Thursday, October 8, 2015

Wet behind the ears...

Man oh man I had a rare situation occur tonight and it was pretty refreshing. Im waiting in line to order some food at a bbq spot and im with 2 friends, we somehow get separated in the line and a young girl is between us. We continue to chat back and forth and eventually she works her way into the conversation. We are a joking group so we loop her right into the convo and keep it going, she then asks to have dinner with us, of course we say yes because she is nice and so far fun. This isnt turning into a crazy story so if excitement is what you seek this story aint it LOL. She eats with us and picks our brains about all sorts of stuff, she was just young as can be still in highschool and just wet behind the ears as they say and happily clueless about life. It was refreshing to see and just listen to her outlooks and stuff and get a glimpse into what a highschool kid thinks is important these days. She got a call from her mom at some point and had to get herself home so she left off in a hurry. But it was an interesting time and it was really refreshing to see someone who is just open as a book, and just a ball of outlooks and vision. Good times. I need to meet randoms more often seriously.

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