Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Wait for it...

My good buddy Rodney @ www.takesforeverbutalwaysworththewait.net came through with the fresh numberplate for my 2012 season push. Expect to see it at ummmmmm who knows what race but it will be out n about SOON. Im stoked on it to say the least LOL. James Stewart laid waste to the SX field in Oakland last weekend with 22 Reed doing well for himself and making it a good race. Stoked and Ill be at Vegas for the finals, watch n see. Ummmm what else? Got my flush trunk lip mounted finally, and lazily working on getting my new veilside front lip blacked out so I can install that thing.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Oh you didnt know?

Im quite the avid SX fan for a few Saturday nights out of the year, and tomorrow I get the chance to enjoy JS7 shredd the gnar with Chad Reed in tow. Bwa ha ha shout out Jason Silva for getting the tix because Im too lazy and 95% of the BMX community will be there too so get at ya boy and Ill see ya in the parking lot. Jyeahhhh

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Baby Steps...

First I was just happy to get transferred over to the hospital gig and now Im set on taking over that thang with no education whatsoever haha. See today I got my new lilttle desk in my storeroom. Pretty uneventful to the untrained eye, but if your a hustler and you got the ambition you just saw me start to come up. See getting a desk warrants you needing a desk, and needing a desk means you aint no random dude just there for the paycheck, you makin moves. And that I am. So here it is, nothing too crazy just ordered out of Staples or some office supply but to me its status. Veronicas cubicle is slightly overshadowing me at the moment but in due time I will negotiate some more real estate. I still swipe Marias chair for the time being, now I just need to convince my boss that I need a computer for some random reason and Ill be golden. Its all about forward progress, you see a desk and I see a future. Next up, simply enough a chair LOL Enjoy the best $39.99 Ikea special that money can buy and hard work can warrant. Off to Vegas puttin $100 against the 49ers, Hate me. LOL

Monday, January 16, 2012


First things first lets get this out the way. The score for the 2012 Jonas Harmon aint got nuthin on me battle is so far 1-0 in favor of me :) Jonas picked me off after he snuck some wd-40 into staging and sprayed my pedals, I tried to hold him off for a transfer spot on Saturday and he blew by me I even tried to kick him from the looks of it but it was his master plan working in all actuality... But come main time I was all business! Had lane 7 so I knew I had to get out front and start cuttin down the long inside line which was filled with Brandon Panuccio who didnt need lane 2 but took it to the bank anyway. My other good friend Korban Corbett was in 4 I think and although I beat him to the turn it wasnt enough to shut him down so I came out in 3rd and put a solid lap together and podiumed the thing :) Saturday wasnt so much of the same. I rode first round and missed a transfer spot and I headed back to pick up Jason. The previous day the ABA was clockin about 95motos an hour so I used the simple math and gave myself an hour window even to get back to the track on time. Well apparently Sunday is the faster day because I missed my moto by a few laps and the average had gone from about 95 to 150 motos an hour. Crazy. I was a little bummed but nothing I could do really so just ate a good lunch and gambled some more. Haha made the best out of it. Jonas took my absence and got himself onto the podium and is now beating me in NAG points. Grrrrrr. Did I mention he had the freshest D3? Thing was cleeeean. Anyway my sponsored child Tyler had bad luck on Saturday and didnt make a main but came through and got on the box Sunday with a solid 3rd at his first national ever so i was really happy for him. He has been riding well for a while now and next up Im sure is good ol intermediate class. Glad he got to go and he looked like he had a good time. Hmmmm what else. Dont ever change your numbers if you decide to give KENO a shot. I changed my digits after a few rounds and karma shot me in the foot and I missed out on $2800 LOL Found out my evo was a hot rod inspired rat rod evo of sorts in a past life. You dont have to believe it but Ill bet anyone $500 cash that this was my evo in a past so*cal life. Pretty funny. Tramp stamps in full effect.

Thursday, January 12, 2012


Haha pulled this beast out the rafters today where its been hanging just awaiting its time to shine LOL. Hopefully the tires went flat from just sitting overtime because honestly if one of em is flat I dont know if I care enough to replace a tube in it LOL. Looking to have some fun on the big bike, likely buzz my butt and flip the bars at some point. Pickin up SuperSilva sometime after 9ish in the morning and headed over to Reno. Early morning as Alicia flies out to AZ for some bachlorette stuff, haha sketchy for sure but what can ya do. :) So gotta wake up early for that and then its straight to Concord to pick up Jason. Hopefully his lady Kristi is there and I can see her its been awhile, shit I think since their wedding is the last time I saw her. Too long. Thats it for now, not even dusting this rig off juss tossed it in the car and stole some pedals off my real bike. Classic.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Lets Race! haha

Who knew? First off I have to say congrats to my good buddy Jonas Harmon who landed a spot and a promotion from GT Flow to Full Factory this year. Since he is "big time" now I expect him to randomly get lane 1 for the entire years semis and mains which still wont be enough for him to take down the W's. The real positive thing about his deal is I expect he will have a fresh new rig built up and dialed for each race, which is great because right here and now Steve Spencer/Rupe you've just been notified. Send this guy some new wheels because every chance I get... Dive bomb with zero regard each and every turn, word on the street is Jonas has been on a Lance Armstrongesque sprint routine with a certain Olympic medalist? Kickin things up a notch I see... If your pull does keep you out of harms way in turn 1 please believe I have the skils to transfer berm to berm and Ill gladly be waiting in turn 3 for you. Now if you excuse me Mr Harmon Im going to the garage to first build my cruiser up since I have no idea where all the parts are and then after that. Im painting it to look like an IED. Hell I might even just write IED clear and plain as day. Over and out ladies and gents! Pre signed for Reno last night, roll the dice and see if my cruiser membership is even valid still LOL Ill be at GSR with the rest of the knuckleheads so "holla at a pimp when you see me in the street"

Nate Mellone.... Why art thou duckin?

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Doing my little part...

So today marked the first day I filled up the Evo with e85 aka ethanol fuel. Id like to think I did it to keep the farmers in Kentucky? In business and keep less money out of the hands of the greedy oil companies and the cleaner burn is better for the planet... But well when it comes down to it, the simple fact that e85 in a turbo car makes crazy power gains is the real reason for the switch. Cheaper at the pump and Im psyked on the free power. Jay Fil rode Cali today along with about 437 kids which was cool to see so many groms out there. Scene is strong if they all stay with it. I told Jay I wanted to murder out my chrome emblem and he went into the lab and whipped out a blacked out diamond in 8minutes flat. I was stoked and its my first bit of car tlc outside the engine bay so that was nice. Trails tomorrow at Post Office if anyone wants to get broke off I will see you there! Over and out I got the opening shift at LCRSP blehhh 9am....

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Almost done...

Frankenstein status "It's Alive" bwa ha ha LOL Stopped over at FFTEC this morning to drop off a new air filter for my car as my old one was pretty beat. Talked to Mike about the whip and suggested they get a loaner Evo for customer use. Haha the escape just doesnt cut it anymore for me. Speaking of which someone buy it off me that thing has no room left when my evo gets back home. Gotta unload it to some sucker.... errr some friend hehe. E85 is down to $2.89 in Sunol, not that Id drive there to fill up my car but from where I am its only 6miles and likely a pretty good idea so I may have to check that station out when the time comes for the first tank of corn syrup. Sat staring at Pat B's drag evo for a good while at the shop and that thing is SICK. Too much car for me but I bet it's a shit storm when you go all out in that thing. Anyway just wanted to blog for no apparent reason. www.sjactionsports.com I will be blogging there on LCRSP related things in the near future so keep an eye on that. Ta Ta For Now

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Fresh New 6speed Rebuild :)

Cant wait to get my evo back. FFTEC let me know the rebuild is almost done and if all goes well the tune will be late in the week and Ill have my baby back ASAP. Cant wait to feel the new ponies from the tune :)

Monday, January 2, 2012


Kicked off the new year in Reno with some fam bam and things went fairly well. Didnt spend alot gambling because I have 3 gambling trips in 4weekends so I have to pace myself, but with the way I was thrwoing up new years day you think I invested my money in Jack Daniels LOL. I did the countdown and watched the fireworks and all was well. Got into bed about 2am for a cat nap and set my alarm for 3:30am to hit the casino one more time before I came back home and boy was waking up a mistake. I started puking nonstop for the next 12hours or so and it was horrible. After the first round it was a dry heave session the whole rest of the night/morning. Scary traces of blood all in the mix and just overall worst feeling ever and take it as starting the new year so bad that is has to get better HAHA. Been on a chicken noodle soup diet ever since and still headin to work to get this time and a half pay plus evening pay differential? Yeah buddy! Reno in a few days followed by Vegas for my cuzzins birthday which I hope to see him puking haha. Happy New Year to everyone and hope the year brings you some goodness and if it doesnt, hit me up and we can force some goodness LOL. Evo has oficially been at the tuner shop since last year! Im gonna blog so much when I get it back people are gonna think I just bought a new car LOL. Hmmm what else Jay Fil been duckin me, I think our man love has dissolved gonna have to visit him soon, plus that fool owes me a hunnid so Ima have to definitely get over and visit, if nothing more than to see his GF haha. Jason Silva is my cohort for reno, look for us to be watching mains and cheering along all the guys who trained through the harsh Nor*Cal winter LOL what we get .00009" inches of rain? LOL Hrmmm what else Porter is back on the privateer program so kinda psyked he has to get back to the old AP and lay down nasty ponies again. Who else is a Reno person Im wanting to see... Nate Mellone? Blehh to watch him at Reno Ill have to turn around mid lap and that aint happenin. Thats it for now time to warm up another round of chx noods for lunch.