Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Sore Ankle!

LOL So today were fooling around at SS trails, and Im trying to do this back to back 360 line I wanted to pull off and after a few bails over the hip I ejected from one and landed on the side of the hip. Rolled my ankle like immediately and Al was like your gonna be sore tomorrow. He was dead wrong because I still rode fine for a bit more but the drive back apparently let my body relax enough to realize it hurt. Haha. Right ankle is sore now but had a fun day none the less. Weak staff meetings all day tomorrow and the long shift at RMC. KHE tires arrive in the mail tomorrow kinda psyked on gettin those mounted. Figure if my bikes lighter, I too can go high like Nyquist. Roybal post the rolled ankle footage!

Friday, June 24, 2011

At What Point...

Above youll see arguably the most popular helmet in all of action sports... Its the Bucky Lasek signature helmet which is not so popular because Bucky rips a vert ramp at all. But basically its the lightest, just get by the rules helmet you can get for your dome. Since I was about 15 Ive been using this helmet and even when the state of California ruled them unsafe and forced retailers to pull them off the shelves anyone with an internet connection could still mailorder one from out of state. Why did they get yanked from shelves? In a nutshell because the helmet is only going to protect you from getting a cut on your head and thats about all. The plastic shell is only assisted by a thin layer of padding which I would barely call foam and then your precious head slides in and you hope all is well. In the past few months Ive seen a few solid riders take diggers to their faces and heads and its been a grim reminder like I always tell people as we pad up "this shit aint ballet man, ride safe". Recently Chad from Santa Cruz who I just rode trails with took a face shot at the fun spot which led to a good amount of facial fractures and bones getting broken as well as a collapsed trachea and an ICU visit. Chad is @ Stanford so you know it was not a small incident. Get well soon buddy and prayers your way for sure. Ron W shows up to LCRSP the other day and just lays into Endo about wearing a bucket lid after his KO session about a month ago. Nasty concussions are no joke and get more common the more you experience them, couple that with the nasty seizures endo was having and basically being unresponsive for a solid 15 minutes you would think that a change in protective gear was in order. When we were in the hospital I thought we discussed going to a full face but maybe I was hearing things. Ron W made it clear in some polite words " are you that Fu**ing stupid to not wear a real helmet" was muttered a few times, and as annoyed as endo was... Brutal honesty you cant argue with. Ive been ridin trails and some steep and deep sections that command respect, and in a way its one of those things that you bury far back in your head the whole what if factor... but it's not a what if as much as it is a when. Because if you ride long enough/hard enough/often enough your gonna pay the cost at some point. Its just life. When I knocked out 5 teeth I was wearing a pro-tec classic same as what most guys are rockin. I know better. TJ Lavin danced with the devil a few months back and has sworn off competitive riding but has also gone on the full face crusade, banning bucket helmets at his legendary backyard trails. Bold move for sure, although I think that only effects 25-50guys that frequent the place. But it does show that someone of that status has seen the light. With the sudden wave of dudes going down hard, it may not be a bad idea to think things through. I wont judge you either way, but dont think for a second that I dont respect everyones choice of protection. Full face or brain bucket the choice is yours, just dont think id ever give you shit for rockin the full face. Respect. For those if any that have been thinking about gettin a fresh lid check out my peeps over at www.kaliprotectives.com they got the fresh shit and its only 15 miles away. Lemme know what your lookin for and Ill get you the player player discount, because money should never be a factor in deciding what level of protection you want or deserve.

Thursday, June 23, 2011


Ghetto twitter post...

Trails tomorrow lets effin ride, who's down?!?

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


So I had the great idea today to head down to DMV to get the actual total of what it's gonna cost to legally operate a vehicle in the state of california, and was I pleasantly surprised when the lady said my renewal was only going to be $31.00. I waited for her to yell Gotcha! and then laugh her ass off at the 6 tickets that I owe from every state that interstate 40 runs along. I kept waiting and waiting for her to drop the figure on me and it never came. Im still bewildered and I did some research and basically its the DMV's discretion to collect out of state tickets, being in the economic slump we are I didnt think for a single second that I would get to slide without paying heavily. All worked out and to celebrate I ordered a set of KHE tires to lighten up my park rig just a little bit, trails tomorrow with Jay Fil unless he flakes, hip line at post office and that curved berm jump thing that look tricky. Fun.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Still on the Trails Kick!

Still gettin after the dirt ramping for the most part, but before that session went down I had the pleasure of announcing the Fresno Summer Pro/Am BMX Comp at Mosqueda the BMX only park in Fresno. Great facility and one hell of a contest. $5000 bucks was distributed through the top 5 guys in the pro class and all were thankful for the exception of one southern cal jackass who goes by the name of Daniel Sandoval. Kids a real douchebag and was seriously ranting about a 4th place finish to the tune of $800. Haha not bad in my opinion for a few runs and 2minutes 15seconds of tricks. Seriously your gonna try and shit talk the judging because you didnt win? Fuck outta here kid. Ryan did an excellent job and Mosqueda has a serious scene thats thriving out there. My 2 favorite riders did well with Chad Osburn getting 2nd overall after a tie breaker for the win, and Stevie Grote killed it and just missed out on making the top 5 and some cash. Cant wait for the next round in 6 months!

Trails! I been linking tricks and lines at secret spot in Aptos, and after some debate about how gnarly the Post Office trails were I said fuck it we are already here lets go ride em. Jay Fil wasnt too sure but I knew if I started trying them he would follow suit. Which he did. he has a little work to do but he took a solid first step and is starting to ride the big boy sets out there. It was my first actual trip there and I was psyked after about 15 attempts to make it through the whole hip line which is basically STEEP and DEEP to say the least. You hang 50/50 on one of those landings and your day will go bad in a hurry. Luckily I left the race style in the car and was boostin and leanin in and getting through. Tons of fun and anxious to ride those spots some more!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

If the streets is talkin...

Then the trails are shouting suckas! I dont know that I was burned out on riding in the past few weeks, but Ive been riding quite a bit and as much as possible between all the work shifts but I switched things up and got back to the trails as I always do around my Bday and it was refreshing. Not much emphasis on tricks at all just going fast and enjoying smooth lines and dirty jeans. I met up with Fowler @ Polo in Aptos and we headed over to secret spot and just had a blast riding a long line that isnt the hardest and demanding but as always if you get caught slipping the trails will check you up quickly. I stayed fairly clean and just had a blast and went back not just Saturday but repeated process on Sunday. All the other boys were getting snappy out at the Manteca races, but for me the trails were a blessing and the perfect way to get refreshed before starting a burner week of 8:30am BMX Camps and then straight to regional for the hospital shifts. I didnt get any pics of the jumps because my sd card was missing in my phone, but Ill try next time. Good times and a promising future!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Happy birthday to..... Me!

That's right suckas 27 years of age yeah buddy. Worked a lovely 14hr day to celebrate it and aid came through wit the goodie bag of snacks to keep me going. Rode bmx and worked. Real blogs coming soon I promise. Lol