Saturday, June 1, 2013


So I wake up feelin like Pete Sampras, arrive early at the tennis courts to watch the other 4.5 singles match thats going on and they look good but definitely beatable and my opponent shows up... Rocking flip flops... Im thrilled because I know damn well if I were ever to lose a tennis match it would most certainly NOT be to a guy in flip flops... Well apparently this guy had some new age tennis steeze that I have yet to learn. I got worked so bad the only thing that was pleasant was he dealt with me quick and easily, kinda like the death of a Samurai you just get beheaded with honor sorta like that... 30minutes I had not managed to win a single game, likely only won about 25 points in the match total LOL 6-0,6-0 the tennis triumphant return has been dashed people. Gonna start at a lower level likely 3.5 next time and see if I fit in that category a little better. LOL got killed sheesh.

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