Monday, July 15, 2013

Knee blown again?

Well I can start off with the good news I made a main in 28-35x LOL. I had a brutal semi lineup and gate 7 all by myself semi had the top 5 guys from the day before and me in it taking 4. I cut down the first straight and basically swung out wide and cut the entire bottom of the turn to move into 3rd. Sweeet! one guy got by me again and I was in a 4th battle with someone for 2 streets hooking bars and throwin elbows but I held him off at the line by a few inches YAY. Got lane 7 in the main real big shocker there I had been outisde in 7 all weekend. Tyler Clark was in 8 and we got out pretty good, he was pulling me and when he cut over I was mid manual and he cut down my front wheel. I thought no biggie reacted to catch my now off balance self and when my foot hit the ground it immediately sent a ouuuuuuuuuch up my right leg. I coasted to a stop and cut across the infield. Dean drove home and now here I am staring at what will likely be another knee surgery LOL. Pretty lame and Im slightly frustrated for sure but whatever I needed a vacation anyway. More info after I book and appt and MRI- Nick

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Anonymous said...

Dear Nick. All I hear when I read this is a long excuse about how you got lucky and why you didn't do well in your main. While you were out faking injuries the rest of us were preparing for the world championships. At the top of the ramp I looked left and right a few times and saw that you really did wimp out another year in a row. Next year is 30 and over and if you show up rest assure I'm going to break you off in a turn if you get in my way after I cut off that Morman guy from Utah with his fancy bike. I did 15 push ups today and threw in some jumping jacks in preparation for the coming year. While you were driving the speed limit in your turbo car I'm already a step ahead. So go take your hypercondriac self to the dr office and know that I'm rich but sure as he'll ain't buying it. Got you on the radar son!

-you know who