Thursday, February 28, 2013

Mineta Again!

Ive prolly posted more times from the servers of the good ol SJC Mineta wifi than any other source of internet ever. Another trip begins today and should be a good one, Im strugglin so hard these days and the streets are so rough that Im retreating to the sandy beaches of hawaii :) jyeah. I have zero planned because Im so lazy but Im sure Ill find some shit to do when I land there. Maui then a puddle jump to Kauai for a couple of days. Accidentally walked through the short first class security line and they didnt even give 2 shits so Id say the day is going well so far, but I prolly used up my last bit of good karma with that move as well. See me out here

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Skate Life

BMX Camp kicked off today and as always whenever I have BMX camp I dust off the skate skills or in this case lack thereof haha. Took me a few tries but finally pulled my favorite lip trick just this pivot 5-0 thing. Stoked haha Here is a still pic and supposed to rain tomorrow so cant shred the 2ft mini til Wed. See ya then!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Slacking. I know.

Haha havent blogged in awhile and dont have much to vent about but I definitely got hosed on tax season this year. Everyone ranting about how much they getting back and Im just the salty guy in the room pissed because im paying this year LOL. A little over $500 will go back to uncle Sam and I hope he spends it wisely, because I was gonna waste it for sure. haha. Evo build was moving quick and now is behind the taxes on the financial scale, so should be a month or so maybe sooner just stockpiling parts for now and its kinda nice not being rushed because I can find all the cutty deals. haha. Started the sprint program today and puked as expected and was soooo not stoked. But gonna stick to it for a few months at least and the gym stuff as well, because I figure I got lucky healing the knee so fast so I should at least do my part and work it out with some intensity :) Been hitting the track on Fridays too and beasting it even though Im currently at the bottom of the food chain Ill be back in the mix quickly and then its off to Canada to score my races up LOL. Thats it for now just working and getting things together for the big BMX comeback. LOL shit's serious business I guess haha