Tuesday, March 10, 2015

whoa time flies

Kinda crazy how much had gone down in the last 30 days and how I have been non blogging. Sheesh failing so hard. Anyway took a mob over to the dominican aruba grand turk again and did the cruise thing and it was chill. Im kinda getting burned out on them but they are still pretty relaxing so Im still feeling em and grand turk is a blast as always. Got back like last monday or something and low and behold james scooped me up in the evo. granted it was dirty as all hell and needed some tlc it was the evo none the less. Been working on getting that thing back together for like a year so kinda cool to see it finally work out and be squared away. Its still not fast enough IMO but its moving out so dont be fooled its quick for sure. Just got a new front bumper for it and have a rear as well that should be getting done soon in vinyl and will be all murdered out. Gonna do a few things to the exterior and all in all excited about it. Been smashing the OT at the hospital and the spring is just around the corner and boutta get even more busy somehow. Wish I had more to say but honestly just been hangin out with the OG Vince working on the car and talking shit with him about life, simple and chill for the most part. Hoping to blog in less than 30 more days. reposted evo shot...

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