Saturday, June 25, 2016

Poolside thoughts

Sittin in Vegas hangin out for a few days trying to switch up the scenery a little bit is current situation  and temps are high. Like way high. Like 110degree high lol makes taking a quick swim an easy decision for sure. Vegas is always my low key vacation spot where I know I can get away has the relaxation option and if I felt like raging out that's right up the street as well. Been frequenting the city for more than 10 years give or take as I've always had friends that have lived here. As usual on the flight over you generally see a few people who are getting an early start to the Vegas party, I was fortunate enough to meet a pair of unique individuals who as luck would have it were going to a life choices seminar all the while telling me about cocaine tales. It was comedic to say the least and the female cut hair for a living. Coke head or not let me get that number I need a new barber anyway. It was a funny conversation and it was really telling and revealing in not just her and his personal interests but also how diverse Vegas can veto so many people for different reasons. It's truly a testament on things are ideal depending on how you approach them and you perception of the opportunities laid in front of you. Here we were a group of people from the same place heading to the same place and for  vastly different reasons. When I told them I would just be low key both of them said well can't you be low key at home? Haha yeah but they could also get coked out at home right? Goes both ways doesn't it? I feel like same is true in life in general you can always find the ingredients  and scenario to do great things or negative things just all about how you look at what's in front of you or where you position yourself. Work hard people and give yourself the best shot at being happy with whatever you choose to do. 111degrees now and the pool is calling again. #wetwet