Wednesday, August 20, 2014


I just want the evo back fugggggggggggg its been like forever and I generally am working so much that I dont notice it but shit its only day 3 of slower work weeks and im spinning my wheels wanting a normal non janky car again haha. someone snap fingers and make an evo appear. Thanks.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

When's vacation again?

Pretty sure Im past due for a cruise or a trip to the middle of nowhere. I really should have hit the Nebraska BMX race this weekend because for starters I raced there once and won both days so Im basically undefeated in that state, and two I like the local track there and it used to be super good/fast so even if you get waxed the laps feel like they were fun. Someday Im going to follow the national schedule and do all the tracks the week before or after the nationals just to ride them all but save $10k in entry fees at the same time. Haha that would be kinda cool I think. Anyway finally finished all the skate and bmx camps for the season at LCRSP and we killed it as a collective group as usual. I was pleased with the numbers and we beat last year so programs growing as it always is, cant wait to get some marketing behind the program and really see where the numbers go. Speaking of city work alot of my homies down south in the 559 got laid off this week as casualties of the 1040 rule, which really sucks cuz they are far better employees than the quality I see around my area and are paid much less than they deserve and are axed because of benefits complications and unions :( really crummy and hope those guys can land on their feet they definitely deserve better and hope they get it. Would be DOPE to transplant them to my park and let them run it hehe then I could be the least qualified person around.

Works going good stacking crazy hours and stacking evo throw away money above anything and that is the WHY behind it all. Financial stability is big to me although its not important at the same time and ive been working enough to not have to worry about the money pit car or anything else for that matter, and if this transfer works out I can stack even more cash and settle down the crazy schedule and really blow off some vacations :) I have like 200 hours of PTO just waiting to burn and would love to do a week in hawaii or something yeeeeee. Thats all for now yet again not much to blog about because so much working is going on, dinner before a 16 hour overnight shift should be good. Haha lets run this thing! Yeeeeeeeeeee

Sunday, August 10, 2014

clickety clank clickety clank....

Name that song? Just wrapped up my work weekend and glad to say it went smooth and only 1 week left of camps before I get to scaled down to a somewhat normal work schedule. Gonna be nice to not have to set an alarm and thats pure hope that it stays that way for a bit. Ive stacked up far more than enough and I can use a few weeks to sleeeeeeeep. Real talk. Gonna figure out a summer trip for myself maybe a race somewhere or a riding session somewhere with a few friends? Who knows but its time to enjoy the $$$ ive earned from killin it at work the last few months and Im excited to do something. Hawaii? Who knows but I need a hotel hook and im dipping fa reals haha. Wekfest is today but with no evo to drive I dont even care to see anyone elses cars looking all good HAHA instahater I am LOL not much else to report. The bewildering thoughts of peoples opinions of me are still so odd, last week within about 10 minutes I had one person tell me I was too concerned with safety and its lame. Then the next person told me I need to think that safety of skaters should be paramount and above all. Like uhhhhh Im confused on what is going on here hahahahaha. Thats about all on my end I always start typing and think I have so much to spill but then I get into it and its a straight blank lol. Its whatever and Im sure people will accept it haha all 6 followers will survive :)