Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Headed home currently in Indiana and slowly moving west. Wish us luck were Ridin dirty and hopin for the best. Happy new years everyone

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Pic says it all. Lilly made 2 great passes on a helpless Amanda Geving to take down both wins and is leading NBL Elite Women Points for the first time in who knows how many years. HAHA Hopefully the NBL survives long enough for her to take down the title. Haha yes that was an NBL shot haha been fuckin with Al all weekend and the sanction shit talk has been great. Almost enough to keep my mind off the death trip that we are taking tomorrow morning back towards the Yay Area. Wish me luck and if I owe you money you have about 24hours to come get it or your fucked. HAHA congrats to all the boys who made some mains and Matt Sterling KILLED it. All weekend kid just flat out rips. Lilly is up $750 on the weekend which is not a bad payday for some bike riding.

Monday, December 28, 2009

More conceited ass pics.

Not much to say but found a pic and figured Id post it. Check it below. Took an 8th after getting worked down the first straight, I might have been up for the win but thats BMX sometimes haha who knows. Track sucked so I skipped todays and tomorrows race event and saved $50 in the process. If you know me you know how broke I am lately so that $50 is key to saving haha. Weather is supposed to be somewhat decent and still icy/snowy for our ride home. Real talk send your prayers our way we have lucked out a few times and got snake eyes a few times as well. Safety is the key to everything and we are trying to get home safe and sound.

Friday, December 25, 2009


Told ya we crashed that shit haha.

Mini Update.

Road trip has definitely been a burner so far. When we banked on shitty weather we didnt bank on it to be this shitty. Snow/Ice 90% of the time and I swear out tires never touched a bit of Oklahoma asphalt. Ryan held down the whiteknuckle task of keeping it together until finally a patch of ice got the best of us. Slid that bitch out cool little 180 across 2 lanes and backed the whip up into a snow padded landing. Nothing broken and tons of laughs. Pics soon should get into Louisville at 3am if my calculations are correct. 6.4 miles to the gallon? Budget is blown!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Hopping into the car driving down to LA with Al tonight meeting up with the rest of the 6 chosen rippers for a burner of a drive through rain sleet and snow apparently before absoultely killing the Xmas Classic. Hopefully the NBL is still a sanction by the time we get there but all should be well. Ha. Did some training today pic below. Git Fuct.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Aint scared of no snow!

Haha for the most part the pics will speak for themselves. If you know me you know that when you have a shot at something Id encourage you to do it. I aint the greatest swimmer by any means but I never knew when I would have the chance to swim in an iced over lake so I suckered Terrance into the shot of a lifetime and he took it hook line and sinker. Enjoy pics of Tahoe and me gettin my swim on :) Yeah buddy.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Epic Failure...

Just got word from Chris @ that the indoor park which is less than a year old up outside of Sacramento is closing its doors as soon as tomorrow? Kinda quick closure, but in this day and age of a zillion free skateparks popping up left and right I cant say Im very surprised. They made what was a definite last ditch effort to include BMX nights after initally going with the NO BMX policy, haha so kinda like karma IMO. Anyway enjoy the pic below of what looked to be a fresh ass bowl setup and lets hope the ramps find a new home closer to the bay and someone that is psyked on BMX. As for me I took advantage of lightrail today and rode Downtown Roosevelt with Chris and Joe and then met up with Marlo at King and Mc Kee. Really psyked on the new park bike, its a shitload lighter than my previous one and the setup felt good alot of manual lines and stuff today and even ate shit once to make sure things were all good. Ive been wanting to tinker with alleyoop flairs so might try those sometime soon but we shall see. Not much more to say but Im going to Tahoe this weekend with a $25 gas card and a hope and a dream so wish me luck. My cousin Jose is gettin married and Im just tagging along because nobody is trustworthy to drive in the snow apparently? haha I guess I have experience with that but haha should be funny. Probably going to gamble lightly as Im broke as fuck, and more than that get my sled session on. Yeah buddy.

Hard Work.

Get your asses over to that blog and pay respect to those who work hard to make shit to ride and always have the best shit in the region for all Im concerned. Jackson Dusty and Mike are the only 3 guys I know off hand that are out on the regular clockin work but Im sure a ton of underground dudes who I just havent had the chance to meet are behind the scenes as well. Much respect and way to make mother nature work in your favor.

Friday, December 11, 2009

New Era Fitteds... $10

head over to and get a few New Era caps while they are clearing out shelves for some new shit. 10$ is an unbeatable price so get over there and dont wear them around me HAHA

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

New whip. Kinda.

Built up the freshy whip in time for rainy season apparently. This aint a bike check by any means but here goes. New 21" Fly Campillo frame in brown cuz it was nasty cheap with the off color haha. Frame is silly light so I figured I might as well lighten up the whole whip here and there. Ti spoked the rear wheel and replaced a few ti spokes in the front. Slapped on the ITS MK2 front tire which is huge but feels good so I like it. 2.25" is big. New seat and post coming soon from Deluxe which a portion of their sales go to Stay Strong/Murray so Ill be buying that for sure. Rain has been hit and miss the track should be open tonight but either way Im going to ride concrete park sometime today before I find out if the tracks riding or not. Going to drive to Xmas classic for some strange reason haha. Should be a good crew we shall see who folds in the final minute and makes the smarter decision and stays home and skips the 38? hour drive? I have a free flight so I was going to use that but Id rather trip it with the guys and gals and talk shit and stuff. Im sure Ill spend way more money than I should but whatever, run that shit you only live once. Still havent figured out the living situation I definitely need to relocate ASAP cuz the longer I stay at home the closer I am to killin someone haha. Knee is doing good and Im still on the tennis comeback of all things :) Check the pic of the new whip and get at ya boy. yeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


I dont know why, but lately all I can say and my excuse and punchline for everything is "its rough in the streets" haha Im seriosuly just giggling typing it because for some odd reason that I cant even put a finger on thats just hilarious to me. Anyway I built up my newest park bike and I swear I have pics being posted soon. New lighter frame and I swapped out my rear spokes for some ti spokes so the whole wheel set is more weight concerned then mary kate at a photo shoot. What else.... Work is on hold for 14days so if anyone has a money making scheme both legal and illegal Im with it lets get some ski masks and do work :) haha. Still looking for a road bike for transportation to and from work and every little shit fixed gear kid better watch out cuz Im lurkin with a pair of bolt cutters somewhere... Thats it ladies. Stay Strong.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Home again.

Home sweet home again. Busy week ahead for sure. Building up a new park bike tonight should be fun and Im excited for it:) Pics soon and all that good stuff. Grands was brutal to me but with the first straight back in line I feel kinda good for the start of a new season and seeing what sponsorship changes Ill be facing haha. Privateer as all hell LOL