Monday, June 9, 2014


Well it's been a fairly solid 30 years I would say. Could it have been better? Sure. Could it have been way worse? Definitely. Just checked in for a flight to Las Vegas for a week to relax and rejuvenate the body and soul after yet another long work stint. Feels kinda good to still be doing the same stuff I was  ten years ago since dates are the topic today. Always traveled a lot and have slacked recently but good to play nick of the past even if it's just for a few days. Work stuff didn't go out as planned and glad I was lazy about canceling this flight or I would have been posses to stay home and not have the excuse that I was working a lot haha. Hung with my normal crew last night from work and had a relaxed time talking shit and bowling which is always chill. Vegas should be pretty low key with just a bunch of catching up on sleep and hangin with the homie Carla and talking shit with her about anything and everything which is always pleasurable. Got the TSA pre check today and boy does that system seem a bit less secure compared to the normal shakedown you get in the normal line, and checked in with no boarding pass just an image on my smartphone? Maybe I am feeling old already cuz this technology shit I'm starting to question hahahaha wheels up in 20 so cutting this thing short and going to start my Vegas sleep sessions a little early. Happy birthday to ME

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Jonas said...

remember that time I sent you a text saying happy birthday and you couldnt even respond. I hate you.