Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Vacation time.

Boutta go off grid for 2 weeks and hit up Hawaii. Definitely think its a bit long but PTO will keep the money flowing and Ive definitely stacked up enough that I wont notice it too much. Busy days ahead so gonna be good to recharge the batteries before heading into closing out the year busy as all hell. Co worker gonna go out to birth a baby in the next few months so should be stacking heavily at that time. And just adjusted my city hours to work there a little bit more and go from 2-4 days a week. Figure give it a solid run into the holiday season there too. Should get real outta control here coming up so for the next 2weeks its sun or as hawaii goes it might be rainy LOL but either way, aint gotta wake up aint gotta do shit just be a bum on a boat for a few weeks. Gonna be relaxing for sure. Haircut thursday tomorrow woot woot. And thats about it for now just stacking up paper and trying to keep it simple. Booked some Vegas tickets for my race comeback in January, booked another Vegas work trip for December shit call me 702 Nick pretty quick LOL over n out bruh!
Hawaii in 08' fresh in white

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