Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Simple stuff....

So I rode cunningham yesterday it was really small 6 dudes and 2 of them were from out of town. Shame not alot of people ride that park so gettin extra sessions wont happen anytime soon thats for sure. But what can you do? Anyway back the simple thought- Im riding with Chris in the big pipe and I never have followed someone through because its kinda sketch and I dont trust many guys lol, but I yell to Chris "comin in hot!" and I follow him through well this idiot or so I thought goes through the corner the wrong direction. To his right when we both turn to the left... I felt lost for a sec but sure enough I had some speed comign back into the beginning of the full pipe that I never had before. I carved and got to oververt and almost died because I bounced off somehow. It was funny and I lived to tell about it. So moving along I started to enjoy that line and I left some skid marks at a foot or so past the over vert section. I was really psyked about them and then I started lookin at em some more and tripping off of how over vert that is and how nutty of a carve it is. I was psyked Chris made me film it and Ill get a pic sometime soon. Halseys coming on the 3-4th of June a week early so thatll be chill Ill have company and a riding buddy for a few weeks. Riding Riding Riding.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Dont call it a comeback!

Got home yesterday after being in AZ/NM for a good 2 weeks. Had a good time there, didnt get to ride as much as I would have liked but the tracks operate on a weird schedule there so nothing I could have done. Anyway I race at New Mexico and had a decent weekend but it was really frustrating. I was in total point with 2 older guys in 26-30 cruiser and Im only 23 so I was out of class which isnt too bad. Anyway one of the guys was good and the other was a beast. The guy was like 6foot tall and had tons of power, the track was simple and a power rider had the advantage all day long. I holeshotted every race but in the last turn every time I would get high-low passed and get beat right at the line. Chalked up 2nd both days and felt pretty good, I rode without my kneebarce the majority of the time which is a bad idea but I wont get into the habit of it just did it for whatever reason. Knee felt great, legs could use more power like always, and I suspect something isnt good with my turns but Im not sure. Puked after EVERY lap which fuckin sucks and I feel soo shitty when I finish a lap its ridiculous. Anyway Prunedale is coming up in a few weeks and Id like to get in shape and make a main and try and win that race of course. Well see..... Videos of the 2 main events below-

Thursday, May 22, 2008


Script is my favorite text so yeah naturally I fool with it.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Another Day...

So for those not in the loop. Im in AZ again for the 2nd time in not so long Im gonna get an apartment here someday I swear, LOL there's a race her ein August so Ill be back for that as well. LOL Im a temporary resident... Anyway Im here for Alicia's College Grad Festival haha. She gets to walk 3 times so Ive been teasing about how many times does it take until your really done LOL. Shits good though I never miss peoples big accomplishments so I gotta be here and be supportive and do the good stuff. Psyked for her college is a big deal and shes finally done with it unless you gets a doctorates or whatever which would be 2-4 more years. Good Job and Congrats.

On the personal side of things, I have narrowed down the unnamed bike co. to either "trinity" or "forthright" I like trinity but the company united has a frame out called the trinity and its kinda biting them in a way I think... But I might go with it anyway. And forthright is a word for straight forward and direct, which pretty much sums up my vision of the company project thing so I like that one as well. Ive been tinkering with illustrator for some logos and designs so keep an eye out, should be good. Aighty im slightly home sick but its nuthing serious yet I wanna ride a concrete park and haul ass :) Cunningham is gonna be shredded when I get home. First race back is in a week so juiced about that too... NM watch out.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

New Rider Added!

So check it out... The company with no name has picked up its first rider for an undisclosed amount of ca$h. Basically I told Kevin if he rode for my new company Id give him a 10 on my scoresheet all day long. He accepted the deal and we signed him for a 2 year contract to the un-named company. Bailey witnessed it all in case he tries to shade out, you know you cant trust guys in V-neck shirts... SC Jump Jam 2008.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Uh Huh...

So I dont have a pic for this but if you were there or ask you may get some proof. So Tony Hawk carved this big vert wall at the new park pretty damn high awhile back and slapped a sticker up on it. This isnt a normal wall and I will get a pic for clarity soon, anyway, so lets say if* I had the chance to ride it some time I would definitely make it a point to gun for that mark if not higher. If* I got that high it would be a good iono 15-25feet tall? Anyway a photo will rise someday and until then it shall go down as an unproven rumor... But in Tony's defense it's gotta be hard to carve that high with 35billion dollars in your pockets from 17versions of your own video game. :) Its all love guys... Psyked. Check the wall below and Im calling out my head over the low side of the top someday, yeah I just called it out- fuggem.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Baby Steps...

So heres a tidbit about the bars I have been working on... They will come 8" tall and 27" wide with 10 degress back sweep and 4 degrees upsweep. Its nothing too radical it will be extremely similar to a beringer light bar but a bit lighter. I have loved beringers and alot of s&m bars so I just did a collective of the angles I knew I liked, and the butted tubing that is allowing to lighten things up a bit. I will probably do a few with 1 degree of upsweep because racer types typically stick with little upsweep and Im trying to get the biggest target market I can. Retail should be a modest $40-$45 bucks as long as everything goes as planned and Im getting 150 sets made so I will have quite a bit of them once I get em in. Oh yeah I forgot for all the weight goons out there look for them to be just a pinch under 25ounces about 24.6. Im working on some different crossbar things so that might save an ounce or two as well but Im not trying to get anyone killed by a set of 14ounce bars either so dont expect them to be too crazy... Sorry kids they dont have any holes in them either, but I do like the macneil bars with the holes under the grips those are kinda cool, but not my stuff sorry. Colors will prolly be just good ol black and white and a few limited edition sets but they would be priced a tad bit higher :( Anyway hope you enjoy the info and hang tight the stuff should be rolling soon enough...

Monday, May 5, 2008

Its Official...

So the new Cunningham Park opened this last weekend while I was in Tulare watching my nephes and niece get their pull on. From what Ive heard it is all it's cracked up to be and then some and I even got a group pic below with some legendary mugs in there. I missed it hangin with the family but Im hopeful that their will be MANY sessions to come in the future. I figure this park will be the 3rd installment of what I consider the staple parks. Go ahead and count in cali dirt as well because thats a staple as well. But SJRC, Vans, and now Cunningham are going to be the place to be for the time being. Ive walked the park but Ive yet to set my tires there, and Im excited to say the least. $50 is cheap for a year pass so Ill be jumping on that and hopefully alot of BMX'ers do and the city notices it because lets face it money does help motivating factors and a few more or just longe rsessions would be welcomed. Im going there tomorrow not sure who's gonna be out there but Im guessing Ill find a familiar face or two. Gonna try to keep it tame and not get excited and wreck my knee, but Ill be very real with you Ive been wondering how high I can air still and see what Ive got to relearn... Anyway look forward to seeing alot of you cats out there all summer and Ive already heard rumors of a contest in the works, so that could be very cool if we got it worked out. Enjoy the pic of the first session there and Ill be photoshopping myself in at some later time.