Monday, December 2, 2013

Got 99 Problems....

Wait. Scratch that fuck a problem. Haha took a shipment of fresh fit tees today so shoutout Adam from the building distribution for coming through with all the goods. I cant even tell you the last time I purchased a new tee shirt. Love it. Also shout at my new fav shirt Adi came through with the slogan "hard in the mothafuckin paint" laced up on a white tee for me. Bwa ha ha sooooo good.  so so good. Been sellin more evo parts to free up cash for others and thats going well, turbo kit arrives this week and maybe a few more parts and hopefully dropping this breezy off in a week or two. Stoked.  Everyon pretty bummed about Paul Walker passing away, as am I but I also know if you fuck with the bull eventually you gonna get the horns. In no way am I saying he deserved it, nobody ever deserves to die. But 95% of people wont ever understand it and thats what makes the other 5% so special, they/we fully understand that the shit we do has grave consequences and we may or may not pay the ultimate price at a moments notice.  Dude died doing what he enjoyed and had passion for, and thats more than alot of people can say or can be said about alot of people. Respect.

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