Friday, November 16, 2012


Well in the expensive extravagant life of Nick Valencia this week. I managed to waste more than I make in an entire month in just a few days LOL. Security deposit on the new place, Vinyl for the Evo, Tires for the Evo, and a new shIt Phone5. I Phone 5 is a brick of shit and Im stoked that I got off my droid for such an epic failure of a phone. Garbage. I honestly dont know how all the iphone users enjoy  signing in for each and every stupid app and I feel like everything I do requires an effin password. P.O.S. and Sprint? Mannnnn better quit foolin around with me, my droid had cherry 3g all the time anywhere, this ifuck5 simply works when it wants to? WTF. Craigslist very soon if this thing doesnt start actin right. Moving to a new house this weekend, rain in the forecast which is mother nature being rude as shit to me LOL Things are good and pictures to follow that is when this shotty phone decides to process them. What a joke.

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