Wednesday, April 25, 2018


Where do I even begin? Ive been crazy ass busy with track stuff and its literally way too much I need to clone myself or something but its balancing out just going a mile a minute. I wish I could sit back and appreciate but shit more work to do so admire later and work now! Riding is like my 19th focus right now which is crazy but it is what it is. Been having fun on the bike just not enough LOL. Worlds is within 45days or so? Haha. Gonna be a fun trip and chase results like I deserve em! Tracks just doing stellar I love seeing the work turn into opportunity and we are still very much not done. As Geoff Willis once said "big plans" Didn't have much to type but wanted to make an effort. Live life full throttle people and work hard love hard and take chances. Love ya~

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