Monday, March 28, 2011

Goodbye Rain...

Supposedly the rain is done for a good little stretch! Checked the 10 day weather report and upper 60's for the next week is a very welcome change and we can put away the umbrella, or not. I even dusted off my new race bike which saw action just one time since being built. Nathan Mellone is probably in the gym all week looking to dash my double in New Mexico this weekend, but better hope they have 10 moto's and they are back to back because nicky nick is lookin to score up some Wins for my future NBL title LOL. Work drama has been lame at the park but kinda nice to be ridin this week and gonna do a lil photo shoot for some ads and park promo stuff should be fun. Knowing me I'll get broke off and be all injured at the NM race.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Tsunami SJ

LOL We prolly shoudnt joke about the current situation overseas, so I wont. But i will make plenty of joke about how the warehouse I work at was gettin very close to being flooded. We had to skip using our normal docks because they took on a standing 4feet or so of water... Shady business. the property owners had some trucks trying to pump water out but rain was still falling so... Should be a dandy of a day taking deliveries and shipping out supplies tomorrow.

Sunday, March 20, 2011


Team Doin' It factory rider Alan Hotpizzle Hudson scored up a podium behind Alex Anthony out in Az this past weekend on day 1's events. No footage of the race but Im sure it was go fast, tap manual, repeat process for 35 puking seconds and then head to the payout window. The win was worth $700 so assuming second place was at least $400 if not more. Good job goes out to Alan, and in past history when he gets on a hot streak I usually get new shoes. Nobody is hoping more for a double podium appearance more than me, haha. Good job man your going fast as usual, keep it up and lets get on the top of the box boi! Roybal got worked, Porter got worked, and the rest of the team isnt blog worthy this time around. Ill be watching for todays results soon and hopefully the boys will give me something to talk about. Eric Rupe is back in the am classes and took down his first win in cruiser, Im thinking he has a shot at the overall cruiser title just because I can see alot of guys wanting to ride against him and pumping up the rider count in those classes. Should be interesting. Pic below of Hudson beastin a few guys into turn 1.

EDIT- Alan lead the main on Sunday as well, but was beat out at the line by some Lance Armstrong type kid who pedals way too much. When asked if he was bummed about gettin passed he replied "It was a $200 loss when I got passed, but I was busy making sure my forks were visible to get that VSI contingency, so its chill. Which way was the payout window again?" Classy my good man, classy.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Camera Phone Shots

Made a shotty attempt at cleanin up my room today because just piles of crap everywhere it seemed LOL. Tipped over my collection of hotel key cards and thought I might be at my goal of 100. I counted em up and was shy at 69, but was pretty psyked because some cards were easy to remember the trip vividly. Standout cards were from Grand Sierra in Reno, and even from when it was Hilton. Quite a few Tahiti Village cards as well due to Interbike trips, Roynuts peeing in Fowlers helmet @ 4am., and my gambling addiction LOL. NBL Grands cards were in their too and I chuckled at the stories related to that. Good times. 31 more to go then Im doing something cool with them all, any ideas please let me know. I was then laughing my ass off when I noticed this box of hats thats been sitting in my room for about 4 months of Nor*Cal Classic swag has the word "califonia" on it. Haha I guess in Bangladesh it doesnt matter if you can spell as long as you can stitch up fitted caps for $0.13 a piece your fine. LOL Thats all for now its Bingo night tonight and Im past due for a win, who is down to ride?

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Jacksons Down.

For you fools who live in holes or have never had the pleasure of building a dirt jump you need to be introduced to Jackson. Shake his hand when you see him and keep an eye out for the sasquatch blog, because its dialed. I spotted this gem of a photo at and had to crosslink it, even though I despise seeing pics on 5 different sites this one had some meaning. Jackson is showing his support of my district #45 for the year and like 6 months ago I said I was doing the colt .45 logo for my numberplate and now that jackson approves it is going into full swing. Sick.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Dat Go.

Sorry Bob. Their happens to be a new builder in town and he goes by the name of Nick MFIN Valencia. I finished up the whip today and it came out pretty sick so Im really jazzed about that but that was the 2nd build of the day. I got an early start at LCRSP and knocked out a fairly legit 5 foot box jump that took a solid 8 hours to build. Im paid by the hour and gonna be let go due to budget constraints pretty soon so I wasnt racing to get the box jump done but it came out good. Painting it tomorrow and it will be used for school shows in the future. Better be the near future LOL, some time through the build someone asked how long the ramp would last and I replied with "longer than my city employment, but that aint sayin much I guess" LOL. Thanks goes out to * Name Drop In 5,4,3,2,1.... Ryan Nyquist for lending me all his man tools so I could get it done faster. Nail guns are always fun to use and it speeds up the process. School shows and community centers book now for your FREE LCRSP Shows. Due to questionable employment status you may wanna book for the next 2 weeks, I cant guarantee anything after that time frame LOL. Good times @ LCRSP and hopefully the shows go off well. My boss seems to think he can MC them, I have seen a few shows in my time and the show is 2 things riding and MC work. If either sucks the vibe just doesnt work. He has big shoes to fill as Al is magic on a mic and has the skills to make shows work, my boss... errrrr not so much.

Whip Check!

Frame/Fork- SX Envy 21.25 Custom Mid BB, SX Pro Lite Fork
Wheels- Sun Ringle 4 Stroke hubs Ti front spokes and new Envy Lite 1.5 Rims
Cranks Profile Race w/ Hollow Ti Spindle and Knight Ti Bolts, JW Spider w/ Rennen 43.7t gear. 545 Pedals
Supercross Stem with Escobars and S&M Thin Grips
Eclat Seat/Post Combo w/ Fly clamp
Shimano Brakes, Maxxis 1.5 rear tire and MK2 1.75 front tire. Lite tubes when I get a chance and a KMC chain for now.
Weight? Well under 20 pounds :)

For Sale! gently used (see Thrashed in websters dictionary) sx envy 21.25 pro xl shoot me an offer...

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

New Build!

Well I told a few people that I had to build up a new race bike since it seems everyone has built up an Envy frame in the past few months, its a nod to the fact that SX and Bill Ryan have stamped the frame market and seriously upped the ante that few manufacturers IMO can even think of achieving. I had to do something special and I prefer profile cranks to big bulky aluminum run of the mill shimanos anyway and I had a brainstorm idea and with a little bit of investigating and a whole lot of ca$h, I got what you see in front of you. One of three Mid BB SX Envy's thanks to Bill Ryan for hookin it up. Sun Ringle came through with the wheels as always, oddly enough I paid cash for the rims then received a box of rims a few days later LOL. Exodus bars as always and a slew of ti upgrades for the profile cranks to keep thing light. This build should be about 3/4 pound lighter than my last rig and the best part was I took off 8 oz. with the wheels alone. Rotating weight is the most important so I got that thing runnin solid. Full parts list and the finished pics tomorrow. Leave a comment and tell me how fast it is gonna be. LOL

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Goodbye Vegas!

Birthday Boy and Myself above...

Sittin at Mc Carran waitin for the stupidest route to get my tail home, try Vegas to LAX then a 3hr layover then LAX to San Jose. Haha United is a fuckin joke. Vegas was good as always and I took in some shows. Zumanity was like sexual comedy and KA was the big show at MGM and it was a story about uh.... well... see... umm their was a girl and a guy and they got kidnapped and some worldy pirate shit went down then they got reunited and uhhhh yeah sumthin like that. LOL it was a storyline that was tough to follow but it was a good show none the less. I'm a fan of the shows so if you get a chance I would suggest not passin it up. Christian had 6 or 7 birthday parties and myself and Carla attended 2 which was fun. Had a good time choppin it up with his friends from work and his chick and stuff so that was chill. Met a few more of their friends and re-met a couple too. Good times and Stephers was along for the ride with her sleepy ass. Love ya kidd!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


@NickDawg- This is a joke that may or may not be caught but if you did get it then laugh. Ha. Ok maybe not. Anyway Im at SJC and I usually make it a point to blog from here about where Im headed to but this ones pretty simple. I didnt get enough of the casino kickin my ass on international waters, so Im headed to sin city to try my hand at that some more LOL. Gonna visit Steph and Carla my vegas fan club and make sure all is well with them. Primm race was originally this weekend so I had the time off and was set to go, figured I might as well keep in the direction of the original plan even if Gary Aragon and GSUX couldnt give me a legit excuse to go blow money. Haha. New build is slowly underway, watch for it. Thats all the twitter blog is finished. Ha

Home Sweet Home.

Fresh off the boat. The cruise was fairly rad and I had a good time down south in Mexico. Good times and Id do it again, but definitely going to have to save up some more funds for it LOL. 7 days with an open casino can take a toll on your bank account, be warned kids. Congrats to Alan Hudson for taking down a Win or two at the Oregon Siberian national race. He is always going fast and good shit to see him get some cheddar for his efforts. Good job son. Arrived home and had the custom one off Gunmetal Grey SX Envy with a mid bottom bracket instead of the typical euro setup like the norm waiting for me. Quickly got all my parts taken apart and headed over to the new top secret powder operations AKA Rodney for a fresh coat of black. Thats right, leaving the white for another phase and going with a grey/black/white balance on this new build. Profiles will transfer the power to the wheels which are the new 1.50 envy lites courtesy of the boys at Sun Ringle' and the entire build should be a pound lighter than my previous setup. I have a few things up my sleeve as well and I might take the build to a silly weight but we shall see. Thanks to Bill @ SX for the support and Sun Ringle' for the wheels as always. Pics when I get it all assembled. Leaving to Vegas for the weekend today or tomorrow, unless I somehow shade out but Im pretty sure Im headed that way- Yeeeeee