Sunday, October 12, 2014

Hi Hater :)

I generally dont acknowledge haters because I think once you acknowledge them you are devoting energy that could be better served in other directions. But today I make an exception :) The name shall go unmentioned cuz it truly isnt worth chuckling at said persons futile attempts but sometimes you get to laugh at people falling short. Use that energy elsewhere is all I can suggest, because frankly you aint slowing me down until I want and choose to slow down. You gonna have to fabricate too much bogus information and anyone with a brain is gonna see how hard you are trying to attack my stellar character. I was born bred created and molded to do what it is I do. You cant beat me at me cuz you will never even get the opportunity to compete at my level. Do you, cuz you tryna keep up with me is not what you built for. You aint bout that life and ya boy is not slowin down yaddddddddimtalkinbout? Ever meet someone hating on you that is doing more than you doing? Nope. Life rolls on breh breh.


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