Wednesday, September 28, 2016

2 months

Are you kidding me? Nearly 60 days without a post oh Im slacking hard. Ok lets catch up hmmmmm Ive been working on the track alot. Too much actually. LOL. What ya gonna do though if you want a good track you have to do insane amounts of work so I shall work toward the end result. Its looking like 55% good right now LOL Been racing little opens on Tuesday and Friday nights with the crew at the track and they have been fun. But fuck I get sooooo exhausted and breathing is like ridiculously difficult so I regret them at the same time but they too much fun to not do it. Been doing good at work too, picking up more responsibility now just come through with that pay raise again LOL. The envyblk is riding well, my nephew Benny is back in action after his wrist issue so happy to have him back means the training sessions will get back on track... Flat pedal event on October 9th with the salt crew boys will be fun. crazy I have so much going on and too lazy to try and type it all out lol. be good to each other people!