Monday, August 13, 2012

Frontie @ The Unit

Well well well. Old Dawg, new tricks. Played with these into foam on day 1 and spoke a bit with Diogo and Darden about them and they worked the kinks out enough to get this done 3rd try on the resi. Was pretty stoked for sure and I could see doing these from time to time after I get em super dialed. Pretty fun trick and only scary because your blind 75% of the time. Good times and shout out Ry Ny for the hospitality at the unit and my Nor Cal Salt Crew for getting behind me on this one. One more full day of riding and a little bit of Tuesday to go if the ankles can sustain. They are losing really badly right now though so we shall see how it all plays out, but none the less having a GREAT TIME. Ill rant about this more later but kids always be thankful for what you have riding wise and conserve that shit, every session is precious and someone could be thanked for providing you the opportunity. By the way Maris repeats as the olympic champ and Mariana Pajon handles the ladies side. Nice set of talent those two are. Props.

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