Wednesday, July 6, 2016


This will be my one and only political rant and its not even so much political but it will be a short rant. Did all you idiots really seriously think for a second that Hillary Clinton was going to stand trial for anything from emails and/or Benghazi? No fucking way man. She was not for any momentary second ever in any hot water at all. And if you thought she was headed to prison I have another news flash for you, Trump has absolutely 0% chance of becoming the president. Pack your bags and start looking for a Canada home to purchase because for the love of the USA the world is pretty fucked up but its never blatantly outright ugly and thats what Trump represents. He might have had a chance being voted in with a conservative style and then just going crazy like a straight 180 when he got in office but representing this whole fear kill em all deport everyone propaganda? Dumbass. Anyway thats it for the rant. Hillary gonna be around for awhile so get used to her pretty face.

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