Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Good Ol George

So today is the day collectively a whole slew of people will say our last good bye to George Esquivel. I've known the entire Esquivel family for about 10 years or so and they a solid group from top to bottom. The kids all raced throughout our teen years and that's when I spent the bulk amount of time around them. In that time I got really close with George and Anna and they are truly genuine people. I've gone to several races with them George would always make it a point to find out if I needed a ride or had one situated, he would never let me miss a race on account of  something he could control type of guy. That always went over well with me because I try and be that same type of man as I grow. Anna and him would even let me crash at their house  the night before leaving to a race early just so I wouldn't have to wake up as early. Always there with some tools as well I can't even explain how many times Id be in the back of the suburban sifting through George's tools and he would be thrilled to have me get things sorted out. And I'm sure everyone else will attest that George always beyond a shadow of a doubt would watch closely every lap and if you wanted his expert opinion he would let you know where you could pick up a second and where you were looking strong. Several times it would be cold at the local track and he would yell for me to come and sit with him and anna and start the truck to get the heater going. Hot chocolate? Yeah. Dude always ordered an extra 1 or 2 because someone would be able to benefit from a little kindness. The truck talks were always good and usually team related or what race was next or how work was going. George never cared if you were the fastest guy on the gate or never even qualifying he knew life was more than trophies and points and he was a perfect example of that. I say to people a lot to pay things forward and George was that same type of guy and that's why I respect him and always will. Thanks George for all the kind memories and all the conversations through the years. Your family has always been  special to me and  will always be looked after to the best of my ability. Love ya man and until we meet again.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

PBA Life

So I dont think I make much of a mention about it here on my blog but Ive been bowling quite a bit lately and Ive become decent IMO. Tonight I had my best average since I started bowling and I had another game that was 10 strikes out of 12 needed for a perfect game. Ive had that happen a few times in the last 2 weeks and not gonna even front I want a 300 game for sure. Would be a good random conversation piece if for nothing else. I still dont have any desire to bowl in a league or compete at it for some reason which is fine by me. Keeping it fun and just enjoying the challenge of the activity. Would love to blog a 300 game but for now just blog about the pursuit of one hehe.

Scored 2 14hr days this week. Monday and Tuesday my receiver is out @RMC so Ill fill his shoes for the days. Should be good to keep stacking the OT hours. If I can somehow get lucky and my other coworker calls in I would go into double time rate LOL fingers crossed hahaha Thats all for now- funeral Tuesday for the homie George Esquivel. Solid dude and gonna be a bummer saying goodbye to him classy guy always a good time talking to him and going to be like I said a bummer. Much respect though and love that dude.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Balance Achieved.

Ok so after a slight day of shittyness over finances and what not I think I got things under control. Time will tell I guess so hopin Im right. How do you balance a lopsided checkbook? YOU WORK. So thats what I did last weekend to get the incoming total higher than the outgoing total. Worked a few very undesirable shifts with minimal rest and in one or two cases no rest between and LONG hours that went into double OT so things should head north again. Had a few different conversations with different people and some people totally understand it and where I come from and some are just clueless which I totally understand. I try to break it down for people who just dont get it fairly simple. When you grow up in a less than stellar financial situation you either accept it and let that be your status quo or you make it a point to never get back into that situation when its in your control. I take the latter. So I live pretty damn frugal or at least I think I do and I dont spend as much or as wild as I probably could. Sure people may not see me rocking the newest jordans, and I might have the same tee shirt that you saw me in 2 times last week, I dont drive a fancy car albeit my fuckin evo could be a Benz at this point LOL. But I live simple, simplicity has its place in life and if you can pass on some of the things that people take on you would be shocked at how much liquid cash you could save and use toward better longer lasting things. In the past month I saw $8k basically get pissed away for lack of a better explanation and it was a harsh realization that people may not value money, but you always should value your time and in my situation it takes alot of time to generate that kind of money. I dont think if I were to stumble upon a billion dollars that I would be much different and honestly Id likely give more money away than I would spend on myself cuz Im just not that type of person to need money or items, but when it comes to the option of wasting or saving for a rainy day count me in the saver category. All that being said Ill be in hawaii in a few weeks so all that ranting is fully hypocritical for the most part, but feels good to get it off my chest. Someone I told I was going to hawaii asked how I could afford it and it was a simple reply "work. and lots of it" they told me they could never take a trip of that stature and it bewildered me. Hawaii is like $400 in flights and some hotel stays you could easily knock out a trip for $750 if you do it right. They told me that they would never be able to afford that... I pointed out the $250 phone they were texting on that comes with a $50 bill monthly, then glanced across at their car that comes with $250 per month payments, and told them that the choices they make without even making them are the reasons they dont have the liquid to go to hawaii or anywhere else. Everyone is guilty of it, but shit if people could sacrifice a little of the normal expenses that they think they need and make some goals and do new things it would really show people they are more than just rats in the race. Thats all rant over. #ifyougottapayforitwhynotpayitforward

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Curve Balls

Ever have a day where from sun up to sun down you just catching all kinda of shocks and surprises? Thats was my day today to the T. I aint ever one to keep a secret so here goes, I wake up and hear someone wants to hollar at me when I know damn well that person doesnt like me. Why the hell they wanna get ahold of me all of a sudden? My days been going perfectly fine and I dont need a visit from anyone who aint trying to keep me going in a positive way, keep your weak shit all by yourself LOL. Then I find out Im walking around thinkin Im rich and ballin and find out clearly beyond a shadow of a doubt I am so not ballin. LOL Fake it til ya make it is the new theme for me from here on out. I be joking with the homie about "strugglin" and shit little did I know I am actually struggling. Lordy lordy. I work 7 days a week for like months at a time as much as 16 hours days and hella shifts and then I glance at my account and I dont see the reflection of that? Oh hell muthafuggin nah. Some bullshit. Anyway thats it for now, anyone hiring cuz apparently my new lifestyle is a bit more expensive than I thought it was. LOL #FML


Well well well. Seems the NFL has somehow stumbled into a straight up shit show of suspending players in the past 2 weeks or so for several different off the field issues and a common reoccurring theme seems to be violence... I sit back and think well something about this seems a little extreme, you just gonna nix someones job or career because of a mistake? Dont we all make mistakes? Well thats my initial thought and its pretty short lived. Listen you idiots who are so blessed with the opportunity to be professional athletes but cant seem to wrap your heads around common sense- STOP FUCKING UP. Plain and simple. The same reason that you are paid multi million dollar contracts and sponsorships are the same reasons that you should try and be upstanding citizens. Companies get behind you to be impressionable and push that this pair of shoes is the next cool thing and this pair of shorts is the new hot trend. In that same boat if you smack your lady up you open the conversation for someone to say well now he is promoting this negative behavior as well. You are lucky to be in the spotlight to earn the big check, but the same spotlight will only get brighter when you make a bad mistake. I guess I feel "sorry" for the first dudes who gonna be the example for the rest of the athletes but at the same time, you made the decisions you made and now you gotta own the consequences. Sorry fellas sometimes you gotta get hung out to dry to realize you had it so well. Hope you stacked up some of that signing bonus money cuz financial times fiddna get rough for alot of these assholes.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014


"we aint buddies, we aint partners and we damn sure aint friends" haha fitting set of words for tonight. Get notified of a fuckin FB status about me and how Im not involved with some people or in their lives. Like WTF? Spin your social media propaganda all you want and stack up the likes and prayer requests all day long and rest your mind in the hope that all that nonsense is going to sway my decisions in any way. Yeah best of luck with that. Instead of worrying about how to get me in your life I suggest you just make your life so awesome that I might go seeking to get involved with you. Now here is a little secret, Ill never come seeking that no matter what you do but I sincerely hope the best for you however I just dont rock with you. When I depart from someone I don't do it for the fun and the attention, its a calculated decision and its purpose meant. Best of luck in the future and Im sincere as I can be, you can achieve greatness and I may even applaud you from afar, but please believe I will not be rockin with you ever. #factsonly

 Onto more awesome things we gettin money and we currently doin the most and always lookin to improve. ufck with me you know i got it. jay z

Tuesday, September 2, 2014


I dont know why some things amaze me sometimes or even some people amaze me. I naturally think and assume that if you hang out with me alot you will tend to pick up a few pointers and gain some info, and when I notice that that isnt happening it seriously astonishes me. It's for a better example if you hang out with Warren Buffet once or twice a week for a few years, if you dont somehow figure out some financial sense and get rich in that time, people would think you are an idiot. And I would agree with them. Now maybe money isnt a good example.... Say you hang out with Yan Can Cook for a month or two and you somehow cant make a freaking grilled cheese sandwich after that time? WTF are you doing with your life? Step up and learn some fucking skillsets and expand your knowledge people. Holy shit everyone around you has something to offer in the way of free experience and free insight in a variety of subjects, learn from other people and you then gain more as a person. #rantover

Whens the next fuckin vacation im too angry lately hahahahaha