Monday, March 29, 2010


I know Im slackin. Workin so much leaves little time for blogging or anything for that matter other than working and sleeping and gettin ready for work again. Pics from Oregon soon. Crashed another vehicle well not fully crashed LOL but enough to chill for 2 1/2 hours on the ide of the road LOL. Took a 4th and 6th on the weekend or something like that. Enjoyed the snow. More to follow- hang tight!

Monday, March 22, 2010

So Homo.

Haha Ive crossed the line. I forever heckle all the lil gay kids on fixed gear bikes with their speedster hats and their hipster style. HAHA Well after ridin dirty borrowing a car with no registration and insurance for a few weeks to get back and forth to my 2 jobs I figured Id better find a road bike and hit the light rail to get around. Omar has given up his fixed gear fagness ways so i asked if he still had his speedy cool guy bike and I offerd him a couple hunnid for it. He broke his Iphone for the 17th time and finally agreed to sell it to me. Haha so I technically own a fixed gear for the moment. But rest assure I have a sun ringle BMX hub for it just waitin on a fresh wheel build and some spiffy brakes to have the oddest bike ever :) Haha should be good. The pedaling feels good at 6am headed to work and kinda wakes you up so thats chill and helps because I drag ass in the mornings really bad. The bike had some Ride HoMo stickers all over it so I ditched those pretty quickly and flipped the bars over so I dont look like Lance Armstrong sprint stance when Im just trying to get to work LOL. All is well and after a ton of work the Peg Rule has been lifted at LCRSP finally :) Good times. Pics of the bike soon if Im unlazy, headed to Oregon this weekend and ridin dirty!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Good day!

Long day of ridin :) Met up at LCRSP with the crew of Don and Endo for the early session there and dropped a few things Ive been curious about. Took care of a flair on a mellow a$$ quarter so was psyked about that but I popped my shoulder out quick and swiftly so took it easy for a few minutes after and saved my energy for a trip to tea cups where I have told like a hundred people they will not jump the current sets there. Haha Endo has been runnin his mouth but was quickly humbled and dint give them a go which i figured. I was finally curious enough to fire out the first 2, but stayed away from the 3rd set which is easily 25feet and a beast of a jump LoL. Took off to Calabasas after that and just went throught the normal routine of lame jumps and trying to have fun with them haha. it was chill and I talked more than I rode but thats fine sometimes. All in all it was a good day and I was glad to get some ride time in before working 5 double days at both jobs and then the entire weekend to boot at LCRSP. Haha love it.

Monday, March 8, 2010


Haha what a friggin weekend. :) Got into Phx at like 4:30AM and took a quick lil cat nap before jetting over to the track just in time to have Porter sign me up and take 3 laps of practice. the track was good it had some jumps so it was cool to ramp over some stuff. I felt like I was too strong apparently so I decided to blow a clip out again and gash the shit out of the back of my leg. I quickly dubbed it the shark bite from the first straight and let me tell you its been 3 days now and the entire ankle is now swollen and bruised up from the carnage. Check the pic below. Got quartered out the first day, it was kinda weak but I had a decent lap just not enough power. Second day Sunday was a wash out for some but for a mudder like me I took advantage and managed to escape a quarter main where I ate shit, popped my shoulder out of place, and mudded my way into a semi where I got through and eventually took down a 5th place finish... The mud was crazy bad and it never stopped rainin all day. Lisa was all but stranded so i told her no worries she is legit in my book and Id get her home. It didnt go over too well with the majority of the car and we got into a brief spat about whats more important a fuckin $50 EZ-UP canopy or loyalty to a friend and helping out another rider. Sometimes people get confused and dont sit back and get grounded and think about how much people have helped and are helping them at the current moment and they dont pass the same help along to their fellow riders. Ive had tons of help and support over the years and Im always glad to help other people out. I encourage you all to do the same. Help someone who isnt as fortunate as you are today! Lisa got home the ride was weird but hilarious at the same time, and at the end of the day it was BMX. rain all week I guess? Shitty.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Hitch a ride?

Driving to Phoenix tomorrow after a day at work. So the day will start at 6am with a work shift, then at 3pm head south through the desert and 210-East before gettin into PHX at about 2am if all goes well. Sleep for 6 hours and then hit the track. Anyone wanna roll better text me and pack your bags... Winter Nationals fools I havent missed one in probably 10 years. and this wont be the year either :) Jamie better fuckin win for makin me change out her bike at 11pm and as always 10% off top! See ya there text me sometime tomorrow so I dont fall asleep at the wheel. One love.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


So I told a few people Id blog the outcome of the meeting for the pegs and access to all of LCRSP. Haha. Meeting was garbage the guy in charge still hasn't read the memo I so kindly prepared for him, and supposedly is going to come out and check out a session this week to get a little more familiar with the situation... Thats fine. Except for the fact that You have your grunt worker me saying we need this change, and your supervisor of the place Viet, saying we need the change, and Our facility supervisor in Peggy saying we need it, and your still wanting to come out and look around? Hello thats why you have a chain of command- use it. Trust the employees you have put in place to be your eyes and ears. My advice to all the BMX riders. Do whatever you wanna do. In a perfect scenario Id say wait til this guy comes and walks the park, but at the same time- I wrote this fuckin memo 5 1/2 months ago. Do whatever you wanna do, dont disrespect the employees that have to enforce rules its just their jobs. Ramp it up.