get his tampon out he might have a shot at the win Id think. Squid Squirrel has the air dialed but might lack the tech moves to take down the W, but we shall see! Im calling specialized mr. foley to surprise a few with a good all around style, and the darkhorse would be Marlo. He learns tricks as I take breaths so he could easily clean up the comp... Cash will be paid out to Pro class riders and swag from a slew of sponsors will be given out all day so Im hoping for a good sized turnout and some fun to be had by all. If I dont break 100 people showin up then it was all for nothing LOL.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Dave From SA- Not sure the exact day that I met Dave but he was definitely one of the first riders that I met who was super humble and just genuinely happy to be riding BMX and not too worried about other shit. He rides a mongoose that is way too old and dated for how good he is but thats kinda typical of alot of the rippers in SA. They just rock whatever they have and thats fine with them, we spoiled americans have to have the newest shit and keep up with the current fads and shit but it's a bit more simplistic to guys like Dave and Im glad I met him early in the trip and spent a good time riding and talkin shit with him. His worlds went pretty shitty though because he flipped his bars in the rhythm section on day 1 of practice and sure enough was ok enough to ride the next days practice but that proved to be a shitty event too. I didnt see it but I heard he was in the same spot got bucked in the rhythm and tossed over the bars. Somehow he smashed some teeth even though he rocks the fullface so he had to get those things straightened up and was dealt a nasty concussion so his first worlds appearance wasn't as planned Im sure but he made the most of it and besides scaring the shit out of me with that crash he was a rad dude and definitely enjoys riding which makes him good in my opinion. Keep up the riding buddy and dont get bummed because Tom Ritz builds the shittiest rhythm section anyway :) Lastly- HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAYN


Dustin Mulder- Awww my step son Dustin... Dustin was yet another rad kid who I think has a good future in BMX and a cool supportive mom behind him so if he stays on the up and up he can definitely get that tiny bit quicker and be at the competitive level that he wants to be. He was stressing the 17-24 class way too much but it made for some good times. He would constantly ask me over and over what guys were fast and who should he worry about and stuff LOL. I told him he would do fine and to just ride his race and enjoy the experience. I must have given him so much shit because he had the only cute girl in the country and he kicked her to the curb for some reason?!? Haha life of a player I guess- out with the old and in with the new maybe? His mom was too smart to take my invite to dinner which I made sure to ask 2-3 times and let Dustin know that she was more open to the idea everytime. He took the shit talk like a champ and dished it back and is yet another SA ripper kid who is dialed and a respectful little shit that I would love to host and show the states to. Congrats on your first worlds event dustin it only gets better and you will have banked memories that in 10years you'll look back on.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Feel good!

Raced Orange Cove this weekend and enjoyed myself even though my hand is all but broken, couldnt grip the bars with my hand but luckily drew a soft moto and didnt have to dice with anyone and ended up winnin both days. Orange Cove is one of the best local facilities that I know of and its crazy that the place doesnt do bigger events more often so if you live out there get something going and use your tools that are provided for you. That place kicks ass and should get more traffic for sure. Victor Lopez might be shady but he sure can get BMX stuff done hehe. Ironically I watched some BMX kids get kicked out of the skatepark there later in the day on Sunday and thought it was funny because earlier in the year before the birth of the OC Police Department myself and Roybal were at a city council meeting discussing the future of the BMX program and I spoke on that topic and also gave my 2 cents about the establishing a police force there, which I was heavily in favor of. Little did I know that speech vote whatever would come back to bite me in the ass as I saw some cops oust a few bmx riders :( Bummer.

Guess who the pictures are! Thats Daniel he is a kid who riders from SA that I didnt have the pleasure of meeting but I heard he was a good kid who rode the Giba local track a bit and loved him some BMX. I spoke about him to Robbyn who gave me the tip as she knows his moms hair dresser or something like that and well I thought it would be rad since he was so stoked on riding to give him one of my Team USA jerseys. I wrote him a note and said he can have it as long as I get pics of him enjoying it. True to the pics above the lil guy followed through and Im psyked to see him ramping and enjoying life. Simplistic things can have the best pleasures in life.

Friday, August 6, 2010

True Stuff.

A few people didnt believe me when I sad monkeys are just everywhere in SA. Here is 2 of them on Lloyds gate to his driveway at about 8am. So rad.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Home Sweet Home.

Hit SFO this morning after a 25hr flight back home and gotta say SA was one of the best trips of my life and definitely gonna find an excuse to head back sometime- Im going to start with all the footage I compiled so stay tuned the next few days for race interviews, shit talk, friends, and plenty more!

Friday, July 30, 2010

So Denmark Huh? :)

Haha class race went down today at Worlds and it went decent for me but as always with Worlds it only takes one lap to end your day and thats my story along with alot of other peoples Im sure. Day started out kinda shady the ground was moist and pretty much soaked from the night before, meaning the hill was soaked and people were sliding out left and right and UCI didnt think to postpone the start time till the haze burned off and got things dried up. Run it was the call and we did. I had a tough moto but knew I had an even tougher semi awaiting. First round a Check (sp?) Republic dude beat me to the turn and was every bit of 6'6" LOL I tucked in for the 2 and passed him down the second straight away and felt really good. It's like a worlds thing I guess that you stress and stress the whole time until you ramp a lap and it feels alot better when your running up front and for me luckily took down a moto win firs round. We had racks of 6 dudes so taking 4 to the semi another low score in the second round would have me chillin in the 3rd round. 2nd round I had an outside gate and got beat this time to the turn again but by a French guy and was pretty surprised because now 2 guys have beaten me to the turn and that lets me know my Semi is going to be even more than I previously thought... But whatever I tucked behind him again and passed him in the 3rd straight rhythm with this jump line I had dialed in. 2 motos and 2 wins I was lookin good across the board for the most part. 3rd round I had only 2 points going in so I knew I was making the semi regardless of the moto outcome. I planned on going first straight and then shutting down to save some legs for the semi. I went first straight holeshot it finally and just kept going before shutting down 3rd straightaway, I guess I was moving out fairly well because nobody passed me and I ended up acing the motos 1,1,1 and it was semi time. I watched the 1/8's and 1/4's for 17-24 and the USA riders were dropping out quick. A few of my boys Niko and Ian went out in the 1/8 and Carillo in the 1/4 but they rode well. I got all warmed up again and checked the semi and we had 6 legit guys lined up and were all in the middle of the gates from 2-6 with the W1 in lane 8 I think... I snapped out and as I got to my third crank just before the big drop, I was swallowed up like Jonah and the Whale :( Elbows over my bars I was like off the pace for sure... I wasnt in panic mode at all just started the strategy and watching the lap play out and choosing my spot right... Get to the first turn and watch everyone come high so I couldn't high-low but had a good spot to pedal high the whole turn. I started to do that and entered the turn in about 5th id guess. I get half way through the turn and HoJo comes crashing on through, he had lane 2 and knowing that guy he always tries to bump his way into position LOL He was all over the place and laid it down just in front of me, I swerved right and got around him but he basically made the wall between the front 4 and the rest of the pack, I recovered and started chasing down the guy in 4th who had about 4bikes on me and still thought I had a shot, keeping in mind I passed people all day down the straights. Not to be though the guy behind me in 5th didnt play it so smart and as we entered the 2nd turn he went ahead and parked me for 5th place LOL. 5th doesnt get us in the main you dummy, I ended up passing him back I think but it slowed us up so much that it was useless as the front 4 had all but checked out. Weak Sauce. Chislett ended up getting a 2nd in the main so his 2 in a row ended on his home soil which was bummer for him, Levi Collins from Australia took home the W1 plate and I got ummmmm a pat on the back? Cruiser bike is in 48hours so all my hopes and dreams are on the bike that Im way sketchy on haha. Should be fun though and Im excited to ramp some more.

The coke is flowing (not the powdery type) and Im eating everything in sight. Healthy eating and drinking didnt pay off for crap so Im back to the good stuff that my body runs nice and rich on LOL Rap music really loud and watching the Elite stuff tomorrow. Maris is my pick for the win and Marco AKA The Stay Strong TM took down the Masters win today which means he went back to back in a sense because he won 30&Over last year and Masters this year. I need to move to the UK cuz everyone rocks stay strong gear so hard its sick. :) Thats all for now leave a comment and tell me how cool I am and that the worlds is for jocks haha. Denmark here we come I guess :)

I got my magazines today with my little interview in them :) Robbyn hooked it up for me and I was pretty psyked cuz now Im truly "Locally Respected-Internationally Known"

Thats all for now...

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Calm before the storm!

Gettin to bed early tonight I checked the lineup for tomorrow and semi main should be stacked but qualifying should be nothing too crazy. Hopefully score up 2 low scores in the first rounds and rest the 3rd and get it on in the semi. 8 man semis taking 4 where Ill have myself the current W1 and some legit guys will get through as well. That lap is more stress than the main so just fast gates and ramp out status and all should go well. Update tomorrow will be really good or really bad HAHAHA


Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Practice Pic

http://vimeo.com/13617550 check that video for my interview linked from fatbmx.com If I dont have the most hits out of the 5interviews Im going to cry. big fat tears too. LOL

Practice Day 1...

Day 1 was ehhhhh....50/50? Haha I dont know if I've ever been a great practice champion but today I dont think I was on the podium for the practice comp LOL. I felt super slow first 3 pedals and was having a rough time over the first jump. Its a short/low jump that the distance isnt far at all but I was still scrubbing too hard and managing to case it. I always have that habit that when I hit a jump going full speed I typically case it because I fight the transition so hard. I think it's because when you ride park and trails the lips are always steep and if your going fast you can easily scrub away speed and still overshoot things. Took me a good 5 attempts to get over it clean enough to fire out the second jump which was a big floater much taller and about 6feet longer. I had no problems with that one at all and the jump into the turn is a huge step double thing which some dudes were firing out in practice the whole set but its a bit slower and a long gap for sure. I played it safe jumping into it and rolling the top section into the turn. The turns are huge and really dialed, but they have a weird thing right now because since the Elite track shares our first straight the challenge side basically has 20 feet of flat room under the turn that if someone wanted to they could easily dive bomb a few guys if not the whole moto... I think they might put up some barriers/cones or lines to make people actually use the turn but who knows... Anyway the second straight is pretty easy 5 foot table thats about 15feet long just tap manual it and ur good, then a quick double thats about 16feet Id guess? I jumped about 30feet a few times on it. I guess you dont realize how fast your going until you overshoot the landing by 15feet and laugh at yourself LOL. Next double is about 25feet just a floater then a roller and a short step up into the turn... Good ol Tom Ritz built yet another rhythm section that is more than likely SICK on a 125 dirt bike, but on a BMX bike it felt pretty shitty. I saw a few guys take this jump line through that looks like it worked and helps you avoid the rollers that start at 2 feet and eventually build to 4 or 5 feet tall mid rhythm. This step up step down section will more than likely be the death of many, and it's exactly what had me watching the main last year after Tim Sonner couldnt navigate through it clean. Hopefully my short ass can manage to find the hot line through there or even just hold on enough to get to the last turn. The last straight is trash, just some crazy steep step with a very close steep roller directly behind it or something. Watching people go over it is comical and Im sure itll ruin some dreams in the next 72hours. Gettin back to the first straight, as of late my gates have been super dialed just timed perfectly and first few cranks on point. Not the case today by any means :( I felt late out of the gate and the supercross hill if your late youll know it right away because everyone has a first straight thanks to gravity. Im not trying to sound like a whiny lil beezy but it does suck that some guys with zilch in the power department are bangin bars with you when you know your a bit stronger than them. Its odd but whatever its worlds and thats what makes it special. Team USA had some notables with Padilla, Khoeler, and Bynloss all lookin way fast in practice. In my class Frank "The Tank" Hoskins was on the gas and looking damn good even up for the win if I had to pick a rider after seeing everyone today. I watched the SA practice because all my boys were ramping and David was on point as well as Dustin. The pride of SA Mr Chislett was going quick and will definitely not be giving up a W1 plate without a fight. Go od to see all the USA boys and had fun talkin shit with everyone :) Pics soon...

Sunday, July 25, 2010

FATBMX.COM Interview


Check that Link for a quick interview that I did with Lloyd. Its a 6 part series I think with a few different people and their stories in SA and lil info. If I dont have the most views out of the 6 it was all an epic failure LOL

Haha only in SA, thats a cow wandered onto the freeway onramp and a effin Giraffe at the game reserve I went to this mornin. Sick!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

They had the turtles from Mario Bros. at this croc farm yesterday so I had to show ya one :) It would be hilarious to paint them all red or green and then they would be just like the ninendo game LOL You couldnt do it in California some anima rights activist would go nuts. Anyway check it you could pick them up and evrything :) Crocodiles are the laziest effin animals on the planet...

USA Invasion. Well kinda...

Coach Bradford showed up today at the Queensburg track today and we chatted a bit while Bubba Gonzalez showed me that this is the year where things align and he gets the W1 he has been searching for :) Couple of USA guys showed up, Ian and Gavin Lubbe who is SA/USA split LOL came out and ramped with us at the local track and were all gonna hit Giba tomorrow. Ive been chillin a bit my legs felt really flat after doing way too many gates and first straights with the HP guys here and Giba by myself so I was chillin today and light ridin tomorrow. I pretty much gave away my white VANS LOL. This kid Bob, Jordi's younger brother is like crazy in love with em and I told him if he wins the worlds or I podium class Ill give em to him. Then I told this other kid Dustin who is in 17-24 that if he even makes the main they are his. Haha I might be shoeless when this trip is all over :) LOL Fuck it. Rhino tomorrow morning at 7am pretty psyked.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

you cant tell but that jump is 33steps long. legit.

triple step up on a rad local track called Giba

internet 2 days in a row? what?

Days 7

Headed over to Giba track again this morning for a quick session to basically take back this little "kiwi's" sandles that he left yesterday at the track. Te kid rips he is the W1 in 7 Boys and just hilarious how they just ramp around careless about anything haha. They were just trampling through this huge puddle yesterday with clothes on basically just playin in the mud like it was no big deal. Like 6 of the kids total and the 4 year old lookin kid had legit dreads Im sooo not kidding. HAHA Spoke with the dad a bit and super nice guy and cool to meet other people as always. Thats whats rad about the worlds is just all the different people you meet and within 15minutes your like family with cuz thats just how BMX works. Granted sometimes it seems jock douchebags have overwhelmed the sport but for the most part I think all the guys are genuine and pretty rad. Hung with Chris, Bob, and Marco at Giba and rode the first straight a little bit it was good times and had a good session. I stepped off that jump into the first turn and it was 33steps from lip to landing. Headed over to grab food with the guys after we were done ridin and they insisted that the KFC here is better than what I have in the states. I called their bluff and was definitely the clear winner. They didnt even have the biscuits that our KFC has. LOL how would your KFC be better without even a chance to beat out the biscuit? Pffffft silly kids have no idea :) We're going to Queensburg to ride tonight which is the track with the super slow gate but good track and definitely they get a bigger draw then Giba, should be fun and have a chance at gettin some straights with Chisslett who basically is the icon there LOL. All the guys I chill with here they basically dont like the politics that come with the "high performance" crew that Chisslett coahes and trains and their is some separation for sure, and quite a few have expressed that I am the chosen one to dethrone him in a sense. I told them Id like nothing more to be the guy to take the W1, but I do respect his talent and he will be a factor and has to be a favorite of sorts. Im sure tonight will be testosterone filled and nobody holding back but Ill leave a little bit in the tank and play it cool. Ive already seen some people go down trying to win the Worlds 2 weeks before the actual race lol. All in all good times though and Im excited to meet with the guys for the evening session there. Did I mention they sell beer in the snack bar there? Yeah no joke and Chris' mom does the finances for the track and she expressed that the sales form that stuff definitely keep the track afloat. I dont ever expect the tracks in the states to go that route but pretty cool that they make it work to their advantage here and dont seem to have a problem. Thats all for now!

Evening session at Queensburg just wrapped up:) I was asked to fill gates with the SA HP team which I gladly accepted beause I knew it would give me the chance to get between Kane Herbert and Jordi O'Keefe all night which I did. I have the best gate out of the group because they are all doing different things every time it seems, so it was quite fun actually. Jordi catches up by second pedal and starts pulling away but myself and Kane get rad all the way down the first straight until he eventually pulls me as well. It was a good time, coach Chislett haha had us do 10 first straights 100% intensity and all of them with about a minute rest inbetween. It was a good pace and I might try and keep something a little more structured like that in the future. The bad part was that I noticed badly that my top speed spin could definitely use some work. I dont know that a week before Worlds is going to fix it but I will definitely start doing some rolling sprints and work on my spin at high speed because thats where Jordi walks away from me and Kane as well. Good times though and nice learning what I need to work on.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Days 3,4,5 maybe? Ha. Just woke up and figured I gotta keep the text updates going since the flip cam stuff works but the upload speeds here are no match for the million gig videos :( Anyway yesterday was way rad mysefl Lloyd and a guy named Ross met up at about 11am to hit the local track and then a beach ride which sounded fun so I was psyked. We got down to the Queensburg local track and it was a pretty cool little spot. After playing 20 questions with every single rider in the place since I was the newb, I got to do some riding which was long overdue since I ride just about daily when Im home and this is by far except for an injury the longest Ive gone without a session. Track was fairly dialed with some paved turns and a good sized starting hill. First jump was long and low and impossible to manual so it was fun to get the place dialed like piece by piece. Second straight had a short small 2 jump pro section that was pretty cool but nobody was messin with it so I left it alone as well. Laid down some first straights and worked on my gate as usual and then decided to cheer on Lloyd and flipcam his laps. Little did I know when Lloyd mentioned that my arch enemy Johnnathan Chisslett would be there that he literally had brought me to "The House Of Chisslett" LOL Johnatthan shows u and recognizes me pretty quickly and makes it over to me as Im having a cool down Sprite of course and we play 20 questions and get caught up and talk about worlds and stuff. Long story short, JC is like the High Performance coach there and has a stable of 16-20yr old rippers that he trains, and O'keefe and Kane Herbert are there to keep it Elite level. They run like an elite open type race at every local race and they draw 2 racks of 8 dudes which none are slouches in any regard. It was nuts you would think the world titles were on the line that day because these guys were going at it in the turns and it was just in the scheme of good training. They got a dialed program there and the podium went- O'keefe, Herbert, and Chisslett respectably. Lloyd was gettin busy and hi gate start reminds me of my old one haha. He has no hip thrust but can pedal his ass off, so were going to work on his gates at the next track we hit. It was a fun session and Chisslett wont be showing up for the 3peat without a fight. Did notice that his gate is lacking big time, o dont line his ass up next to me haha first pedal cutoff you got it! LOL

Then we tripped out to the Durban Beachfront for a beachride and to check out the festivities for Nelson Mandela's B-day. Some of the craziest sand art I'd ever seen and a million people just out and about enjoying a nice day. Kinda like a Santa Cruz setup but much bigger and a concrete sk8park like dead center of everything. Park was kinda weird but prolly fun once you figure out all the lines. I scored yet another burger and it's hilarious because when I order here I simply ask for the american sized portions of everything. They gave me some cute like 8oz. drink and I joked about "what about the next swallow" Lloyd saw me knock off a 2liter yesterday and thinks my stomach is going to explode hehe Robbyn, Lloyds mom said were going into detox water mode starting next week so that should be fun as well. Ross had a good time although he was kinda quiet but it was chill. Then we headed out to another beachtown to grab some dinner at a friends restaurant that was pretty dialed. Small place that gets really busy when the tourist times are here but last night it was chill, food was dialed and fast and I filled up. Lloyd made the mistake of asking about how a few people were doing from blog posts and stuff, things went well until he brought up Judas Lilly. I gave him the whole story and he was I think more pissed than me because he aint down for a shady fucker anymore than I am lol. We toasted to real people and good friendships and shook out that spot. Oh SNAP! I forgot when we got home Lloyd told me he had a lil picture for me. I was psyked he told me he did this art gallery thing awhile back and used a picture of me. He said it didnt sell... WTF haha. I was pretty bummed nobody would buy and 8x10 of me ripping in my prime, but I was psyked cuz he gave it to me. Its a black and white print of this flair from Woodward West, dialed! So bringing that thing home for sure. Im going to upload some .jpg stuff off the flip so at least still pics will work for now. Got the worlds info and 20 guys in class and 16 in cruiser... Small but definitely not any slackers...

Day 6? Pretty chill day for the most part we met up with Brett again? The same dude that owns that restaurant we went to and hit the mall. We were gonna have a really gay movie date with 3 dudes, but opted to hit some like karts and golf type place at the mall instead. The place was super shady and took more of our tokens than anything. Hella old shady arcade setup that was fuckin hilarious. The go karts were sketchy but the guys didnt give a shit so we crashed em up pretty good haha. Grabbed some food court specialty lunch and just chilled out for a bit. Ive been searchin for a South Africa fitted cap but yet to have any luck, but Im sure Ill find one before I get back to the states. Full day of riding tomorrow should be fun I guess some guy has a pro gate setup so should be good to help Lloyd get the snap he needs to be in the thick of things. He got some new contacts today and I was psyked for him because he was seriously way happy about being able to see shit more clearly. I told him that sometimes the simplest shit can be the best and was glad he got that shit all squared away. Fucker has 20/20 vision now haha. Met a girl named "happiness" today no shit. Robbyn has her come and clean up their house like 2x a week and she was pretty nice. She didnt know I was from the states til after we left for the day but Robbyn warned me that she would have a ton of questions for me the next time I see her. hehe. Watched some movie called "the box" tonight and it was pretty weird but good I guess. almost as funny as when Lloyd yells across the movie place " Nick have you seen the box" and I yell right back " Lloyd in 26 years of life Ive seen plenty of box" HAHAHA he starts dieing on the spot and I just keep the punchlines going. " Ive never filmed the box lloyd but if they have it on dvd I think its a fairly good choice cuz I never came across box I wasnt a fan of" Haha about 15 people in the store and myself Lloyd and the clerk on duty were just in tears about the shit I was firing off. They legitly had some red sofa and I finished the next 15punchlines while sitting down holding my stomach. I even got some Black Licorice for Al Cimino. I personally think that shit tastes like crap but he is into it and wanted some SA styled kind so I lucked out and they had it at the dvd spot. After seemin like a weird tourist and askin where it came from I deemed it legit and made the purchase. It was 5 Rand so basically 85cents or so. Its weird cuz 7.45 rand is 1 US Dollar so I always have to do math before I buy anything. I got 500rand the first day I got here and I still have like 300 and that 500 rand was only $76USD. So I guess Im being typical Nick frugal, but it feels funny paying 150rand for dinner Im like wtf this shits alot then I do the math and its like 10bucks ha. Anyway finally got my sleep cycle fixed and can sleep and wake up about the right time. Word to the wise for you guys coming late, I doubt any of you even read my blog- but if you do apparently drinking tons of water somehow makes your body adjust to time changes better? Try it what u got to lose? OK Jay Z playin on the itunes and my ass is off to sleep. Yeeeeeeeeee

Another local track... Rode tonight at this crazy MTB Park that has a BMX track as well and had a great time. They have dialed pro gate setup and all the hot shot guys were out gettin gates like Sunday. I was getting down the first straight quick and felt good and took a few laps with o'keefe and was pretty happy to be at his back wheel into the turn. Met another ripper local kid that was jumping into the first turn there which is this like triple step up thats about 35feet long... I was very tempted to hit it because I was beating him to the first turn every lap and he was airing it out behind me. But risk vs. reward so I left it alone hehe. This other douchebag guy that Lloyd doesn't like was gettin gates with me tonight and I was noticing how annoyed he was that I was gettin the best of our matchups and in a hot lap with o'keefe he tried to divebomb the both of us in the paved 1st turn and laid it down and annihilated himself in the process. Silly goon worlds is like 10 days away calm ur ass down. Did an interview with Lloyd today for fatbmx.com and did another interview with Robbyn last night for her local magazine, so I should be famous soon. LOL good times- dinnertime finally!

Saturday, July 17, 2010


This place is NUTS!!!! Haha I guess i can start off with Dubai, which must be Arab for "Vegas". Seriously its like if you dropped Vegas in the middle of the desert. I got there and caught a taxi to the city which ran me 50 Dinar, approx $15 and had the time of my life. That building was random and pretty sick. You take an elevator up and your ears start popping like crazy from how fast your going up in elevation. The terrace is literally that, a straight freakin terrace where you can see through the slats underneath you. WILD. They had an aquarium inside that mall that put even Monterey Bay Aquarium to shame. A full sized ice rink was also there and just everything you can think up was at your fingertips. Landed in Durban and Tom Ritz ran up to me in the baggage claim and we talked it up. He has alot of stuff up his sleeve that should be announced soon, or at the NBL Grands... Oops guess i just started revealing his plans. Haha it all sounded good which is the story of the NBL, but I trust Tom and hopefully things go well for him he is doing alot of stuff as far as BMX track stuff and the guy is rad. His passport killed mine :( He invited me to come work on the track with him but I told him if he did that Id spend the whole time filling in dirt in the rhythm section because he is a steep and deep guy and I like my shit low and shallow :) LOL Lloyd already took me on a mini safari and we saw some wildabeast (sp?) Zebra and some Impala lookin things. No not 1964 West Coast Impalas these were like 2010 Lion King type Impalas, so relax snoop dogg... Been filming alot of little clips and trying to capture them quick enough to upload LOL. More news to come and we just saw monkey like 50 of them about 35 feet from Lloyds house. Random. Well I guess not random cuz thats how they roll LOL.

Trying to upload a video for the 3rd time and if that shit fails then at least the text came through LOL

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Lets do it big!

e-Boarding Pass

Passenger Details
Booking Reference FFLEDJ Frequent Flyer/Ripper
Flight Details
Flight Date/Time From To Class 25-29
EK 226 14 JUL 10
International Terminal DUBAI
Terminal 3 ECONOMY
Gate Boarding time Seat Zone Seq No.
1545 32K F 0289

At the Airport
Have 2 bikes to check-in? Please deposit your bags at the Online Check-in Counter, Check-in Row 6, International Terminal, no later than 90 minutes before departure. Please leave room in bags for 2 W1 plates...

Please arrive at the boarding gate no later than 35 minutes before departure.Make sure to be swagged out and ready to ramp shit in another country and enjoy yourself while away from the bay. Passengers who arrive late may not be accepted for travel and their baggage may be offloaded.
Dangerous Goods
Your baggage must not contain the following:
Flammable Liquids Oxidising Materials Gases Explosives
Corrosives Radioactive Materials Poisonous Substances Or Sauce...
Copy Right 2010 Emirates. All rights reserved.

Monday, July 12, 2010


Gotta always stay givin props to my Factory Team. Were a small tight knit type of family like team and we hold each other down. real hood like. Featured pic today is Alan Hudson gettin it at the Nashvilles NBL event this past weekend. Chalk him up for 2 3rds and some cash! Congrats boy!
Also www.bmxmania.com where I lifted that photo from has a cool mpora embedded video with some Stephen Murray info thats pretty sick. Check it and as always Stay Strong For Life...

Thursday, July 8, 2010

I aint political...

Yeah Im not the most political guy and dont express too much, but when you as a public service worker kill someone who is unarmed... 2-4 years is pretty light of a sentence. Just sayin...

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Rodney Got Skillz...

About 18months ago Rodney said he was tired of seein my 99cent rattle canned white d2 and asked if he could paint my shit up real nice. I told him I wasnt too into the idea because I never take care of my helmets and didnt want it to get all messed up and feel bad. He won the argument and recently showed me a few shots of the progress. Shit is fresh to say the least and should tie in real good with the Worlds gear... Hit Rodney up if you need the paint hook, his shit is legit.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Get High!

That picture is the Burj Khalifa building which is the tallest building in the world. Its located In Dubai which Im fortunate enough to have a night long layover on my way to Worlds :) I wasnt going to even leave the hotel or anything while in Dubai but I figure I can risk gettin kidnapped for a chance to go up to the top of a engineering modern miracle... Shit is gonna be sick. $27.25 in US Dollars which is basically what you pay to park your car at a shitty SF Giants baseball game so sign me up!

Friday, July 2, 2010


Just under 2 weeks til I depart to South Africa :)

Trip is shaping up to be good check the below reply from Lloyd when I told him I have to find a game reserve so I can touch some wild animals and a rhino.

Sadly most rhino are extinct but there are some hefty ladies we can take down hahaha

Arranged for us to go see some zebra and wildebeest. Kinda like happy hour in

California. LOL


Did I mention how funny this trip is shaping up and Its still 2 weeks away. LOL

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Flip Vid Test!

Rode Livermore with the kids today. check it.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Nag Chasin

Nag scores just got updated and I made some progress on both bikes. Nag 13 on my class bike and Nag 11 on my 24" whip. Hoping to go top 5 on cruiser and crack the top ten on my 20"... Lookin good so far!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Yo Yo Mic Check 1, 2, Mic Check! Southwest Airline AKA The 32,000 feet cruising altitude Greyhound of the sky is having a nasty sale right now $39 to and from Vegas is just the beginning so anyone looking to chase the gold cup book it by Thursday! Dont sleep.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Karma 101

Im far from the best person on earth but I hope to think Im far from the worst too :) Myself and Al brought the Jump2Jump show down to Fresno on Thursday morning and had a blast entertaining 500-600 little groms in a summer daycare program. Ive done a few school shows in my time but I think this was more than likely the biggest one I have ever done. It was cool because we did both race stuff and freestyle stuff. Pics below and my Karma bank is now FULL, it's all about showing BMX to new minds that have never expeienced it. With 500-600 kids if only 10% ever come back to try it then thats 50-60 new riders somewhere!!! Thats good numbers mayn! Click on the above pictures and have fun trying to locate Myself and Ryan Garcia

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Roybal is on Speed...... The legal kind :)

Haha Al apparently is taking this ABA push to the next level. He has officially sold his rid his soul of rock and roll and is hanging up the 125R Standard Whip and opting for the newest option out of the VSI Camp courtesy of Pete D. Check below for his new "Speed" buildup and he just got fresh new wheels a few weeks ago so his rig should sittin pretty for awhile. I told him to keep an eye on that fork because I want the lightest version someday and I wont hesitate to take his in a heartbeat. LOL Congrats on the build buddy. Also I have gotten a few pics from the East Coast National and will be posting slowly. Below is my day 1 Semi shot down the second straight. In that pic are myself leading Seth Utz in 2nd and Tony Favata in 3rd. Favata would somehow get the Win that day I would settle for a 3rd and Utz would consistently run 2nd all day. Not bad at all huh? I had the best lap one lap too soon! hehe. Pete D I know your a follower of the blog I just need the superlight fork in all white and a fresh set of tires, lets drop Danny C's photo contingency and make some room in the budget for your boy! Haha Good times!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

1st Cruiser/3rd Class!

Gave myself a good start to a NAG run on my 24" bike. Felt really good all day on it even though I feel a little easy on the gearing but it was enough to lock down the win in the qualifier and then much of the same in the main. Good times 240 points towards my NAG start. Class was where things were surprising. I had a shit first lap and tangled up with a kid in the first turn, so decided to teach him a lesson in turn 2. We met at the apex and I was on the inside :) If your gonna blast me dont ever leave yourself vulnerbale in the next turn silly boy. Won second round with a good lap, and then had lane 3 in the semi with a few heavy hitters. I got out and put some good pedals down the first straight and sure enough myself and Seth Utz got to the turn 1st and 2nd pretty much tied, this foolish guy tries to keep me low and force the issue... Numb nuts. I went ahead and help him off and in the process took him into the turn on my outside. He ended up gettin the brunt of 5 guys coming in hot and I checked out for the semi main win and turned a few heads :) I checked the main event gates and sure enough I lucked out and drew lane 1. The inside here can be a help and I was psyked to have a shot at the win with a good first straight. Gate dropped in the main I kinda had a stalled 2nd pedal, I personally like the feel of the old 3crank low wheelie and feel it transitions you into pedaling efficient. Not this time My front wheel tagged the concrete early but I just kept motoring and felt good over the first jump. Apparently Tony Favata got the gate and first few cranks of his life because I was barely at his back wheel? Haha this is where lane 1 saved me I was admittedly off the back into the turn probably 4th or so. Drop the head lean left and hope for the best. Bikes and bodies everywhere and I was rolling along off my pedals but looking good coming out 4th in the carnage. Got on the gas and realized the kid in 3rd was a squid and a good rhythm section reeled him in like_______________________________________________(insert your own funny line there) HAHA blasted him in the last turn to take over 3rd place and secure my sot on the podium. All in all not a bad day. Lil G-rat that I came with nailed down the 9X win so he is on cloud 9 for sure. Rain tomorrow?1?

Friday, June 11, 2010

Congrats In Order!!!

Adi and Teresa are both new Grads this week! Adi walked tonight and Teresa got her stuff done thursday. Im always proud of seeing people accomplish such big long term goals and hope god blesses them with the ability and hustle to make the degrees and stuff turn into solid careers :) Adi is locked and loaded for a teaching gig and Im sure Terri has a plan in place. Good job ladies I salute you.

As for me Im in North Carolina, practice went well and the weekend is lookin good :) updates soon!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Happy 26th Lets Dip!

June 9th Woot Woot! Pretty relaxed 26th Bday just chilled with Adi and my aunt and uncle hit some dinner with the crew and laid low. Havent updated since last week which means the 6th place finish at Roseville is news? Haha pretty weak and then slid out in the semi main on Sunday but was off the back trying to rail the last turn and pick up a spot. No dice slid out and got a little banged up but its all good. Headed to Raleigh North Carolina today in just a few minutes actually. Starting the cruiser bid as Im now in 26-30 age group. Heavy hitters are Brandon Pannucio and Bebout in that class... Brandon took down 2 big wins in Roseville showing that Study is in fact beatable so cruiser should be tough at grands and class will be nothing nice either. Still havent booked my flight for South Africa but I do plan on doing that ASAP. Gotta get the finances in order then pull the trigger. No pictures to update with which is kinda weak but maybe from this weekends racing who knows. Airports all day today and then the weekend warrior race scene. Run it bruhhhhhhhhh.