Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Back in the saddle again!

Fresh back from the 808 and batteries refreshed. Twas a good trip I definitely wouldnt do a hawaii cruise again though Ill stick to flying there in the future. The long 4 day stints at sea can get slightly odd when you just cant explore, or maybe its the anticipation? Either way it was a good time and good to force a vacation for sure. Had a good time all in all and now just gotta stack cash to cover the expenses from it LOL. Next on the trip roster is Vegas for some work, and then Vegas again in January and then Caribbean cruise in February. Expensive taste means hard work inbetween which can get taxing but whatever. Gonna do a Red Bull test event next weekend that should be interesting and Im excited to see how it pans out basically a steep ass downhill race which can get hairy because of how steep the hill is. Best trick event as well so should be interesting if nothing else. SEMA car show is this weekend so all the car gurus are all out at that, I almost attended but thought the excessive time off would be a bit much. Played that one good by skipping it. Thats all for now might upload some photos if Im not too lazy and yeah thats all for now. Hang tight.

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