Wednesday, May 9, 2012

"Might as well live nice, cuz I've never met anyone who lived twice" Birdman addressing someone on why he chose to buy a 1.5m car. Haha beastin out for sure. Put in my 30day notice at my current Fremont apartment las weekend when my market value rent jumped up from $1750 to $2309 a month LOL. Likely gonna rent a month to month spot off Tully as I keep the house hunt going. Work has been cool and Im applying for a per diem on call spot in sterile processing which is what Ive been training on for the past month or so. I think the OR director will give me the position if it's possible via the whole union BS. Basically you may or may not be able to hold 2 positions, depending on how they view it I should have a good shot as Ive already been doing the work and learning quickly. I already have quite a few likely 50% of the sets dialed and can keep learnin especially if they give me more hours as Ive basically been working for free in a sense. So hopefully that works out today and Cynthia the OR director see's my plan for the near future. Tennis session today like always, beastin out burnin calories and getting swolled for summer hehe

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