Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Session Was Good.

Progression Session went down yesterday evening after about 75 texts from anyone and everyone if the rain clouds and chance of a washout were enough for me to bump the date. No no no. I am way too busy to try and bump the date around and wait for the best weather scenario so the session was a go. I got to work at about 430pm after meetin up with Rob Payne who generously provided me with some surplus ice to keep the stuff cold. The weather looked good enough to hold out and one by one all the boys showed up. Riders were greeted with a tee shirt if they were the first 50 in attendance, and after that it switched to vans wallets and Knight Bike Co. Products of their choices. The first hour produced roughly 40-50 guys and by the end of the night we had 79 checked locals in our system and about 30 new riders that were first timers. 100+ riders and roughly 35 spectators made it out and enjoyed themselves before being treated to Pizza courtesy of Rob at Cali bikes. 13 Pizzas were delivered by Rob himself along with a Fit Eddie V3 Frame courtesy of Fit Bike Co. and Chris Moeller. The riding was top notch and kids from as young as 5 to some of my older vets in the mid 40's range were on point and clockin bangers left and right. We gave out roughly 150 legit prizes from shirts,sticker packs, tubes, etc etc etc and that eddie frame? Luckily Brandon Gherig walked awya with it and I was pretty psyked on him winning it. He already reps Fit and S&M real hard and has a S&M tattoo to boot. Check below for our pizza pic and Brandon being way excited. Nor* Cal Represent as always and thanks to the riders for showing up and supporting BMX in the yay area.

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Adrienne said...

I'm pretty proud of you!! I'm honestly glad you won the bet and got SO many people there!! xoxoxo