Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Just lean back bruhhh.

Been riding trails alot lately and gettin comfy rockin the dirt jumps for sure. Threw down a few 360's on a set in the main line at Post Office in Aptos and been itching to flip it. Didnt think it would be very hard and it went fairly smooth the first go round and then did it again and finished the line with a table and turndown for good measure. Now just have to work on sprinkling in some more steeze on the setup jumps before it and walaaaa. Headed to NBL Grands this weekend in Louisville and dont think the dirt skills will help there, but Ill be trying to get my go fast on haha. Need to bang out a letter to good ol Chuck Reed and help the save LCRSP cause, even though Im not working there I still gotta keep that place open for good measure. Greg Watts jump coming soon so if anyone has a spiffy photo guy send em my way.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Mr. Nyquist Requests Your Presence...

Yep its that time of year when the ramps get dusted off and rolled out to the track @ PAL Stadium. The 3rd installment of WOW is upon us and the buzz is building. Bring a friend out and watch the shred session. Contest never lets me down and I get just as stoked watching Josh Stead go way high as watching kids huck themselves and do every trick in the bag. Good times and Im skipping a trail session to be there so you should too. Pass the flier along and lets do this!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Fired? Ha.

Pic has nothin to do with blog post but visit the grand canyon if you are ever close. well worth it.

So I wasnt even gonna mention this because it was too long of a story but a few people were like how didnt you blog that? So here it is and this is a condensed version because I am taking the high road and not fussing back and forth about it. I trust I always win and even when it appears Im losing Im still winnin. Ya know? So I had BMX camp and killed it with 19 kids. 19 kids and 2 instructors when only 1 of the 2 is actually a BMX rider is a staffing issue. When a boss calls in 3 out of 5 days and then criticizes my staffing decisions and attempts to make my camp work at a 19:1 camper to instructor ratio. He is going to hear it from me. Which he did several times. I spoke with a few different people and wasnt getting enough support so I let it be known I was very unhappy about the situation and how it was handled. I still made camp a great week and pissed off a boss in the process, but a boss is getting a paycheck and a customer is paying for a service, so hate it or love it I am going to side with the customer 9 times outta 10. He didnt like what I had to say and it wasn't meant for him to like. Then I get a call a few days later from a co-worker who needs help mind you this is my day off, and I help her with her problem over the phone. Boss chimes into the phone conversation because he has now shown up, mid day of course... And asks who the co-worker is talking to on the phone, I say "tell that fag to do some work for once" I laugh it off and get back to my real job. Then I get a voicemail about how me using the term fag is a hate crime of sorts and said boss is going up the city ladder shopping for my ousting lol. Cant handle the heat huh? I apologize for my terminology used because that was out of line, but I chuckle at the fact that a week earlier when I was sending out emails and phone calls for assistance with 19 paying campers and how to serve them better I got no response, but this matter can be dealt with so swiftly. Ha. Im "unassigned" now which is a nice quiet way of being fired but lets be real if you live this shit you aint never off the clock. Trails tomorrow where Ill roost some doubles and should be able to go a lil bit higher since I wont have all that city money lining my pockets haha.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Trails and More Trails!!!

Gotta love being so sore after an all day session you can hardly walk. Went out to SS and Post Office with Kevin and Kumar yesterday and shredded with those guys. Kevin was just gettin his feet wet ridin dirt but he got through a few jumps and his style will improve and get better if he sticks wit it. Endo had to redeem himself after being a huge vagina the first time we rode a few weeks ago. He got through the main line at the office and was sketchin all over the place but I definitely think he got it 3 times in a row once or twice so Ill call it dialed... Not dialed but dialed enough LOL. I was psyked to get through pretty comfortably after a zillion runs and eyed up a 360 on the 4th set, Id seen Nyquist fire it out at will so I knew it was definitely possible. After staring it down I fired it out and finished the line easily. Stoked cuz that puppy is a good sized mid rhythm jump. Got taken out on a 360-hip turndown later in the evening but fun was had by all. Took Endo and Kevin to the Greg Watts gap, and they didnt think it was too possible either. But that being considered, im doing it soon. Each time I go there I see it more and more as a doable gap. Pics dont do it justice at all and you have to see it to appreciate it, but I could only get 1 to load and here it is, if the other one ever loads Ill post it too. Boom!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

BMX Camp #3!!!

Burner days out at LCRSP this week. Early mornings and late nights and a steady diet of gatorade and donuts with cheez its sprinkled in to balance everything. 19 kids took the plunge and enrolled in the biggest BMX camp to date and Im admittedly happily overwhelmed. I Usually work with 5-10 kids and have a curriculum that is fool proof but these guys have beaten me at my game and we arent learning as much as usual, but the kids are having a blast and enjoying the last few weeks before school starts again. RC Ricky Castro even graced us with his presence and taught the step up gap who is boss, then he did it backwards for good measure. Props buddy. Next year Im doing camps very similar and Im very excited to see the turnout and see whats possible with a lil bit of marketing. Good times. Lake session on Friday and pizza with the kids and enjoy just a brief cam phone pic of our water balloon toss game which netted a few of the lucky winners some DVD's courtesy of Props Visual Ltd. Sunburnt and happy about it. Even did a whip up the step up today haha go figure.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Blog Overload

I hope people are checkin back often cuz we are blogging at a pace that is not to be fooled with. Jonas has a good set of pics he just dropped on the interwebs that I totally endorse and you should jump over via this addy..


A few leaked pics of myself he was so kind to relay, because he knows I gotta get that photo contingency LOL I swiped a few of my personal favorites but definitely head over and check the whole set out, you will not be bummed and Jonas thanks for posting em!

Nathan Mellone...

Some comments dont deserve to never be seen and this one definitely fits into that category. Nathan Mellone must be the wise guy behind it but I give him all due credit. I rarely laugh hysterically out loud while reading something but this one has me all smiles. Nate if you ever translate comedy into speed you will be a force to reckon with. Until then, thanks for clearing out turns for me. Ladies and gents enjoy Nates open letter to me concerning my perforrmance at the worlds. Classic.

Dear Nick,

Against my better judgement I am going to give you the secret to success. Everyone knows that you're a no good trophy chasing sleeper. Weekend after weekend you slum it in the back of the pack barely skating by so you can blow your wad on the last lap in an effort to get a "big trophy". Newsflash!!! You're no longer 5 and those fuckers just collect dust. Come to think of it you probably keep them nice and shiny because you're so proud of them. You are the only person I know with 500 wins and you're still sitting national #50. That is pretty talented if you think about it. You might want to pick up hooked on phonics math and figue out where all those missing numbers are that will put you in the top 10.

Getting to my point... The key is train like you race. When you go to a world championship race chances are you are going to have to actually try every moto. I know its a hard concept to swallow but trust me its a fact. When you only "go hard" one moto after everyone else has been busting their ass all day and get your win you are shooting yourself in the foot. Moto 2 at the worlds and when you cross the line youve just busted your nut. Sitting there in the pits with shaking hands trying to sauce up with crystal light hoping that you have enough in you still to make it out of rounds and maybe further is no way to live.

Now im not saying that you need to go 150 percent moto one but its called pacing yourself. As the rounds go further and get faster you pick up the pace too.

What did we learn today? You're a lazy trophy chasing bum who tries to sneak his way to the next round but the "who actually put in effort police" always catch you.

Do work...

Enjoy Nates Last Stand.. http://bmx-videos.com/raceflv.php?show_cat=273#

Wednesday, August 3, 2011


R.I.P. Aaron Day's Trails from Marcus O'Brien | POWSBMX.COM on Vimeo.

Really bummer news here. I met Aaronprolly about 5 years ago? Longer than that even, rad dude who has always been putting in shovel time in his area. Really bummed to see his spot get plowed and its nature of the beast and you always have it in the back of your head but it sucks to actually see it happen. Hats off to you guys on your digging skills and best of luck finding the next spot and starting the new gem. Nick

Monday, August 1, 2011

"Whole Click Wasted"

Thats a very good song in my opinion, but some would not agree. It is definitely a fair way to group our festivities last night as well. We hit the cafe after it closed and planned on going downtown, Elum (sp?) was down for a shot prior to heading downtown which turned into me figuring out that 200dkk for the whole bottle was our best route to go. So myself, Brian, her and Nate second straight Mellone put that bottle to waste in about 20 minutes. I had 4 shots and knew it was going to be a long night haha. We tried to get our heads wrapped around a plan and we ended up suckering in Mandy to help us, we never ended up leaving and just got a slew of bottles and lit some candles blasted some music and Club Awada was poppin LOL. Good fuckin times with all my friends and overall a great way to wrap up the trip. Shout out Mandy, she is getting her own dedicated blog for how rad she is just as soon as I get some pics of her. Super chill and really hooked us up all week and kept our tummy's full and showed us the southern hospitality for sure. She is actually headed back to the ATL this week and Im 95% sure I will cross paths with her again. Great person and the whole Awada staff really for putting up with us and being genuinely good peeps. They deserve a few quiet days at the cafe for sure after a hectic week. I stopped counting at like my 10th shot and had 4-5 red bull thangs, and some NASTY dark shots that Mandy was surely sourcing from the depths of hell, aka that murky water next to the cafe LOL. Anyway Scott Moreland puked before I did so Im not a wuss and he didnt claim his LOL. When we got all cleaned up and started walkin back up the street to the hotel I was like oh yeah here we go! Puked out front and started slamming waters and it worked out perfectly. Woke up at 5am to finish packing and puked again for good measure and was still very buzzed. I cant function properly when I dont feel 100% so thats why I rarely drink but I got it together enough to get down to the bus for the shuttle to cph airport. Hit this flight into Amsterdam and now waitin on the 8hr burner into Minneapolis before I head to the West Coast. fun fun fun. Everyone traveling back from CPH I had a great time with you all and as soon as Jonas leaks some pics I will cross leak them as well. Mandy email your boy and keep in touch playa- dawgincnorcal@aol.com

More to come soon I Promise!