Tuesday, April 23, 2013

A door closes and another window opens.

Back at it! Been crazy busy with a hectic work schedule but have time to blog a little bit and update things :) I got an offer for a job that ended up being a wash because the position has yet to be created and is on hold so kinda bummed because the pay was gonna be GOOD and the hours were going to be right inline to work out well for me. Got confirmation today that its going to be on hold for a bit so was a little bummed, but then while scanning through my inbox I also had another opportunity from SJ parks and rec so 1/2 way excited for that. I have a meeting tomorrow to discuss details and they need some guidance in a specialty area of mine so pretty juiced on that. Been working on the evo a bit here and there she needs a retune after a new intake this week and almost died working on it yesterday when a heater hose blew out LOL scary ass shit almost took out my model face! Thats all for now its lunch time and im starved!

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