Tuesday, February 28, 2017


Relationships. When I look at some relationships and compare to others that I'm involved with it's always a trip to see what situations are forced and what situations are a necessity or born from a necessity. What relationships took a fair amount to forge and what ones were so seamless it's like you didn't have to try at all things just aligned. Me and Benny after a few weeks finally got his new bike all built and put together and tonight he rode it for the first time and ripped a few laps on it. We have all been there that first "new" bike feeling. And I'm not naive enough to think this was his first cool bike his other bikes were good in their own right but very few comparable options out there when you factor in the superiority of the envy blk from supercross. See Benny is like me in the sense that we aren't going to go crazy when we are insanely happy inside, and if we are bummed on something you likely are going to get that same poker face. I have emotion just like anyone else but it doesn't spill out on display because it's more of a personal thing than it is a public display. But a few things a few moments definitely let me know he was happy. For starters he didn't take his old bike for even a crank today. Not once. It was the new one and that was that, I've never seen him wipe his bike down either and that def happened as I dialed in his chain length after the track. I caught him just staring at it all finally done a few times and snagged the candid photo and captured it well. Now time to tie this all into the whole relationship angle I was talking about. Me and Benny happened to have similar goals and that's how our friendship started, he wants to ride more and practice harder and I need a motivating kid to keep me at it. Perfect pair lol. When I was figuring what I was going to do for the new year and "sponsorship" I knew it would be much of the same for myself. I've known Bill for likely  10+ years and he has always helped me out in any way possible so that was a given, Benny was fresh off a local team and we joked about "team no team" and made light of how we were both rolling privateer and decided to have fun with it. Fast forward a few months and jokes turned into more and a good joke with some money behind it and walaaaaa we started the coolest 2man team at our local Track LOL. Benny was hyped to have a low pressure "team" and I was thrilled to have some fun along the way for state series and make a little worlds run. Relationship with Bill made that possible and relationship with Benny was the driving force and I can definitely say both of those guys unbeknownst to them have made it a really kick ass year for me so far and can't say I didn't expect it. Surround yourself with positive like minded people and watch your life better itself ten fold. Here is to you Benny and Bill you have def reaffirmed why I enjoy racing because of the relationships it has given me over the years both good and bad 😂 LOL  cheers to you guys and let's give em hell!

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