Sunday, December 22, 2013


Anyone remember the OG Tony Hawk Pro Skater game where you would try just toooo many tricks in one combo and when you ate shit your score of points just turned to the word "greed" and faded away since you tried to take too much more than you deserved LOL. Well my friends we oughta send that game to many of the our lovely city employees who I shall throw some crazed figures out about today. And trust me this get HORRID if I kept going deeper I stopped at the top 15 money makers in the city this year and its insanity to think we keep this kind of payroll.

So out of the top 15 highest paid city employees it should serve as no shocker that 12 of the 15 are in police/fire divisions. They say to hide a good scam you play on people fears. Well apparently we have done a stand up job of that. Those 12 characters took home roughly $2,936,525.00 in payouts last year. $2.9Million dollars. The same divisions that are crying about short staffing, the same unions that 3 years ago didnt agree to take any cuts when the rest of us city workers did, those same fuckers have 12 of the top 15 highest grossing earners and we think we have a fiscal crisis? No. We have a greedy bunch of jackasses who are highly overpaid and thats that. And yeah Im sure we all know a cop who risks their lives daily and blah blah blah. I get it they have risky jobs, but come the fuck on people... All these guys taking home far north of $200k a year is ridiculous. Rant over.

Friday, December 20, 2013

That nasty OT grind still.

Been beasting the OT shifts again which is gettin taxing but the timing is a blessing so I aint complaining. The evo has become my new money pit but I dont feel bad at all because its my earned money right? LOL Xmas around the corner and just trying to grinch my way through it someone pray for me please hahaha Seriously wrote the date today for Monday the 23rd and was like holy shit xmas is like under a week away? fuckkkkkkk me. Mormon jehovah witness whoever else doesnt celebrate holidays I see you and respect your hustle. LOL Thats it for now 5:30 wake up time for a 16 hour day tomorrow comes fast as all hell. Til next time-

Thursday, December 5, 2013


Some people are just iconic while they walk the earth still and some achieve that recognition when they pass. I feel personally that Nelson Mandela went icon status way long before he departed today. Prisoner-Nobel Peace Prize-President. Thats a transition if I've ever seen one. Nuthin but respect and kids you oughta do some studying up on him and the legacy that is him. Props my man. SA stand up!

Monday, December 2, 2013

Got 99 Problems....

Wait. Scratch that fuck a problem. Haha took a shipment of fresh fit tees today so shoutout Adam from the building distribution for coming through with all the goods. I cant even tell you the last time I purchased a new tee shirt. Love it. Also shout at my new fav shirt Adi came through with the slogan "hard in the mothafuckin paint" laced up on a white tee for me. Bwa ha ha sooooo good.  so so good. Been sellin more evo parts to free up cash for others and thats going well, turbo kit arrives this week and maybe a few more parts and hopefully dropping this breezy off in a week or two. Stoked.  Everyon pretty bummed about Paul Walker passing away, as am I but I also know if you fuck with the bull eventually you gonna get the horns. In no way am I saying he deserved it, nobody ever deserves to die. But 95% of people wont ever understand it and thats what makes the other 5% so special, they/we fully understand that the shit we do has grave consequences and we may or may not pay the ultimate price at a moments notice.  Dude died doing what he enjoyed and had passion for, and thats more than alot of people can say or can be said about alot of people. Respect.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Farewell and Remember!

So today I read a press release that the homie Carl of Psykopath put out that Augusto Castro had decided to hang up the BMX gear after a stellar career. Kinda thought it was a little early for him but glad to see he getting out in good health and relatively young to start something new in his life. Stand up fuckin dude and spent ALOT of time with him while he was staying in California an likely the one person I can thank for getting me to ride a little better. Best of luck in the next chapter of life buddy.

And then I read another tidbit of info that today is 2 years since we lost Dane Searls. I blog about him often so I guess time just flies and you dont even realize it. Much respect to a straight boss on the 20" and cant say enough that we lost a big dog when we were forced to say goodye. Far too early in that case for sure. Thats all for now folks- LIFE IS SHORT.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Marvin The Martian

I swear some fuckin times I am nothing more than a damned Martian. More often than not I just totally have an ass backwards outlook that I think is golden and some people just think sucks. I like to think that 99.9% of the time I have an awesome outlook I generally look for the good in situations that Im in, or I get out of them. Surround myself with positiveness and all that shit I just try to keep it moving and enjoy life like a mutherfucker. So to the rest of you martians out there who be thinking the same way on my wavelength please do me a favor and hit me up. Cuz its getting real difficult trying to act like a normal human with the rest of these fuckers. Im over it and I just wanna be a damned martian grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr RANT OVER.

Saturday, November 16, 2013


"pain don't hurt me and fear don't scare me" Cory Nastazio AKA Nasty.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Damnit Sam!

When you get bent over and worked for $2k you dont have to call anyone uncle, you pretty much call them what you want. So YOU can choose to call him "Uncle Sam" but I will refer to him as "Crook" hahahaha. Cashed in a big ol bucket of PTO from work to cover the evo expenses which are mounting by the day LOL Cashed 160 hours which is 2x the limit at work but the HR girls feel bad for me so they hooked it up. Then "Crook" took his share as you can see and walaaa everyone is happy I guess. LOL I aint tripping I consider PTO to be money that I didnt earn so kinda nice to cash it out and get rid of some of the evo sting. Booked my flights for my vegas trip so getting excited for that and finding a shop to do the evo this week and think I have it handled so thats good. Just getting a few more things tied up and hoping to have it back in my hands when I get back from LV. New years gift to myself. Still need to setup a shady smog for it as well. Been slacking on that. Whatever life is good, I dont let money weight too heavily on me cuz I keep a good amount in reserves, and being broke for a few weeks has been nerving haha but the reserves are climbing. Fuck it. Stay Strong.

Vegas? Sure!

Well what started as a brief little weekend trip to celebrate a friends life? Who does that? LOL Ended up as me taking a page out of the book I wrote a few years back when I was in and out of Vegas every week it seemed. Hung out with Carla and she reminded me that NFR finals were coming up in a few weeks and she was hiring bodies to do sales and labor. I planned on doing it last year but blew my knee out. I could definitely use the money to get the evo back on the road so ummmm why not? I have a fat southwest credit that I need to use by March. I can make about $800 to burn into the evo fund and its a somewhat vacation? Im confused and may regret it but its extra money so gotta keep telling myself that haha and fuck it go for the experience. Cowboy up! hahaha gonna be a mess. Saw a Cirque show while in Vegas and Blue Man Group. Cirque show was the biz, BMG was so so but ended really cool so Ill give it the nod. Had a good time although Im over driving haha too many miles and cant hang like I used to in my prime LOL. Evo is coming along still waiting on the turbo kit to arrive and most all the other items have trickled in. Everything murdered out is the plan and excited still. Ummmmmm thats all I guess? Wish I had more to report but almost did Hawaii again in january and still havent fully scrapped the idea. New Years in Vegas? Something going down haha

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Uh huh.

Buy and evo they said...
It'll drop panties they said...

They said that and I say this "Bitches keep your damned panties on Nick just wants a daily driver again" Some bullllllllshit got me starving over here looking ethiopian just dark and skinny. FML :)

Monday, November 4, 2013

Happy Hellaween

Thats right Hellaween is the new term since its Nor Cal and all :) Went to the first of many great parties to come at the nut house and had a good time. I didnt drink because rarely do I get loose and I had work the next day anyway but a good time was had anyway. The highlight of the night for me was when some broad who wasnt involved in an inside joke got butthurt about it? Haha speak when spoken to dumbass. Cam show was in full effect and he was wasted the whole time, then took a swim at like midnight and hit his second wind and his Cam show stride. Always a good time with him, Nyquist had a full lycra body suit on that was just random because his junk was here there and everywhere? Weirdo.  Squirrel looked like a trailer park version of Captain America with some MC Hammer pants in a USA print. Great time catching up with BMX greats. Sorry for the lack of photos but find em on FB. Great night. Evo is still in the build and gather parts stage, ordered the turbo kit this week and it should arrive in a few days or a week or whatever. Next up is a new oil cooler that Vince is building with me even though he doesnt know it yet :) Thanks Vince. Thats all for now been selling car parts left and right to offset the evo cost blehhhhhh- Nick

Friday, November 1, 2013

Wednesday, October 30, 2013


just needed to host this picture here. :)

Monday, October 28, 2013

AZ road trip.

Just got back from AZ last night for a sput of the moment necessity road trip. Found a good deal on an evo engine and didnt wanna pass it up. Last week I had an altercation under the hood in the evo with a broken rod and the wall of the block. Not sure a clear winner was crowned but it definitely left both contenders bruised and broken and me without a car for the next few weeks/months. Evo is down for a bit but never out. Found a built 2.1 block and head and pulled the trigger on it. The cash was pretty steep so I didnt wanna buy it blind and decided to drive out and pick it up. 10-11 hours both ways in the capatain seat of the fit was quite taxing and I semi regret what I had chosen to do once or twice but overall it was worth it and the bulk of getting the evo back in order is now done. Choosing a fitting turbo kit now is the next step in the process and deciding what route I want to go. Budget is in mind and selling off some stuff from my old motor definitely needs to fund the new shit. Ill put pics up sometime soon when I take some, for now use your imagination kids :) PS. who wanna give me a ride to and from work? Haha FML.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Haha so me and Lovedizzle always send back and forth pics and texts depicting what we consider "the struggle" so when Ryan Garcia had the bright idea that we could likely air up Stevie's flat truck tire with a standard air pump I knew good and well I was gonna have a pic to top a few pics for awhile. We all took about 35 pumps in a circular rotation and shockingly it didnt take very long although it was taxing on your arms. Got that shit handled and got Stevie on his way for a fresh new set of rubber. And btw that kid fucking OWNS fresno. He was on flats at the track just doing every section like it was nuthing. Gap to manual in the smaller pro section and just handling the place at will. Good to see him killing it so hard and still a humble guy as always.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Ying Yang Twins.

I feel like this picture should clearly explain itself. 5year old girl rocking the dance outfit and twirling around the pole... Wonder where she is headed in hmmmm 13 years give or take? Haha horrible.
Headed to Fresneck for a little race tomorrow and Matt was too pu$$y to drive to vegas with me for SX races so heading back tomorrow after races. Then trail session on Sunday and should be broke off after.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Dane MF Searls

"Everyone needs to respect dirt because it's big, badass and sick"- Dane Searls.

Had a good little Dane Searls inspired morning cant wait to get broke off riding some dirt again, Trails just does it. If you aint knowing get educated. Respect.


Sunday, October 13, 2013

Puke session.

Trotted on down to Prunetucky today to race a little pro-am and try and make some BMX money. Didnt have much hopes of doing too well but it was an excuse to ride and continue my comeback tour of sorts. 11 riders were entered and it was 8 monsters and then 3 goons myself being included. I joked about getting taken out by the 3rd straight all morning and sure enough first hot lap of the day I almost flip the bars through the rhythm. Shit was comical and Ryan Garcia was chuckling the whole time I was riding the bull LOL. SO took a 5th of 6 first round and then second round got through clean but only managed another 5th so the point count was already looking too high, then get back to the truck and my body lets me know it has enough cardio for the time being. Walked to the front of the car and shot out the 12 chicken nuggets which had tasted so delicious on the drive up. Felt like i was going to pass out and then Gavin rolls up, come on buddy its 3rd round! I gave him the most polite stare down ever and waved my option to ride another lap. The main was stacked I only recall the top 3 for sure but I know all 8 so from top to bottom here ya go.

Joey Bradford
Gavin Lubbe
Jordan Miranda
Brandon Cato
Steven Grote
Ryan Pettigrew
Bubba Gonzales
Marquise Montgomery

I can tell you off hand if you dont know any of those guys you live in a shoe. More world titles between that group of guys than spokes on my bike. So it wasnt a shabby main to not qualify into and the big winner Joey was fresh off a flight from Korea where he pocketed $12k or something to that effect, and still made it a point to ruin everyones day by destroying the first straight away. Killin it. Thats all for now next stop on my world tour is Fresno next weekend for a Saturday local race, back on the grind suckafishes!

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Hashtags and Retweets.

Im never one to borrow an image from another site, but in this case I just wanted to make sure people saw that other dudes on bike are pushing it as well. This obstacle is dubbed the Oakley sender. Check the drop height and the steep landing. Balls of steel. Respect.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013


Sometimes when a picture speaks totally for itself you just tarnish it up by thinking you need to hype it up or build it to be more than it is. In this case Ill stop right here and let this one speak loud and proud for itself. As we say in the park world- #stokedonbeingpumped

Monday, October 7, 2013

Fuck wit me you know I got it!

Beasted out the Fresno race this weekend and posted up with my 559 crew. Swear I just need to move out there already and quit bullshitting. Good times I rode like garbage but had a blast and could pedal which was suprising and even ramped some jumps and cased even more hahahahaha. Good times. Boutta get back on the race kick, kinda burned out on seeing fucking shithole San Jose so much and not going to any events so gonna stack up the race schedule like old times. I got PTO at work for ages so fuck it not tripping just gonna get on that hype. Josh Taylor won our rivalry this weekend with a 2nd and 4th to my 3rd and 5th/6th. damn that man. What else I got stung by a wasp this morning in bed? My arm just started stinging out of nowhere and i wiped it off thinking maybe I had like a crumb in bed or something? Maybe glass? I dont know it was weird and it just kept stinging, like 5 minutes later this wasp ass fool just goes walking on by on my bed. The fuck? Weird. Anyway over and out no pics from the weekend but just think pure style and zero track speed HAHAHAHA

Monday, September 30, 2013

Testin me!

Maybe the head isnt so bad on the evo? Didnt get any issues with it today I didnt see any smoke or anything even on cold start... Weirdness ensues.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Damn where has the time gone?

Well for the 2.5 people who miss me blogging on a regular basis this is my half assed attempt at getting back on the horse. LOL. Ive been working 7 days a week for a few months now and that is finally gonna dry up over the next week so I should be back to my normal somewhat cooler self. Gonna celebrate by going on a mini vacation to Fresno to unwind with my 559 guys for a weekend of racing. Havent touched the race bike since the Vegas race a few months back so figure that track is worthy of getting broke off on. Last time I was there it cost me an ACL so hoping things go  better this time around. Gonna be a fun weekend and I could use some time to myself to just get back to Nick BMX version and give 2 fucks about anything else even if just for a weekend. I even considered driving into Vegas from Fresno to visit the homie Carla, but thats likely not happening but still possible... The evo... Damn that evo she is a tempting little slut at times... So I finally get some mods finished with the homie Matt, and as we get things going and I finalize a tune schedule... I start seeing puffs of smoke and I have a bad feeling I have a leaking valve seal which is a killjoy in my quest to 500hp. Debating on repairing that or just doing a fully built head right now. Sounds dumb to build the head but whatever, not sure what my plan is yet but will figure it out as the evo smokes itself to death :( so sad about that shit haha. So close yet so far. What else hmmmmm City work has been put on hold, taking a bit of a mini vacation and gonna cut back for a bit. Things have been odd there and just not feeling it much, so gonna wait it out wait for people to get settled and comfortable and then revisit and see if the mesh works better later down the road. So for now gonna have more free time which will mean more BMX, and more evo time. Thats about all nothing awesome going on but things should heat up now that Ill have more down time :) Hopefully it wont be another 4 months before I post again, fingers crossed!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013



The power of now. I listened to a motivational speech the other day and it was based around that thought and how you always have an opportunity if you choose to take it is entirely up to you, if you choose to acknowledge it is again up to you. Today I got word that my hospital schedule which is already 7 days and 52 hours is going to somehow jump higher? Hahaha stacking that OT LOL And still getting in those skatepark weekends and openers during the week? Pffffft Nuthin to a boss. Gonna plan a hell of a vacation sometime later in the year or dump all the cash into the evo who knows LOL. Should stack toward that house downpayment but really over that shit- if anyone wants to loan me $10k hard cash hit me up :) Thats all for now- beastin.

Saturday, August 3, 2013


Hustle Means Hard Work. Been working crazy hours as usual and getting really tired of it all hahahaha. Not burned out at all just sleepy all the time LOL Finally starting to somewhat slow down though as summer is nearing an end with only a few more camps to go for the city and a relaxed full time less projects at the hospital schedule things are looking better. Been getting pulled over alot in the evo lately but getting some love from cops and no tickets is always nice. I wasnt speeding either time they just saw me at a light and noticed I dont have a front plate, so lighting me up and talking with me about that. They generally find out where I work and the rest of the stop is a breeze, so thanks SJPD for realizing no front plate is no biggie and I really will consider ordering a new one but not in any rush for sure. Gonna wrap some car pieces tonight and maybe even mount the new jdm replica rear bumper next week? Got a sweet rep diffuser for it too lol fake it til u make it status hahaha Knee is still shit :( havent been able to ride much in the past 2 weeks and looking like its gonna be awhile so thats bothersome but whatever. Works good moneys good and mental game is on point what else can I ask for right?

Monday, July 15, 2013

Knee blown again?

Well I can start off with the good news I made a main in 28-35x LOL. I had a brutal semi lineup and gate 7 all by myself semi had the top 5 guys from the day before and me in it taking 4. I cut down the first straight and basically swung out wide and cut the entire bottom of the turn to move into 3rd. Sweeet! one guy got by me again and I was in a 4th battle with someone for 2 streets hooking bars and throwin elbows but I held him off at the line by a few inches YAY. Got lane 7 in the main real big shocker there I had been outisde in 7 all weekend. Tyler Clark was in 8 and we got out pretty good, he was pulling me and when he cut over I was mid manual and he cut down my front wheel. I thought no biggie reacted to catch my now off balance self and when my foot hit the ground it immediately sent a ouuuuuuuuuch up my right leg. I coasted to a stop and cut across the infield. Dean drove home and now here I am staring at what will likely be another knee surgery LOL. Pretty lame and Im slightly frustrated for sure but whatever I needed a vacation anyway. More info after I book and appt and MRI- Nick

Monday, June 17, 2013


Sprint store doesnt open til 10am? Who the hell needs to sleep in and get the late start treatment at the sprint store? Lazy bums get with the times, the early bird gets the freaking sales LOL Been phoneless for about a week now #strugglin.

Saturday, June 8, 2013


Well here we go with being 29. What can I say it's been an eventful 28 years so should be pretty standard as I ring in being that much closer on the bubble spot now for dirty 30. Happy Birthday to myself and to celebrate Im gonna take on a nasty 17hr. work shift bwa ha ha. Thats right 7-12 at the hospital, then work til 7:45 at the park and wrap up with 8-12midnight at the hospital. Haha work hard play hard I guess LOL. First BMX camp kicks off next week as well and that should be a good time so definitely looking forward to that. Ankle has been really hurting lately and I already have told myself surgery after summer is over. Hoping it isnt nearly as bad as it feels, but Im 99% sure its fully blown out, I know nothing about ankles but it may damn well be beyond repair at this point LOL Anyway back to being the ol 29... Stoked I guess I dont know I try and not make a big deal out of my birthday but excited to be older and wiser hehe. Thats all for now sorry I havent been blogging any substance lately work has just been crazy and thats 75% of my life I feel LOL. Back in a flash I promise!

Saturday, June 1, 2013


So I wake up feelin like Pete Sampras, arrive early at the tennis courts to watch the other 4.5 singles match thats going on and they look good but definitely beatable and my opponent shows up... Rocking flip flops... Im thrilled because I know damn well if I were ever to lose a tennis match it would most certainly NOT be to a guy in flip flops... Well apparently this guy had some new age tennis steeze that I have yet to learn. I got worked so bad the only thing that was pleasant was he dealt with me quick and easily, kinda like the death of a Samurai you just get beheaded with honor sorta like that... 30minutes I had not managed to win a single game, likely only won about 25 points in the match total LOL 6-0,6-0 the tennis triumphant return has been dashed people. Gonna start at a lower level likely 3.5 next time and see if I fit in that category a little better. LOL got killed sheesh.

Saturday, May 18, 2013


Just registered for my first tennis tournament in like ummmm 11years? Why not? Haha pretty stoked and if I get eaten up by some old asian ninja styled tennis player Im gonna be pissed LOL. I was recommended from USTA to enter 4.0, but pfffffft gimme 4.5 its the highest available at that tourney so ramp it. Stoked to shred breh!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Thats the new S*** right there!

Aaron @ Solid Bikes came through with the newness and had it on my doorstep in just 3 days? Psssssh local company got things dialed. Cant wait to build it up, likely gonna get a few new parts ordered from fit/s&m to complete the jumpoff and just in time for the summer trail season. Back on that solid hype and cant be more stoked- Jyeah!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

A door closes and another window opens.

Back at it! Been crazy busy with a hectic work schedule but have time to blog a little bit and update things :) I got an offer for a job that ended up being a wash because the position has yet to be created and is on hold so kinda bummed because the pay was gonna be GOOD and the hours were going to be right inline to work out well for me. Got confirmation today that its going to be on hold for a bit so was a little bummed, but then while scanning through my inbox I also had another opportunity from SJ parks and rec so 1/2 way excited for that. I have a meeting tomorrow to discuss details and they need some guidance in a specialty area of mine so pretty juiced on that. Been working on the evo a bit here and there she needs a retune after a new intake this week and almost died working on it yesterday when a heater hose blew out LOL scary ass shit almost took out my model face! Thats all for now its lunch time and im starved!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Oregon Trail!

That game on the Apple IIE computer from the late 80's early 90's was the business. Haha back to current timeframe this last weekend was my first race back since July. Thanks to some sketchy riding out in Fresno I took a few months off to get my knee in order so just trying to get fast again and get in some mains was the plan and things went fairly well. I made 4/4 mains and one podium nothing too impressive and I was in the presence of Caden who just wins his first national that he has ever been to haha. He has been riding PAL for a few months and his parents were down for Oregon so I rolled up there with them. He raced the pre race with 9 year olds and got 3rd which was cool and then when he got his own 8 year old class on Saturday he qualified in and was looking good and then come main time he just ran the show wire to wire taking his first win. It was pretty nuts I was hoping for top 4 just so he could get a tall trophy and sure enough he just boned out and won the whole show LOL. I was super stoked for him and he was pretty thrilled Im sure. Sunday he got back on the box again and backed up the win with a 2nd place finish so he left with a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd so he was definitely toward the front of the class. Congrats to him. I was chasing around Jonas all weekend and he is going way fast, I tried to crash him on Sunday but he was too quick and got away before the carnage in the turn. I had lane 1 and knew I wouldnt be quick enough to get over to my right and cut a good line into the turn, so I pretty much decided in the staging area that I was gonna go hard into the bottom of the turn and push up until I could turn out and see where it left me. Things were going really well for a brief second but right when I took a crank to leave the turn someone hit my front wheel just perfectly for us to flip over and crash as well. It was nothing major just scuffed up the elbow and a little tegaderm and coban should have me back to normal in a few days. Cadens hardware in the pic and the crash link is  @1:35 youll see me being a jerk in a turn. LOL

Monday, April 1, 2013

Patience is a virtue!

And hustle means hard work. Lets do this shit!

Sunday, March 17, 2013


Almost had to ride the bus today, evo needs to get back home ASAP this shit ain't for me lol

Friday, March 8, 2013

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

808's and heartbreaks!

4 pics from Hawaii. Shit was pretty effin rad and relaxing as can be. Enjoyed it and Alicia had a good time so things went well. Stoked on the weather working out and all going well.

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Mineta Again!

Ive prolly posted more times from the servers of the good ol SJC Mineta wifi than any other source of internet ever. Another trip begins today and should be a good one, Im strugglin so hard these days and the streets are so rough that Im retreating to the sandy beaches of hawaii :) jyeah. I have zero planned because Im so lazy but Im sure Ill find some shit to do when I land there. Maui then a puddle jump to Kauai for a couple of days. Accidentally walked through the short first class security line and they didnt even give 2 shits so Id say the day is going well so far, but I prolly used up my last bit of good karma with that move as well. See me out here

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Skate Life

BMX Camp kicked off today and as always whenever I have BMX camp I dust off the skate skills or in this case lack thereof haha. Took me a few tries but finally pulled my favorite lip trick just this pivot 5-0 thing. Stoked haha Here is a still pic and supposed to rain tomorrow so cant shred the 2ft mini til Wed. See ya then!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Slacking. I know.

Haha havent blogged in awhile and dont have much to vent about but I definitely got hosed on tax season this year. Everyone ranting about how much they getting back and Im just the salty guy in the room pissed because im paying this year LOL. A little over $500 will go back to uncle Sam and I hope he spends it wisely, because I was gonna waste it for sure. haha. Evo build was moving quick and now is behind the taxes on the financial scale, so should be a month or so maybe sooner just stockpiling parts for now and its kinda nice not being rushed because I can find all the cutty deals. haha. Started the sprint program today and puked as expected and was soooo not stoked. But gonna stick to it for a few months at least and the gym stuff as well, because I figure I got lucky healing the knee so fast so I should at least do my part and work it out with some intensity :) Been hitting the track on Fridays too and beasting it even though Im currently at the bottom of the food chain Ill be back in the mix quickly and then its off to Canada to score my races up LOL. Thats it for now just working and getting things together for the big BMX comeback. LOL shit's serious business I guess haha

Monday, January 21, 2013

Ball SO Hard!

Haha had to switch to a Jay Z track to signify how juiced I am about stacking OT pay at both jobs today. MLK was a great person in american history and his impact surely effects me today if not everyday!

"Say what you want, man ya boy too nice I done did it again I got rich twice....Keep a thumper on tuck, we aint rich we papered up!"

Thursday, January 10, 2013

D List Celeb!

Haha peep game on my D List Evo Celeb shoot. Haha checked out the homies @ Andy's Auto and helped them out with the murdered evo backdrop. Had a chill time peeping out the setup there and was super impressed with what they got going on. Dialed operation and trying to work with them cats in the future for sure. Reno this weekend for the start of the ABA season, and Im not gambling at all, well maybe just a tad bit but not losing a zillion bucks thats for sure. See some snow and freeze my ass of sounds like the plan of the weekend and then back to work come monday. Havent blogged but its mainly due to the fact that Ive been boring LOL, Played some Bingo and that shits like crack, and bowled alot lately which is also like crack haha. Ride my stationary bike a whole bunch and slowly moving to my real road bike so all is well with the knee but this left foot/ankle has a surgery in the pipeline too im sure, shit just dont feel right :( More news to come as it develops.