Saturday, April 17, 2010

Livermore State Race

Day 1 of state racing is all wrapped up and I took the win in class and was the fastest amateur to make it into the main where I took a 4th behind Trevor Fay 3rd, Gavin Lubbe 2nd, and Josh Oie took down the big win to the tune of $262. Not bad. I had a good lap in the main I caught a lame elbow from Kyle in turn 1 that was just a waste of time he wasnt close enough to make it stick so it kinda just held us usp while Trevor slid under us and got out clean. Rode hard and caught him but not enough time to make a pass. Made $131 for my efforts and took down a few holeshots and the main event win in 19-25X I figure since im out of that class in a few months I might as well leave with some wins. Niko was bummed but he will learn that sometimes you have to bide your time and be patient, he ran it in hot into the first turn and Im not sure if he banked on me backing off but that wasnt happenin and he eventually went down which left a ball up but I had a clean line through the turn with a lane 3 draw to start from. Took it wire to wire and started state off with a W. Pics of the podium below/above LOL

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seventotheone said...

thats kinda weird that I was shooting photos of Lubbe racing 2 weeks ago and here he is on your blog.