Thursday, October 18, 2012

Dew Tour SF Style

Sorry no pics but whatever you'll get over it. Headed to Dew today in the city, took BART with Jay and Matt to save a few bucks on parking. Drove to Fremont and noooo parking and didnt wanna risk getting Jays car towed so I said lets drive 2 miles up to Union City station. Big mistake, Jay decides to run a red light and gets a photo shot of him. He seems to think that he is .00001% of people who wont get a ticket. Best of luck my friend. So that soured the mood but it was short lived, Matt got a lesson on BART and how it naturally works it's way from high class Fremont through the hood and eventually under the bay. We joked for a good while about it and he was half way thinking we were bullshitting and the transbay tube was actually over the water not under. It was funny and I had a good time with it, I made a joke regarding some monstrous penis size and this older lady starts laughing so I apologize because it was a vulgar joke or whatever and she replies, "I might have to take you home" well played mam. Get to civic center and not 30 yards away from the bart station is a pristine dirt setup that was small for a contest but second to none on execution. Mind you I had a meeting with the city of SJ last night and basically have had to give up on that dream becoming anything progressive at all, seems like they want to waste another couple hundred grand on remaking Calabasas park and duplicating it on the east side of SJ. Now Im a fan of having learner areas, but Im also a fan of having stuff that challenges accomplished riders as well. Dew tour executed that to the T. The course basic with hips that went left, right straight or right, left straight whichever cup of tea was yours. The big hip to the right was the selection of about 80% of the riders and the course was just FAST and big. Such a sick setup and goes to show what can be done if you have the right people and a vision. I thought I was bummed about the SJ stuff before, now it's even more saddening. Missed opportunity all the way across the board. Runs went down, Ryan made the semi but gonna have to have some stellar runs if he wants to make finals because talent was DEEP. Andy Buckworth got shafted, the second heat was just getting much higher scores across the board and his first heat scores just couldnt get it done. Although IMO if he did the same runs and was in the second heat I think he qualifies top 5 with no problem. Ive judged several contests and I wont know any judges at all, and maybe I have it all wrong but from what I recall he killed it and will be watching tomorrow. Notables were so much that I wont even offend anyone by mentioning one and not the other. Saw prolly 25 dudes that I haven't seen in a good while and it was good to see my guys doing well for themselves in good shape. Likely going back tomorrow while I rest this knee up, and getting back to work Monday. STAY STRONG #bringbackdirt

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