Monday, October 15, 2012

Karma-1 Nick-0

Haha got pretty broke off today shreddin the track and gonna be out the game for a hot few months. No worries and like I tell people all the time, each time you pick up your pads and helmet and go to session you know what your getting into and its a check and balance game and sometimes you get checked. Nothing too crazy I was on my race bike sessioning a pro set, bonked the set up jump and couldnt slow down heading up the second lip, tried to pull the parachute pack but couldnt get it quick enough and stuck out my right leg. That bad boy didnt want no part of the situation so she gave way in a hurry. If you have ever dislocated something you know the body has to tear/stretch ligaments for that to happen usually and Im sure my right knee has zero things left. Am I bummed? Sure, but I tend to think of the cup half full and Im glad I ramped the hell outta that thing a few times before it caught up to me hehe. Its BMX, shit aint tap dancing.

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