Saturday, June 8, 2013


Well here we go with being 29. What can I say it's been an eventful 28 years so should be pretty standard as I ring in being that much closer on the bubble spot now for dirty 30. Happy Birthday to myself and to celebrate Im gonna take on a nasty 17hr. work shift bwa ha ha. Thats right 7-12 at the hospital, then work til 7:45 at the park and wrap up with 8-12midnight at the hospital. Haha work hard play hard I guess LOL. First BMX camp kicks off next week as well and that should be a good time so definitely looking forward to that. Ankle has been really hurting lately and I already have told myself surgery after summer is over. Hoping it isnt nearly as bad as it feels, but Im 99% sure its fully blown out, I know nothing about ankles but it may damn well be beyond repair at this point LOL Anyway back to being the ol 29... Stoked I guess I dont know I try and not make a big deal out of my birthday but excited to be older and wiser hehe. Thats all for now sorry I havent been blogging any substance lately work has just been crazy and thats 75% of my life I feel LOL. Back in a flash I promise!

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