Saturday, March 29, 2014

Dual Vacations!

Been resting up a bit lately and feeling good about it. Vegas recharged the batteries and a few lazy days solo helped as well. Rain and NCAA elite 8 games kept me at home snuggled up after working the OT shift. All in all feeling good about it. Evo has been MIA still which is getting really fuckin annoying but the OT shifts have made it so that it isnt a financial burden at all and seriously thank god and my hospital job for that, cuz if I had to pay those costs with minimal work? Pffffft I would be rebuilding a stock evo and throw the racecar aspect out LOL. Thats all for now just over 100 hours worked this last pay period so a little bit of a slow down but plenty of OT in there so we good. The quest for 6 figures continues suckas. BTW. Karma came in the way of Mother Nature bwa ha ha

Friday, March 28, 2014


Hunnnnnnnnnnids!!!!! I'm at the mall bought everything that I wanted. Livin this shit so seriously right now racks on muthafuckin racks who gon stop me now?

Monday, March 24, 2014

$in City March Madne$$

If you know me you know I think watching other people do sports is suuuuuuuuper lame, because 99% of the time you can go out and do them yourselves and have 10x more fun. Sure the lure of seeing some elite level athlete who has put in the time and work to polish and refine his craft does have some merit, but uhhhhhh fuck that. If you want to hear people praise these guys head over to and those guys will show you how to jock these fools on the regular. Now as for me I personally dont care much for basketball, although I respect the talent of some I just simply dont care much for the game although march always brings the NCAA tourney and that I get excited for just because of the chance to see storied teams get ousted early by random guys who snuck in from outta nowhere. This year it would me Mercer to send Duke packing in the opening round and luckily I steered clear of that bet. I did however pledge to put down $1000 on Arizona in their opener, but the moneyline was turned off when AZ was opened and favored by 22points. Only casino taking action on moneyline bets was GTBets online and it was $6000 to win $100. Clearly I aint risking $6000 so that was a wash. But I went with San Diego and won that bad boy put me up $250, then took Wisconsin who even covered the spread with a late rally and a lucky technical that netted me a few bills and then the bet of the weekend was none other than Arizona again I intended to play Money line for $420 to win $150 or so because AZ was favored by 7. I felt they would win but not nearly by 7... Somehow while talking to the chick at the window we got confused and when I got back to the shep spot I noticed my moneyline was not a moneyline at all! I was stuck with a $420 bet for AZ to cover 7 points?!?! WTF. I hate and despise the spread! The good thing was it would pay double that, but fuck 7 points is alot, I expressed my disdain and swore off the palace station casino's and headed back to watch my money vanish. Little did I know AZ would demolish all comers and win that game by 23 or so. I was up a fresh $400 more and stoked as could be. Factoring in I got to hang with Carla and the Shep crew- Kyle, Brando, Gladys, Diana, Alonzo, and Maryanne calling me a fuckin sailor all weekend I had a great time and made money. AZ versus SDSU next week I may lay down $250 if the stars align but other than that weekend was great. Shoutout Analina too I always shoot her a text when Im in town and she comes through. She had a rough night playing catch up at the bar, but she had a good time so cant say she aint bout it. This older lady at the bar kept asking me to dance over and over and I finally danced with her and Carla was dieing laughing and grabbed her to take a photo with me haha. Cougar? Not so much. LOL good times and as always the 702 never leaves me without a good story. Until next time Vegas, keep it classy.

Thursday, March 20, 2014


That's the itinerary for the Thursday-Monday vacation. Had a flight credit that was going to expire and figured it was enough of an excuse to go shoot the shit with the homie Carla in Vegas. She got the hotel hook and we boutta just chill and watch ncaa basketball like I enjoy it LoL. Was planning on dropping  some serious cash on the u of a but the moneyline has gone insane and I despise the spread. If it somehow gets back to a reasonable payout you can chalk me up for $1000 for the Arizona team to get through which should be easy or so we hope ha. Still ain't got my Evo back I may have to send out a missing automobile report and see what the holdup is lord it's been forever a man just Wants to go fast haha. Not much else just cleared again 112 hours worked at one job making a cute paycheck to leave to Vegas with. Starting to figure out my after summer plans surgery wise gonna get this ankle/foot taken care of and take off 3 months while I heal and enjoy the fruits of disability payments.   That is all for now if somehow  my weekend goes epic and I win a million bucks don't worry I'll still blog here just more arrogant than I already am. That's it for now. Say what ya mean and mean what ya say!

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Said it before...

I always say it and only fellow martians understand it. Dont ask for the ultimate outcome unless you willing to put in the work and withstand the process. Enjoying this process heavily today. Sure did make short work of a 10hr shift with this 3rd ankle. #neverscared
In all seriousness surgery after the summer to get this thing running cherry again. Best guess at how many ligaments are torn/detached wins a $20 bill.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Neighborhood Superhero

When you hear that term it could mean a few different things to different people but at the end of the day to me it means that one guy in the neighborhood who is just "the man". Haha like the dude who you look up to or envy or seek their approval or whatever the case may be for whatever reason. I have had a few over the years and a quite vivid one was my good buddy Mark La Paglia from Az. I spent a good few years in Az and thats when I really got my start riding/racing BMX and from the jump no pun intended Mark was that dude. He worked at the bike shop we all shopped at, had a dope bike, had skills to match, had a cool car, and lived pedal distance from the local track setup that we all loved to visit. Seeing him around was mythical at the time and Im not sure when I went from thinking he was the coolest guy on the planet to riding with him regularly and traveling and eventually being on the same teams and trips together. Bauer Bikes/Second Sucks Apparel to be exact fuck good times those were. None the less it wasnt just BMX although everything for us revolved around BMX that was just our daytime excuse to meet up and then we would hang at wherever and do whatever we wanted. My parents were non existent at the time so I spent a fair bit of time at Marks house and always tagging along with him to the track and races and whatnot. I recall vividly when he gave me his Carbon Fiber frame just because I loved it so much, it was likely too big for me because mark is at least 6'3" and at my best im 5'8" LOL but that just goes to show that he just wanted to make me happy and hook me up.  Dude ripped on a bike and was always killing it and kept me pushing to be somewhat at his level. Like I said I dont recall when or what it was that took me from being a grom knowing him to being a riding buddy but fuck if im not stoked that it happened. I havent seen Mark since we both somehow drifted apart I moved after HS graduation and he did much of the same.  Now unless you come from where we come from in AZ youll never know how important it is to move the hell outta that area, but we both made it and have become good stories. He is doing well has his own shop and that doesnt shock me at all, and he still pedaling a bike just a different one than Im used to. Which to me is all good. We swapped memories all night about old times and jokes and shit from 10+ years prior and it was like we never missed a beat. I caught up on everyones current state and got updates on anything and everything AZ related. Im gonna go back there someday and just pedal around my old town like I did when I was young just to see it and soak it all in. Mark asked me last night if I ever reflected on coming from little old town to where I am now, and its funny because I think he see's things like I see them. I replied to him "man nobody understands how content I am and how I could drop tomorrow and fuck if I havent come far and had a helluva ride" I think Mark agrees with that and shares that opinion. Truly one of my best fuckin friends on the planet even with a 10 year gap we somehow put between us LOL cheers to you Mark and Im just as proud of you as you likely are of me. Much love buddy!

Thursday, March 13, 2014

That interview life.

Had my city interview today and did pretty damn well on it or so I think I did LOL. Dont expect to get the nod but very happy that I did what I did and got a fresh resume' all done up for it. Shout out Andrew for coming through with the solid ass letter for me I was stoked on that thing. Thats all for now heading out to go bowling and meet up with Mark La Paglia my neighborhood super hero from way back when. Should be cool and ill def blog about it. woot woot

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Hundred M's

Woke up and started blogggggggggggggin! Figured I better get at these keys while I have a rare day off and set the tone for my week that should be quite interesting, in all honesty only 30minutes of it should really be interesting but whatever. Anyway so a few weeks back I applied for my management position at my city job as I always do when it comes up and every year I dont make the interview phase because of the way they word the qualifying process, but I do it for the sake of putting in the effort. I got approved to interview for it which was slightly surprising but not crazy out of this world shocker status, so that was cool. Booked a time and date and then started analyzing if anything has changed about my feelings of managing that place. See the actual job isnt anything too crazy and I wouldn't mind taking that position but the way its setup and the levels to get things done are just exact 180 from how I function. Ideally I would like to just be an assistant manager of sorts, make my own schedule and get a city credit card to get shit done in a much more timely manner and make some changes that would help things out. But alas that wont be coming to fruition so I shall interview for the main manager job and politely decline if offered the spot anyway, or accept it and tell them my hours will be later in the day going forward and then they would not be happy with that and decline me anyway. haha its a win/win situation because I basically cant give the city my commitment because the pay is not there and it's never truly about money but the management stuff weighs heavy and Im not too keen on that situation. But the flip side is a materials transfer is opening at RMC and Im over qualified for that as well so I am considering sliding in there. Only drawback is it would kill my overtime streak because I would get blocked to 80 hours and lose my 120+ so thats a financial hit too. Haha what to do what to do. Best case scenario? mornings at RMC evenings at the city and $115k at years end, scratch that off the non existent bucket list to make $100k in a year :) Thats all going on over here pretty much, cruise was sick likely planning another one later in the year or hawaii again not sure which one I feel like yet. Vegas in a week or so should be good and relaxing. Apparently the racecar coming home pretty soon too? who knew? Pretty excited to revamp the resume' for that interview not gonna lie :) gonna work on that this week a little bit woot woot.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Something about the west coast, it makes me wanna fly!

Getting the early debarkation nod from the cruise ship is greatly appreciated because you can get off the ship first and on the transfer bus early, the only drawback is you arrive at the early 3hoursbeforw departure haha fuck me. If I were solo I'd visit one of the gaveled Rick Ross strip joints but alas I'm not DOLO do scratch that idea haha. Passed the downtown Miami area and literally 8am and clubs still getting out? Who the fuck parties til. 8am???? Sheeeeesh I give you that Miami you do go hard because that's a loooong night and it wasn't like one or two people haha a solid 15-25 ppl outside of euphoria across from lebrons arena. Insanity. Anyway trip was pretty fresh hit the beach a few times and checked off a few islands which is ways good for the travel cred. Grand Turk was by far my fav island I could pass on Puerto Rico didn't care for it much and Nassau Bahamas was so so. Virgin Islands was coo I'd fuck wit that again all in all had a good time. Back to the grind tomorrow get back to making this money and covering this cruise bill real quick like. Observation of the weekend you appreciate rap and hip hop music sooooooooo much more when you are not around it for a week. Shit sounds like a symphony right now so shout out ace hood radio streaming for me while I kill time and stalk people on face crook haha.