Tuesday, November 20, 2012


So I got my confirmed surgery date in just over a week I go under the ol knife to rehaul the right knee. 60,000 mile tuneup will consist of an ACL reconstruction and some more goodies when they get inside. Stoked to get that monkey off my back and get back to normal life hopefully in just a few quick months. In the mean time with no riding I have managed to sink a shit ton of cash into making my car a little nicer on the eyes. She has always been a beast under the hood but now the exterior will keep pace as well. Full vinyl wrap a panel at a time courtesy of myself and Jay. We have had some ups and downs but its turning out really well and stoked on the good ol DIY angle we went with. Pics below and got my wheels mounted and balanced and picking up Muteki lugs today to complete the black out, speed element moved to SJ so gonna go visit the shop and see whats up. Hoping to get it all wrapped and wheels mounted on the car by surgery day but we shall see. Enjoy the pics and safe travels to all my boys heading to Tulsa, Jonas get some buddy... crash some dudes on the sauce for me!


Jonas said...

Sorry to hear that you're going under the knife. Heal up fast so I can blast you and you can get a new other knee. Car looks sick man.

lloyd ramsay said...