Monday, April 30, 2012

Duck... Duck... GOOSE!

Well I'm still our here and I'm definitely doin the most! In the midst of 43/53 some random number of days of work in a row and its going by pretty quickly. Started doing training for the parking lead position for the city this weekend so did 2 11hr shifts to get all comfy with that stuff. Just alot of money counting and verifying amounts and stuff. Should be fun and the new work crew on that side is pretty dialed so Im good with it. My pet goose at the skatepark after 2 months of squatting on her eggs has finally hatched 5 of 8 of her eggs and now has a squad of mini geese. I was pretty stoked to watch them fools chip themselves out the shell, if you ever get the chance its pretty rad for sure. Sunday lil Justin Garcia was doing fly out flips on his scooter of al things?! Haha pretty rad and cant wait for him to step up to his BMX and get it done. I think were gonna try and have an advanced BMX camp this year and teach some kids flips and what not. Works been crazy at the hospital doing my normal stuff and learning instruments in SPD has been fun. Workin so much I think when I get all these paychecks I might buy me some wheels for my evo earlier than I thought LOL, still lookin for a house and over paying 2k for my apartment for sure. Thats all for now goose action below!

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