Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Back to an old routine...

Figured I could post an old pic since my theme is old stuff haha. Jay Fil always asks me how to turn his tables into inverts and I told him I had this pic somewhere. Its all about your footing buddy :) Miss those long day sessions at Hayward. Good times. So getting back on the city payroll in a few short days and first thing to do is get a winter camp arranged. So word on the street is the kiddies have the 19-23rd of Dec. off school. Sign your kid up for a week of fun. Camp runs 9am-1pm and then we open at 1pm to general public. If your kid stays home he will likely watch a bunch of cable and miss out on a week long session with good ol... Me! hehe contact me for more details. Planning a big event for Feb or so... Might be a really god event if one detail goes my way :) Gotta stay quiet about it for now but good news if it works out. Starting Jan 1st my new program will be riding concrete almost daily. The skills will go way up or Ill be broke off pretty quick so we shall see which one happens first haha. Been trying to session Post Office in Aptos this week but Ive heard every excuse in the book from all the guys Ive hit up :( Nyquist is still broken so the reliable session is missing. Cant ride trails alone but tomorrow maybe I will just go for the hell of it.

Twist your feet and push that inside arm to your shoulder boys. :) ^^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Respect is everything.

Game recognize game, in the bay mayn. Dane Searls with a big 50ft. superman that will likely never be topped. Somebody asked me this morning at LCRSP what made it so crazy about the whole giants of dirt setup and whatnot because the megaramp is approximately the same size, 50 and 75 I believe? I laughed and said check the roll in setup at mega ramp and then glance at the slide friendly masonite everywhere. Manly men do manly shit. I finally figured out the peak air thing at post office and was really psyked on that shit, I did a few 3's and flips and rode some of the lines I dont care much for there but felt pretty good overall and felt like I got my Dane Searls tribute on well. Jay Fil was having a good time getting through the middle line which made him 2/3 of the way through everything at that spot. He has some work to do on the right hip line but in due time he should have it all dialed in. I wont make mention of the 9yr old who jumped that line but lets say Jay is definitely motivated now. Matty Matt got the drop down setup a few times and should be able to send the left hip next time we roll out there, so he is improving too. Still doesnt have the eye of the tiger yet and willing to get broke off, but if he keeps workin on it he should be fine too. Same for Jay just needs to realize the time is now. E85 on deck for the evo, even if Jay says its BS hahaha Matt you aint gettin the Iphone so give it up, flip phones are making a comeback in 2012 so be patient!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

NO THANKSgiving :(

For lack of a better word to sum up my feelings right now put the kiddies to bed. Fuck. Dane Searls passed away today after being in a coma for a few days after some celebrations went wrong. Words can probably express how I feel but I dont even feel like working toward thinking much, Im just fuckin bummed as shit. When I first heard about him being in critical I was like fuck man thats the worst news ever, and now to actually lose him is devastating. Fuckin bummed as shit. Sun needs to come out and dry something up so I can hit a section and pay some respect to a legit trailboss. Damnit.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Levi's Code! Shred Sessions LOL

First things first... Get that denim fix and whatever else you can spend some money on and then take a cool 30% off the price tag with this code @ Simply enter RS3V at the checkout and walaaaa. Shout out Carla for the inside line. Use it or lose it ***VALID NOV. 28th- DEC 4th***so dont put it off get your stuff in time for Xmas which is looming!

Rode the best jumps ever today LOL Calabasas was the spot and I just did all the normal stuff and even squeaked out a few twitchy fast and ugly 3 turndowns LOL. Sessioned the step up for a bit and was amazed at how much I suck on that jump LOL its like a lip at the bottom and then it fades away quick at the top... Just weird but Jay laid down a really good 3 on it, then he took his foot off like a goon, he manned up and sent another and looped out and had enough. He is on the new bike psych so I was stoked for him but he definitely has taken the step to learn the trick so now he just gotta dial em in. Matty Matt was shreddin with us and he is the youngest so he will likely be the best but he gotta put in the work too haha. Solid session and even Ryan was throwing x ups, Im shit with names so if I butchered his name Ill get it right next time. Off to get my dig on tomorrow either over the hill or some other spot, typical weekend and then loading up some boxes and bins as move day to the new apartment is monday. Found a few potential houses to cop in SJ so hopefully one of em works out. We shall see.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Nothing special about the date just felt like typing it out for some reason LOL. Felt like I havent blogged in a few weeks so figured Id get back at it n see whats on my mind. Heading to peep an apartment in a few minutes and 95% sure it will be my new residence while I scope out a house to buy still. Short lease so Im not locked into it for too long, but we shall see. Not too psyked about having to do an apartment because I think the pressure of bein at my aunts was making the house saving and searching so much faster and now that we have a 4-5month window Im sure things will slack up but whatever. Gettin the escape window fixed pretty soon as soon as one of these people call me back with a quote for it. I swear in a shit economy you would think people would be fighting for work. No dice though. Did I mention Ill be in Fremont at the new spot? Yeah off Stevenson pretty far down, would be CRAZY if the skatepark was still there since thats like a 2 minute pedal from the apartment Im going to. Luckily it's not- Id have $5k in tickets in a few weeks Im sure but my flairs would be even bigger LOL Dons bike is still missing I think, but Im sure that fool filed a claim with his insurance and could likely build a BEAST of a new bike. Id be pissed if someone stole my shit outta my car but at the same time a $500 deductible is a small price to pay for gettin a fresh whip. Speakin of which I need to get that bitch tinted up ASAP. Got my stock intercooler piping yesterday and need a coupler or two to get it all smog legal LOL go figure. Ill get around to it, likely after I get pulled over for my tags which expire next month LOL. Chris said he is oficially hitting the brakes on which we had spoke about a few weeks ago but I figured he was just bored with it for a bit. Said he has been workin alot which I totally understand. Im not sure who will run with the flag from now on and the rest of the local sites have nowhere near the range of sjbmx so should be interesting to watch. If I were Specialized Id buy it and try an put subliminal messages in all the posts and move units that way haha. Will Grahn is a manly man in case you didnt know. Thats all for now kids been diggin at the trails and the sessions are only at Post Office now as SS is pretty much a flood zone now, Its drained nicely but seasons over unless you buy some sunshine and sneak it through the trees. Yeeeeeeeeeee

Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Finally got around to installing my stock airbox and filter on my evo the other day since my smog month is finally here and it went pretty well. Rigged it up and was immediately sad the sound was way lamer than normal. Shot down to a smog spot in the hood by my job, she passed with ease and then the questions started about my intercooler piping... Why is is polished? Did it come polished? LOL Its polished cuz that shits baller son! So none the less the dude failed me for not having a stock air filter... Which is still on my car but whatever. I ordered up a black murdered out stock upper intercooler pipe today w/out the blow off valve flange and will install it later in the week and send my shit back for round #3 haha. Smog has been annoying to say the least but the good thing is I called a shop today that was kinda a far drive and he said bring it by when I get the new piping and he will knock it out. Jyeah tryin to get legal its rough in the streets bruh! Still homeless trying to find an apartment while I find a house to buy, stressin ass shit haha Thats about it doin work, not going to Grands cuz I aint got the ca$h which is shitty since I aint missed a Grands race in like 10 years prolly. LOL what can ya do?

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Productive Weekend.

Said farewell to SS for the season, the rains came down just as expected Sunday during the day while myself and Alex got to work on the main line fixes and newness we have planned. We got quite a bit done and roughed in a lip and then started moving tons of dirt for the landing which should be off centered off camber and weird but fun. I did a straight tailwhip yesterday with P-Rizzle after we both talked about it for a bit. First one went good, then I got greedy and wanted a cleaner one... haha slid out 3-4 times and then finally got another perfect one. Felt pretty good and it was good to dust it off LOL. Good times and all that will be left for trails is Post Office now because SS holds water for awhile :(

Friday, November 4, 2011

Thinkin back...

I guess I should have done a scrub style kickout for this shot because it would have been a scrub while in scrubs... Funny? No? Ok moving on haha. SC PAL was frickin freezing tonight and after about 15 first straights I was very over it. Oie was going fast as was Alexis and Robert Szilagi (sp?) had my ticket punched all night so kuddos to him for beating me down the first straight each lap we took. His first few cranks were carrying him out well and my shit was stalled LOL. I showed up in my work digs and didnt even remotely think of changing out of them, added 2 layers of clothes on top of them and did as much as I could but it was still NASTY cold. Tomorrow is likely the last trail sesh of the season with PM showers so I am trying to get out to Aptos and eye up what we can start the dig season with and send a few farewell hits. Maybe even send the watts hit a few more times, who knows.

Thursday, November 3, 2011


Normally Im not too excited for a rainy day but I think this is just about the last weekend of fair weather, which means a few good showers and its time for all the fools who talked about throwin dirt to put some effort behind all that talk. Im psyked cuz the trails held up all season and only got dusty the last few weeks of hot weather, so all in all it was a good long run. Alex has a few ideas and I just wanna link the whole line back together and make the walk back even worse then it is now hahahaha. Good times ahead for sure. Alex has put in our sponsorship proposal to PBR so we should hear back any day now LOL. Jyeah!