Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Just to say I blogged.

Seriously just blogging so I can feel like I havent been neglecting it. Whatever. Been doing camp all week with these 4 Nigerian kids who are super cool kids and really make me miss South Africa. Ankle is almost normal size again which is nice but super unstable so kinda sketchy, I just take it easy and wrap it when I ride hard. Greenville trip is in 2 days very excited for that thing to get going. Gonna try and relax and get the hell out of my normal routine for a few days. Gonna be a nice break from the standard day to day stuff and again super excited. Ill likely get broke off while riding so much over the weekend but itll be for a good reason. Thats really all thats up just alot of work and shift after shift, time flies when you dont notice nor pay attention to anything much, but sacrifice and put in work now to relax and enjoy the fruits of your labor later. Southwest Airlines here we go again!

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