Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Slackin soooo hard!

Been doing much of the same although summer is over so my work schedule has begun to wind down quite a bit, but all in all working like normal. Boutta get my shred on via some race action this weekend should be stoked and see how the ankles feel. Gonna take it day by day for sure. Really not so much to blog these days as my life is just a calculated mess of work shifts and sleep time. Memorial day weekend is here so unlike most I wont have bbq plans and stuff but time and a half will be good. Sorry no awesome pic to showcase but hopefully a good solid story after I win the not so Grands LOL.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Frontie @ The Unit

Well well well. Old Dawg, new tricks. Played with these into foam on day 1 and spoke a bit with Diogo and Darden about them and they worked the kinks out enough to get this done 3rd try on the resi. Was pretty stoked for sure and I could see doing these from time to time after I get em super dialed. Pretty fun trick and only scary because your blind 75% of the time. Good times and shout out Ry Ny for the hospitality at the unit and my Nor Cal Salt Crew for getting behind me on this one. One more full day of riding and a little bit of Tuesday to go if the ankles can sustain. They are losing really badly right now though so we shall see how it all plays out, but none the less having a GREAT TIME. Ill rant about this more later but kids always be thankful for what you have riding wise and conserve that shit, every session is precious and someone could be thanked for providing you the opportunity. By the way Maris repeats as the olympic champ and Mariana Pajon handles the ladies side. Nice set of talent those two are. Props.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Day 1 in the books...

Rode till 3am last night and had a good session although I have yet to get any speed racer lines worked out. But did a flair transfer I was stoked on and got a lil comfy here and there. Park flows like a champ and watchin Dan Foley and RyNy hit some things at speed was a treat. Vince finally ended his vacation in the big apple and joined us at 1am, he sparked the late night session though so it was good. Tried some flip whips but they were loose as a goose so prolly not gonna fool with em anymore but they were fun and you feel like an X games champ until the foam stops things. Looking forward to tonights session and see what comes with it.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Lucky Dawg

So I woke up at the crack of dawn, salty that I was flying from SFO. Waiting to depart and I overhear that the flight is oversold by 1 position. I volunteer and board in my position because 1 person on the first flight of the day is surely to miss his/her flight and I wont get bumped. But luckily I did get bumped and arriving to RDU 3 hours later then my previously scheduled time. Met up with Carla in vegas for lunch, Won $50 on a slot machine at my gate, and got a credit for $565 toward another flight. Id say the day is going pretty well. Still headed toward the UNIT and at this rate I could take a week to get there and not be mad at all! haha. Wheels up from Las Vegas in a short few minutes, maybe I can gamble some more!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Just to say I blogged.

Seriously just blogging so I can feel like I havent been neglecting it. Whatever. Been doing camp all week with these 4 Nigerian kids who are super cool kids and really make me miss South Africa. Ankle is almost normal size again which is nice but super unstable so kinda sketchy, I just take it easy and wrap it when I ride hard. Greenville trip is in 2 days very excited for that thing to get going. Gonna try and relax and get the hell out of my normal routine for a few days. Gonna be a nice break from the standard day to day stuff and again super excited. Ill likely get broke off while riding so much over the weekend but itll be for a good reason. Thats really all thats up just alot of work and shift after shift, time flies when you dont notice nor pay attention to anything much, but sacrifice and put in work now to relax and enjoy the fruits of your labor later. Southwest Airlines here we go again!